Top 21 Best Cycle Brands in India to Always Consider in 2023 (Trusted by Pro Cyclists)

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The rise in petrol and diesel prices is making cycling more popular in India. Knowing which are the best cycle brands in India would be helpful.

Whether you are a kid or an adult this detailed article on the top best bicycle brands in India will help you to choose the right one for you.

We will be covering all the best Indian cycle brands or imported bicycle brands in India of 2023 so that you can select them as per your preference and need.

These Indian bicycle brands for adults and kids are listed here on the basis of price, availability, benefits, service and popularity of the brands. So do not confuse yourself with these brands. Got it!

Let’s begin the list of bicycle manufacturers in India with pros and cons.

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Classification of the best cycle brands in India according to budget

Low BudgetMedium BudgetHigh Budget
Hero CyclesHero SprintFirefox Bikes
Leader CyclesOMO BikesDecathlon (BTWIN)
LifelongHercules CyclesBianchi (Imported)
Urban TerrainMatch CityMontra Bicycles
Table showing classifications of bicycle brands according to budget

Note: We have not been sponsored by any brand on our list to be included in this article. The ranking of these companies does not indicate that they are the best. “All are Best”.

List of Top 21 Best Cycle Brands in India

We have done a lot of research for this article and selected the top 21 best cycle brands from our knowledge, past experience and the availability of brands in India. All the selected bicycle companies are best from our point of view.

1. Hero Cycles

top cycle brands in India
Image credit: Hero cycles

Hero Cycles are one of the best cycling brands in India with a low budget. This brand was established in 1956 in Ludhiana, Punjab. In the beginning, the brand produced only cycling gears and components.

However, time changed and now Hero Cycles are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cycling gears and components (Source:

With over 65 years of experience in the Indian bicycle market, this brand has gained a solid position in the Indian market as well as become one of the most important cycle makers across the world. It is not limited to the Indian market, this brand exports its goods to over 70+ different countries across the globe.

Hero bicycles are loved by most cyclists because they offer a variety of high-quality bicycles, beginning from youngsters to adults.

Hero cycles mainly deal with all-terrain bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and electric cycles for kids, adults and women.

A Hero cycle is always one of the top-rated products on either Amazon or the company’s official website. Some of the best and most popular models are the Hero sprint series, Hero Kyoto, Hero Urban, Hero Zoom and Miss India ladies’ bicycle.

Hero cycles have a lot of options to choose from. Whatever your budget is, you will find the perfect bicycle from this cycle company, you will enjoy a lot of benefits of hero cycles when you start your cycling journey with it.

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Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Brijmohan Lall Munjal, OP Munjal, S Munjal and D Munjal
  • Established in: 1956
  • Headquarters: Ludhiana, Punjab, India
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 60,000


  • Come up with affordable prices.
  • Provides a smoother riding experience.
  • They offer lightweight bicycles in each category.
  • Both gear and single-speed bicycles are available.
  • For smooth gear shifting advanced gear mechanism is used.
  • Manufacture both standard and premium segments of bicycles.


  • There is a lack of design.
  • Some bicycle models do not provide bottle holders and mudguards.

2. Hercules Cycles

top cycle brands in India
Image credit: Hercules

The information is the same as the BSA cycle because it is also from the TI cycles in India. The first mountain bike was produced by Hercules in India in 1951.

Hercules Cycles is one of the best-selling gear cycle brands in India and is very popular in the Indian market. Almost every shop owns the best Hercules cycles.

Let me tell you about myself guys, my cycling journey began when I got a Hercules MTB bike on my 10th birthday, so I have a deep connection with this brand.

Bicycles from this company are not very expensive, they are cost-effective, and anyone can afford them. Hercules brand is also famous for its Ranger bicycles in India: ranger bicycles are nothing but a kind of hybrid bike and are very popular in the state of Bihar, India.

Hercules Roadeo NFS, Hercules dynor RF, Hercules S26, Flunk RF and Hercules hister are some of the best-selling Hercules cycles available in the online or offline market.

