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We are an Indian cycling portal that has been promoting cycling in India for the past 2+ years.

We cover a wide range of topics related to cycling in India such as cycling tips, do-it-yourself, bicycle reviews (Blog articles and YouTube), bicycle maintenance guides, and so on.

Besides, we are planning for interviews with famous national and international cyclists so that we can reach the maximum audience for promoting cycling in India as a sport as well.

Our Audience or Community

Cycling is a way of life for us, and our community lives and breathes it too.

A variety of people make up these groups, including students, postgraduates, professionals, business decision-makers, cycling enthusiasts, athletes, spouses, parents, shoppers, travellers etc.

Despite our differences, we have a common love for cycling that binds us together.

Our Traffic Overview

Pageviews: 60,000+ per month

Unique Pageviews: 50,000+ per month

Youtube Audience: 6,000+ subscribers

Youtube Monthly Views: 2,00,000+ views

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We recognize that every partnership is unique. Therefore, we offer a broad range of advertising options based on the needs of each of our clients. Our partners are carefully chosen, as we select only those companies, services, and products that meet the quality standards we have set.

A key aspect of our business strategy is to form long-term partnerships with businesses that are committed to delivering quality, user-oriented services and products.

Advertisement Opportunites with Cycling Guru India (What we can do for you)

  • Bicycle Reviews via blog articles
  • Cycling gears (accessories) Reviews
  • YouTube Video (product review/subtle integration)
  • Display ads
  • Brand Awareness
  • Custom

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“The most important thing to remember is you must know your audience”

Lewis Howes

We always prefer to work with high-quality brands for the long term and are pretty selective about who we work with. We are very familiar with our work & tasks, and are confident we can find the process that will help you meet your goals.