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Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Murugappa Group
  • Established in: 1951
  • Headquarters: UK
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: Rs. 4,000 – Rs. 30,000


  • They are cost-effective, anybody can afford them.
  • Provides special bicycles for women and kids.
  • Offers the largest range of bicycles such as road, hybrid, MTB and ranger.
  • Available in 90% of bicycle stores.
  • Both gear and single-speed bicycles are provided.
  • Famous for its high-quality ranger bicycles.


  • Lack of premium segments bicycles.

3. OMO Bikes

OMO bikes
Image credit: OMO bikes

OMO bikes is an Indian cycle brand which was started in 2016 by two IIT graduates Bhishma Choudhary and Deepak Chauhan, who are very passionate about cycling and want to promote cycling as a sport in India.

They entered with a self-sustaining & running solar-powered bike and it was a successful experiment. Then they decided to expand their business across India without a solar setup.

Bicycles of this company are MADE IN INDIA, keeping in mind the conditions & usage of Indian roads. Right now, they offer premium quality hybrid bikes and mountain bicycles in the country at affordable prices.

These kinds of bicycles are great for commuting and fitness. OMO bikes are one of the best cycle brands in India for adults and kids. You can buy bicycles for kids, adults bicycles and ladies’ bicycles from Amazon or the official website of OMO Bikes.

One thing that we like about OMO bikes is they offer some important customisation in the bike’s frame, fork, and gears. Also, They provide great after-sales services to their customers and solve their problems immediately.

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Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Bhishma Choudhary & Deepak Chauhan
  • Established in: 2016
  • Headquarters: India
  • Reach: India
  • Website:
  • Price Range: Rs. 6,000 – Rs. 40,000+
  • Popular models: Omobikes Ladakh X7, Hampi 700c, Manali G21 and Shillong MTB.


  • Superior craftsmanship.
  • Offers customised bicycles in Indian Market.
  • A leading brand for commuting and fitness bikes.
  • Great after-sales customer support (24*7).
  • Offers a timeless design and lightweight cycles.


  • No negative points have been observed so far.

4. BSA Cycles

Image credit: BSA

BSA is also one of the oldest bicycle brands in India. BSA was founded in 1949 by the Murugappa Group in collaboration with tube investments (UK).

BSA is known for launching some of the first bicycles on the Indian market. BSA launched its first cycle in every category such as MTB, Geared cycle, Kids cycle, Ladies cycle etc in India.

The company also owns several other well-known top-cycle brands in India such as Hercules, Montra, Ladybird etc. We will tell you more about these brands later in this article.

When it comes to BSA cycle qualities, these are made from materials including carbon fiber, aluminium and steel. They offer much more than that.

The BSA ladybird cycle is one of the most popular bicycles in India, and women love it. You have probably seen them everywhere because they are one of the most popular cycling brands in India.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Murugappa Group
  • Established in: 1949
  • Headquarters: UK
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: Rs. 5000 – Rs. 30,000


  • Perfect for kids and ladies.
  • They are easy to drive and light in weight.
  • Carbon fibre material makes the bikes lighter, stronger and more durable.
  • Well-positioned saddle and better braking response.
  • Shimano Derailleur System enhances its performance (In gear cycles).
  • They are budget-friendly.


  • Limited to kids’ and ladies’ bicycles.
  • Suitable for slow riders.

5. Firefox Bikes

Image credit: Firefox Bikes

Firefox Bikes are loved by millions of people for their excellent quality. The brand was established in 2005 to promote cycling as a good mode of transportation.

Firefox has become a premium bike brand in India. It manufactures bicycle and bicycle components for all kinds of people such as kids, ladies, off-road mountain bikes, city bikes, hybrid and BMX cycles.

Now you may be worried about where to buy Firefox bicycles, now it is available on Amazon and Flipkart. You can also check in offline cycling stores across India else you can buy Firefox cycles on their own official website.

Firefox bikes bad attitude, Firefox bikes cyclone series, Firefox bikes voya hybrid city cycle, and Tornado are some of the top models from this company. All these bikes come with great features, so you should definitely check them out.

Therefore, Firefox is a good cycle manufacturing company in India. I have written an article about why Firefox bicycles are more expensive than other bicycles available in India. You must read that article if you are planning to have a Firefox bicycle.

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Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Shiv Inder Singh
  • Established in: 2005
  • Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 45,000


  • Available for all age groups of people.
  • Mainly deals with Road, MTB and Hybrid bikes.
  • It Uses Premium quality materials to manufacture its bicycles.


  • Premium quality makes bicycles a bit expensive.

6. Avon Cycles

Image credit: Avon

Avon brand makes the best cycles at a very effective price so that anybody can afford them. It is one of the oldest cycle brands in India and was founded in 1948.

They started with a saddle and brake manufacturing company but in 1951 they started making bicycles. The idea came from the Pahwa brothers in Punjab.

Initially, bicycles were designed to cater to the needs of the common Indian People. But we know that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. Today, they have cycles for all age groups, and when it comes to models and types of cycles, Avon wins again.

Avon offers more than 200+ different models of cycles. Some of the top-rated and best-selling cycles are Avon sherry 26T, Avon Gennow and Neowave. The cycles that I mentioned are of great quality. You will find a comfy adjustable saddle (seat) and durable tyres. Double-wall rim makes the cycle sturdy.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Mr Hansraj Pahwa
  • Established in: 1951
  • Headquarters: Ludhiana, Punjab, India
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: Rs. 4,000 – Rs. 25,000


  • Provides single-wall alloy rims.
  • Their appearance is a piece of attraction.
  • Gives a high-quality riding experience to riders.
  • Comes with a comfortable adjustable seat, durable tyres and a side stand.
  • Offers 200+ different bicycle models with stylish and modern looks.


  • The bicycle service charge is a bit expensive.
  • Gear bicycles are not available.

7. Mach City

Mach City is one of the most premium cycle brands in India. As with BSA and Hercules, Match city also comes under the Murugappa Group.

“The City Brings Many Problems but Match City Bikes Solve Them”

Let’s see how

Match city focuses on city bikes only and it is perfect for short-distance cycling. City terrain would be the perfect pitch for cycling.

You will get various designs and models of city bikes with lightweight steel frames and highly durable nylon tyres. Match city iBike and Munich are the top best models of this brand.

You can check them from the official site of the Match city brand.

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Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Murugappa Group
  • Established in: 1951
  • Headquarters: UK
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: Rs. 9,000 – Rs. 16,000


  • Perfect for short-distance riding.
  • Comes with a lightweight steel frame and sturdy tyres.
  • Comes with robust mudguards, rims and frames.


  • Not comfortable for long-distance cycling.

8. Btwin Cycles

btwin cycles
Image credit: Btwin cycle

Before telling something about Btwin you should know about the Decathlon brand. Decathlon is one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world (french company). It has 1697 stores in 6 countries.

Btwin is a trademarked brand of bicycle owned by Decathlon. The mission of this brand is the same as that of Decathlon. It brings cost-effective and budget cycles for everyone.

In simple words, Btwin Cycles is the brand name under which Decathlon sells bicycles.

If you are planning to invest in Btwin cycles then make sure to check these top bicycles: Btwin rockrider 340, Btwin MyBike, Riverside 120, Triban 100 and Ultra 900. These bikes are of great quality at a reasonable price.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Michel Leclercq
  • Established in: 1976
  • Headquarters: Villeneuve, France
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 1,99,000


  • Simple and clean design bikes.
  • It brings cost-effective bicycles for everyone.
  • Handlebars provide a comfortable riding position for the rider.
  • Easy to ride and low to maintain.


  • Needs proper care and cleaning after regular use to extend its life.

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9. Montra Bikes

Montra bicycle is one of the leading and best cycle companies in India. It was launched by TI cycles (Tube Investments of India Ltd.). TI is a part of the Murugappa Group Company which was introduced in 1949.

It has become popular in manufacturing high-performance bikes at an affordable budget, but you can not compare them with international bicycle brands like Trek and Giant.

Some of their current best-selling models include Montra Blues 1.2, Timba, Trace pro and Helicon.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Tube Investments
  • Established in: 1949
  • Headquarters: Kerala, South India
  • Reach: India
  • Price Range: Rs. 11,000 – Rs.80,000


  • These are high-performing bikes with an affordable budget.
  • Bikes use high-quality components like Shimano Tourney and rims.
  • Some models include anti-skid tyres.
  • Many MTB models are also available with this brand.
  • Carbon frame material makes its bicycles lightweight.


  • Buying from this brand costs more.

10. BSA LadyBird Cycles

BSA Ladybird is the best bicycle company in India. Like Hercules, Montra and Match City, LadyBird bicycles were introduced by the BSA brand to promote cycling among women. LadyBird cycles were launched in 1994 by the Murugappa Group.

Even after many years, ladybird cycles are at the top of the list when it comes to the best cycles for women in India.

Some of India’s best ladybird cycle models are Champ, LadyBird, Photon, Mach etc. I have taken reviews from 500+ women about the performance of the BSA Ladybird cycle, and 90% of them were satisfied with the bicycle.

If you are planning to buy BSA Ladybird cycles then you can check them at Amazon or Flipkart. They are cost-effective bicycles and even some of them come under 10000 rupees.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Murugappa Group
  • Established in: 1994
  • Headquarters: UK
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 20,000


  • Best bicycle brand for women in India.
  • Features lightweight bicycles.
  • New designs and models, suitable for teenagers.
  • The saddle is wide and offers a good amount of cushioning to riders.


  • No cons found.

11. Roulik Bicycles

The Roulik Bicycle brand was incorporated in 2016 by a team of experienced engineers. It is an Indian bicycle manufacturer from the south of India.

Its primary purpose is to create the best and most innovative electric bikes in India. Their bikes are loved by thousands of riders.

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At this time, their e-bikes are not available on Amazon or Flipkart. You can check them at the official website of Roulik bikes.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Experienced engineers
  • Established in: 2016
  • Headquarters: Kerala, South India
  • Reach: India
  • Price Range: Rs. 12,000 – Rs.60,000


  • Premium electric bikes manufacturer.
  • There are different models and designs of e-bikes available.


  • Other kinds of bikes like MTB, Hybrid and Road bikes are not available.
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Imported Bicycle Brands in India (International Bike Brands)

1. Bianchi

Image credit: Bianchi official website

Bianchi is one of the most historic and prestigious international brands of bicycles in India. It was formed in 1985 in Italy (around 125 years ago).

The company offers all types of cyclists a wide selection of cycling gear and cycles. The use of Bianchi cycles in races is very popular among cyclists.

Most people only know them for their road bikes, but their range includes everything from road, hybrid, gravel, and mountain bikes to fitness bikes.

Bianchi cycles come under the list of top international bicycle brands in India. Whenever possible, Bianchi tries to improve their gear mechanisms, suspensions, and frames to provide the best riding experience possible to its riders.

Often, Bianchi cycles appear in the Tour de France, a sport that is very popular with professional cyclists.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Edoardo Bianchi
  • Established in: 1885
  • Headquarters: Milan, Italy
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: $3,000 – Rs. 20,000


  • Manufactures extremely lightweight bikes.
  • Offers a wide range of bicycles and bicycle gear.
  • The Bianchi brand is most popular for beautiful racing bikes.
  • Known for manufacturing premium carbon frames.
  • It offers a wide range of frame sizes that are suitable for a wide range of riders.


  • Bicycles are expensive, so not recommended for tight budgets

2. Cannondale Cycles

Image credit: Cannondale cycles

The Cannondale cycling brand was introduced in 1971 when cycling was conventional and traditional. It was started by the Canadian firm Dorel Industries.

They found aluminium and carbon fibre are more effective than steel bodies. They started manufacturing cycles of aluminium and carbon fibre.

This brand has a lot of extra features compared to other brands. Now it has opened a brand new plant in Taiwan to target Asian bike manufacturers.

Apart from this, they manufacture a wide range of performance bicycles such as Road bikes, mountain bikes, active bikes and electric bikes etc. All these types of bikes have great bike models.

If you are interested in Cannondale cycles then you won’t find them at Amazon or Flipkart, you have to go to their official website.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Canadian firm Dorel Industries
  • Established in: 1971
  • Headquarters: United States
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: $3,000 – $30,000


  • Balanced saddle position increases its comfort.
  • Each bicycle is equipped with a full-carbon fork.
  • Offers gravel, road and commuting bikes.
  • Only SRAM and Shimano hydraulic brakes are used in these bicycles.


  • Some riders observed that the rims are heavier compared to other bikes.

3. Trek Bikes

trek bikes
Image credit: Trek Bikes

Trek Bicycle brand is one of the largest bicycle brands based in the United States. It was founded in 1973.

Do you know? Trek launched its first mountain bike in 1983 named Trek 850. As a result, Trek became a household name in the US.

Then they started manufacturing all kinds of bikes for all riders: From Kids to Adults.

Many Trek bikes are well-rated and sold well, so if I cover them all, this article would be filled with Trek bikes only.

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But you should know some of them, Trek CrossRip 3, Top Fuel 9.9 Race Shop, Trek FX1 and Trek 520 etc. It might look expensive for the average Indian People, but don’t worry we have a lot of alternatives for Trek bicycles.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg
  • Established in: 1973
  • Headquarters: Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Price Range: $5,000 – $25,000


  • Made up of premium quality material that provides efficient performance.
  • Offers 3 kinds of bike: Mountain, Hybrid and Road bikes.
  • Looks stylish and eye-catching appearance compared to other traditional bikes.
  • Famous for its lightweight MTB that delivers more traction on any type of surface (wider tyres).
  • High-tech aluminium or carbon fiber is used to craft their bikes.


  • Best quality parts and complicated designs make them a bit expensive.

4. Giant Bikes

Image credit: Giant Bikes

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was established in 1972 by King Liu and Tony Lo. in Taiwan. It has manufacturing installations in Taiwan, the Netherlands, China and Hungary.

The Giant brand is very good at assessing the market and improving its products accordingly. They believe that the business environment is uncertain, if you are rigid in changing and improving old techniques you will be kicked out of the market.

It is one of the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers. It has produced 6.6 million bicycles and made a profit of $2.85 billion as of 2021.

They manufacture bicycles for every kind of person out there such as racing bikes, urban bikes and mountain bikes etc.

You cannot find such a high-quality bicycle at an affordable price from a reputed international bicycle brand.

Giant bicycles are very popular across the globe, some of them are Giant Contend, TCX Advanced Pro, Cypress DX, Talon XC and TCR Advanced. You can check them at the official website of this brand.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: King Liu and Tony Lo.
  • Established in: 1972
  • Headquarters: Taiwan
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Price Range: $4,000 – $50,000


  • World’s largest bicycle manufacturer.
  • Offers all kinds of bicycles for all forms of riding.
  • All kinds of models are available: entry-level, mid-range and high-end models.
  • Advanced-Grade Composite frames and Maestro Suspension technology is used while manufacturing.
  • Full-fill the needs of recreational riders.


5. GT Bikes

GT Bikes are popular for BMX bikes, mountain bikes and road bicycles. These bicycles were incorporated in 1979 in Santa Ana, California. They are also known for the triple triangle frame design.

They adopt innovative methods to improve their bikes. They mainly focus on creating reliable, durable and innovative frames.

Their initial focus was BMX and MTBs, but as the years passed, they began to make other types of bicycles as well.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Gary Turner and Richard Long
  • Established in: 1979
  • Headquarters: California
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Price Range: $5,000 – $30,000


  • Well-known for reliability.
  • The brand is known for its triple triangle frame design.
  • They have adopted modern technologies and innovative designs to Craft excellent bikes.


  • Some riders observed that the bike is heavier than other similar kinds of bikes.

6. La Sovereign Bicycles

La Sovereign is an international bicycle brand incorporated in 1975 by Rohit Kalra. It has been offering services for the past 40 years in India. Its bicycles are manufactured in Thailand and then it is made available through a vast dealer network in India.

Cycling Guru and La Sovereign have the same mission. They want to promote bicycling among the youth and reduce pollution levels and make “EARTH” pollution-free.

Their cycles are not very costly, and they have a lot of cycles for different pitches.

Let’s look at some of the top and best bicycle models of the La Sovereign brand. These are Pace 650B, 26 Alfa, 26 Blazer and La Sovereign Rambo 3.0.

As this is an international bicycle brand, their cycles are a bit costly. You can go with this brand if you are on a high budget.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Rohit Kalra
  • Established in: 1975
  • Headquarters: Thailand
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: $5,000 – $25,000


  • Offers different kinds of bicycles for different terrains.
  • Provides a wide range of premium high-end, MTB, Road, BMX and other kinds of gear cycles.
  • Offers quality tires for stable riding and great traction.
  • Bicycles have acceleration potential.


  • The price is a bit high

7. Sixthreezero Bikes

top international cycle brands in India
Image credit: Sixthreezero Bikes

Sixthreezero Bikes are very popular in America. They are very good at creating cool, simple cruiser bicycles that are comfortable, durable and reliable and most important they are pocket friendly.

It was established in 2005 in Torrance, California started by selling bikes from a garage in Hermosa Beach. They are known for creating the best cruising bikes.

Its after-sales services are good. During the first year, sixthreezero accepts returns if a customer is not satisfied with the bike.

Sixtreezero EvryJourney, Explore Your Range, Around the Block and Scholar are some of the best Sixthreezero bike models.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Gary Turner and Richard Long
  • Established in: 2005
  • Headquarters: Torrance, California
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Price Range: $2,000 – $20,000


  • Best for commuting biking.
  • Make comfortable bikes for every type of rider.
  • You can customize it to fit your bike gear and designs.
  • With carbon fiber and aluminium frames (road & cruiser bikes), it offers the lightest bikes on the market.
  • Customer support is excellent.


  • No cons are observed.

8. Dahon Bicycles

Image credit: Dahon Bicycles

Dahon Bicycle brand is one of the first folding bicycle brands and it has become a leader in manufacturing folding bicycles.

It was established in 1982 by the Hon brothers. Dahon cycles were built with the purpose of being able to take bicycles wherever you want whether to take them on a train or metro.

Currently in India, folding bicycles are not very popular but I can see a growing demand for these bikes in the future. In India, more and more cycling enthusiasts are emerging each day.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Hon Brothers
  • Established in: 1982
  • Headquarters: California, United States
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Website:
  • Price Range: $5,000 – $20,000


  • Most popular folding bicycle brands in the world.
  • Entry-level and mid-range models are worth buying for a beginner.
  • Worldwide distribution makes it easier to replace parts.
  • Less expensive bikes as compared to other alternatives.
  • Use it to commute, do errands, and for recreational activities on pavement.


  • A little bit heavier for smaller kids.

9. Mongoose Cycles

This brand is popular for high-quality BMX bicycles. BMX bicycles are used to perform stunts and actions.

Established in 1974, the brand has been serving its customers for 45 years. Now it has become the top bike brand in the BMX world.

Mongoose continues to produce top-of-the-line wheels and frames for the toughest BMX riders in the world. Apart from making BMX bikes, it started making mountain bikes, city and urban bikes and scooters.

My friend Yusuf Shaikh is a flatland BMX gold medalist from India.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Skip Hess
  • Established in: 1974
  • Headquarters: Southern California, United States
  • Reach: Worldwide
  •  Website:
  • Price Range: $5,000 – $30,000


  • Know for durability and affordability.
  • Provides excellent traction and stability over rough terrain.
  • Manufactures MTB, Road and kids bike but leading brand of BMX bikes.
  • Offers guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 5 years.


  • It might look small, in comparison to riders 6 feet above it.
  • Some riders observed that seat quality should be improved.

10. Ghost Bike

The Ghost Bikes brand was incorporated in 1993 in North Bavaria by two friends. This is a german based company that was started in a small garage in a small German town.

As of now, three to four brands have been established by cycling enthusiasts.

They deliver various types of bicycles such as mountain bikes, dirt bikes, city and urban bikes, road bikes, sports cycles and e-bikes. They have bikes for all budget category people. So there is no need to worry.

Some of the top models are Nirvana 4X, E-Teru series and E-square series.

Quick Summary

  • Founded By: Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Mohald
  • Established in: 1993
  • Headquarters: German
  • Reach: Worldwide
  • Price Range: $3,000 – $30,000


  • Bikes are available for both men and women.
  • Offers high-quality bikes for both professional and recreational riders.
  • Hardtail & Full-suspension bikes are available.
  • Only SRAM and Shimano components are used.


  • No cons were observed.

Ultimate Guide for Selecting the Perfect Bicycle Brand for You!

There are many bicycle brands available in the Indian market. But not every brand is right for you. If you don’t know how to choose the best bicycle brand for yourself, you may select the wrong bicycle. But don’t worry! I have sorted this out for you. Just read this step-by-step guide for choosing the best cycle model.

Step 1: Decide Your Purpose for Riding a Bicycle

The first and very important step is to decide your purpose. Ask yourself a question why do you want to ride a bicycle? Is it only for transportation or something else?

Well, You can ride a bicycle for commuting, maintaining health & fitness, racing, mountain biking, stunts, long-distance touring, cycling as a sport, BRM events and so on.

For Instance, you can go with a road bike if you love riding on paved surfaces (best for professional cyclists), Hybrid bicycles are the perfect option for commuting on Indian roads and mountain bikes are the best option for the adventurous ride in hilly areas.

So decide your goal of riding a bicycle.

Step 2: Set your budget accordingly

After deciding on your goal, your next step is to set your budget. How much money do you have to invest in a good bicycle? In India, a good quality bicycle starts from 10000 rupees (depending on the type of bike and brand) and can go up to lacs.

Bicycles have got many types and each have got their own purpose. Each type of bike has a different price range. For e.g., Road bikes are made for road racing (starting from 30000), mountain bikes are for mountainous terrain (starting from 15000), hybrid bikes are good for commuting (starting from 10000), BMX bikes are perfect for stunts and so on.

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So, Set your budget according to your financial condition and all. If you are a beginner, I would suggest going with a hybrid bike which will cost you somewhere between 10000 to 15000 rupees in India.

Otherwise, MTBs are also suitable for newbies if they can afford somewhere around 15000 to 25000 rupees. Under this budget, You will get entry-level mountain bikes.

Step 3: Look for the brands which lie under your budget

Once you decide on your budget, 30% work will be completed. Check, which companies are making bicycles under your budget. Don’t worry! I have already prepared a chart for bicycle brands according to the budget.

Select at least 3 brands according to your budget. You can find that chart at the beginning of the article. The chart is well organised where all the brands are mentioned from low price to high price range.

Step 4: Select the best bicycle model accordingly

The next step is to select some bicycle models from the selected brands and compare them. Always compare an apple with an apple. Never compare a premium MTB with a low-price hybrid bike.

I mean always compare a premium quality hybrid bicycle of XYZ brand with the same quality hybrid bicycle of ABC brand. That would be a fair comparison and I am sure you would select the best one accordingly to your preference.

Step 5: Check the quality of the selected bicycle

After comparing the selected bicycles, don’t forget to check the quality and warranty period of the bicycle. We always want you to get the best quality bicycle for your ride therefore, we keep on guiding you with cycling tips and bicycle buying guides.

Premium-quality bicycle performs nicely and lasts longer than low-quality cycles. Once you find the best quality cycle, invest in that bicycle.

Step 6: Get some important bicycle accessories

Cycling is a sport as well as one of the best mediums for commuting. However, It’s not safe on Indian roads. Well, nothing is safe on the roads. We have to keep ourselves safe by wearing cycling helmets, reflectors, cycle bells and headlights at night etc.

Follow the golden rules of the roads while cycling on the roads. Also, get a good bicycle lock to keep your cycle safe from thieves.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Bicycle Brands in India

  • Which is the No 1 Cycle brand in India?

    While there are many top bicycle brands in India, it is difficult to recommend one brand over another. Hero cycles, Ninety-One Cycles, OMO Bikes, Hercules, Firefox bikes, and BSA are some of the most popular cycling brands in India. See the full list of bicycle brands here.

  • How to choose the best cycle brands in India for adults?

    If you consider a few factors, choosing the best Indian bicycle brands isn’t difficult. One of the most important factors is what type of terrain you will be riding on. And your budget, your needs and your requirements? How often would you ride? etc. Every point is explained in this article, make sure to read the bicycle brands choosing guide.

  • What type of bicycle should you buy based on your needs?

    Let’s understand this. You should purchase the best mountain bike (MTB) if you live in a mountainous area, a road bike and if you live in a city. Hybrid bicycles are recommended for normal commuting riding or doing errands. Apart from this, you can not buy a folding bicycle on a low budget.

  • How to select the perfect size bike?

    Selecting the right size bike might be tough for beginners. So read it carefully. Measure your height and weight and check the bicycle height and choose the bicycle that is two-thirds of your height. Your shoulders should be about three inches below the handlebars.

    Nothing to worry about, All the other bicycle sizing guides and information will be given by the seller or the manufacturer

  • What are the best mountain bicycle brands in India?

    When it comes to mountain bike brands, Firefox, Urban Terrain, Hero and Hercules are four of the top mountain bike brands in India.  The quality of their cycles is never compromised. Guys I have tried all of them, and they all perform well. Their common trait is the availability of high-quality bikes for a wide variety of cyclists, whether professional or recreational.

  • What are the best road bicycle brands in India?

    Firefox bikes, Btwin, Cannondale and Giant are some of the best road bicycle brands in India. All of their bicycles are made using Carbon and steel, but as per the market environment, they started using aluminium to craft lightweight bicycles.

  • What are the best hybrid bicycle brands in India?

    When it comes to hybrid bicycle companies, These are Montra, Cardiac, Bike Ark, Firefox and WaltX. They produce cycles for Youngsters, kids, oldies and ladies. This type of bicycle is used to ride on different terrains.

  • What is the price of Firefox Cycle?

    Generally, the Price of the Firefox cycle starts from 7000 rupees and goes to 1 lac in India. Each type of Firefox bike has a different price so the price may vary for the type of bicycle you select. Road bikes of Firefox company are one of the most expensive bikes.

  • Which bicycle brand manufactures racing bikes?

    Bianchi bicycle brand manufactures some of the best racing Bikes. They produce high-quality racing bikes. Bianchi always tries to improve suspension, better gear mechanisms and other elements.

  • What is the best bicycle company in India for purchase?

    The answer may vary from person to person (depending on their budget and preference). I have ridden Ninety One bicycles, Firefox bicycles, Hero cycles, Hercules and BTWIN. For long rides, I have used Ninety One bicycles, BTWIN and Firefox and for normal commuting, I have used hero and Hercules cycles.

    And it worked best for me, so the conclusion is, first decide what kind of cyclist are you? what is your preference? then choose from the list of best bicycle companies in India for purchase.

  • Which cycle company is best Hercules or Hero Cycle?

    Hercules or Hero Cycles which is better? is the most frequently asked questions in India. Because these two companies are the oldest and the biggest players in Indian Bicycle Industry. They both have been manufacturing bicycles for more than 50 years.

    No doubt, Both are best. They have a wide range of options to choose from according to cycling discipline. There is a slight difference in their prices. Read more.


Finally, I just want to say don’t listen to TV commercials and ads. They won’t tell you everything about the Indian cycle brands.

In this detailed article, I have focused on only the top best cycle brands in India and how to choose the perfect one. I know many of you are beginners so make sure to read every article on our site

If you don’t like to read then you can watch us on youtube named “Cycling Guru India”.

That’s the end of this article. Keep Paddling!

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