Top 5 Best Electric Cycle Brands in India to Consider in 2023: An Ultimate Guide

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Electric bicycles are becoming popular in India and that’s why new e-cycle manufacturers are entering the market with different types of electric cycles in 2023 giving a lot of varieties or choices of e-bikes to those who are planning to purchase a new e-bicycle.

That’s why it can be challenging and overwhelming to choose the right brand and model among so many options. We did a lot of market research and have come up with the top 5 best electric cycle brands in India that you would surely find their ebikes running on Indian roads.

This article will guide you about the best e-bicycle brands with the price ranges, and top-selling models along with some important faqs.

Here is the list of the 5 best electric cycle manufacturers in the Indian market in our opinion.

Top 5 Best Electric Cycle Brands in India

Now we are going to see a list of the top 5 electric cycle companies in India.

1. Hero Lectro: Offers Coolest Electric Cycles in India

Hero Lectro bicycle brand
Image credit: Hero Lectro

Hero Lectro (a division of Hero cycles) is one of the best electric cycle brands in India as their e-cycles are well-engineered and designed with technology as well as they have the largest supply chain in the Indian market (offline & online).

This brand has revolutionized the personal transportation industry by offering commuter ebikes and cargo ebikes with cool features and ergonomic designs at very reasonable prices.

When it comes to the features of Hero Lectro electric cycles, their finest electric bikes are capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 kmph (15mph) without pedalling (on a single charge).

Their bikes are very unique with lots of special features such as BLDC motor, 4 riding modes, RFID key, Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlamps, LCD display (providing riders with a range of information such as speed, distance, and battery level, etc), suspension, engineered ergonomic design, multi-speed gears, and IP67 water repellent battery.

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Therefore, Hero Lectro sets itself apart from the crowd for its long motor life and high efficiency. Ebikes of this brand are an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient way to get around and this is considered one of the best electric cycle manufacturers in India.

Price ranger of Hero Lectro Electric Cycles (according to Hero Lectro website): 25000 to 120000 rupees.

2. EMotorad: Perfect for e-bike enthusiasts

Image credit: EMotorad

EMotorad (EM) is known for manufacturing premium electric bicycles in the EV Industry for many years. Its range of electric cycles is designed to meet customers’ needs and provide a unique riding experience. Their ebikes are designed for adventurous rides, daily commuting and are available at affordable prices.

Also, EMotarad ebikes are equipped with advanced parts and technology that make it possible to produce less noise while riding and that’s why they are the best electric bicycle brands in India.

The minimal running cost of EMotorad’s electric cycles is another advantage that makes it even more attractive. Due to its Pedal Assist feature, EMotorad electric cycles are able to give riders more control of their bike and a unique riding experience tailored to their preferences.

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As far as the Price Range of EMotarad ebikes is concerned, it starts from 30,000 INR and goes to lacs on their website.

3. Motovolt (MV): Affordable electric bicycle brand in India

Image credit: Motovolt

Motovolt (MV) offers smart ebikes of top quality with a lot of advanced features. Therefore, MV is one of the best electric bicycle manufacturers in India and world.

Motovolt’s electric cycles are equipped with a powerful motor, which is capable of providing of speed up to 25 kmph. Moreover, their electric cycles also feature a unique pedal assist system that helps riders easily adjust the intensity of their ride.

In addition to its powerful motor, Motovolt electric cycles also feature advanced components like lithium-ion batteries and regenerative brakes, which help to reduce running costs.

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If you are looking for an eco-friendly, convenient, and affordable means of transportation, Motovolt’s electric cycles are a perfect choice. They have got different types of ebikes, which you can opt for according to your requirements.

Motovolt electric cycles provide a unique riding experience and make it possible for riders to travel longer distances in shorter amounts of time. Talking about its price range, it starts from 25,000 INR and goes around 60,000 rupees (as per Motovolt’s official website).

4. Nexzu: The fastest-growing electric cycle brand in India

Image credit: Nexzu

Nexzu Mobility is one of the emerging electric cycle manufacturers in India that offers a range of electric cycles designed to meet customers’ needs. Nexzu electric cycles are equipped with advanced components and innovative features, such as a dual battery system, cold rolled steel frame, and a removable battery.

The dual battery system enables the Nexzu electric cycle to have a longer range of up to 100 km per charge. In addition to its advanced components, Nexzu electric cycles also come with dual disc brakes for effective stopping power, a front suspension for riding comfort, and various health benefits.

Nexzu electric cycles also feature a unique pedal assist system that allows riders to adjust the intensity of their ride easily. They have two types of electric bicycles i.e., Commuting & Cargo ebikes with advanced features, durable frames, innovative designs, and health benefits. Thus, Nexzu electric cycles are perfect for eco-friendly, convenient, and affordable transportation.

The price range of Nexzu ebikes: 30,000 to 50,000 INR (according to

5. Toutche (Heileo): Offers attractive and coolest e-bikes

Image credit: Toutche

Toutche (Heileo) offers a range of electric cycles designed for everyday commutes in cities and towns, providing riders with a unique riding experience. They are equipped with advanced components and innovative features, such as suspension system, hydraulic disc brakes, multi-speed gears, and a removable battery with two options (60 km & 80 km).

Heileo electric cycles come with a warranty for 18 months on the battery and motor for your convenience. They provide very good after-sales support if there is anything not working on your electric bicycle.

Toutche electric cycles are ideal for individuals looking for an environmentally sustainable, practical, and cost-effective mode of transportation because of their combination of cutting-edge technology, unique features, stunning colours & designs.

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Benefits of Electric Bicycles in India

Best Electric Cycle Brands in India

Electric Bicycles have become the talk of the town in India and hence becoming very popular due to the various benefits of e-bicycles. They are an affordable and eco-friendly mode of transportation, provide great health benefits, and are easy to use as well as electric cycles are great for the Indian environment.

Advantages of riding electric cycles in India (5 key benefits):

1. Cheapest mode of transportation

Electric bicycles offer an affordable and eco-friendly mode of transportation that can help reduce the cost of transportation as well as are much cheaper than cars and petrol scooters. Also, They are energy-efficient as they consume less electricity to charge and require minimal maintenance as compared to electric cars. This makes them a great option for those looking to save money on fuel and transportation.

2. Improves health

Electric bicycles provide a great way to get exercise while still providing assistance. This type of exercise helps to improve cardiovascular health, strong legs, help weight loss and also has the potential to reduce stress.

3. Excellent for environmental

Electric bikes are eco-friendly, as they do not emit any harmful gases or pollutants. This helps to reduce air pollution and improve the quality of air in the environment (India).

4. Easy to operate and ride

Electric bicycles are very easy to use, lightweight, and don’t require a license to ride if motor power is 250w or less. This makes them perfect for commuting in cities and towns.

5. Convenient (Needs less space)

Electric bicycles offer great convenience as they are easy to store and can be used for a variety of purposes, from commuting to leisure activities.

FAQs on Best Electric Cycle Manufacturers in India

Q1. Which is the most affordable electric bicycle in India?

Hero Lectro Electric is the most affordable and amazing bicycle in India with lots of amazing features and became the top-most brand owned by the majority of Indian guys.

Q2. Are electric cycles worth buying in India?

Yes, electric bicycles are worth your money, it is a great investment not only for environmental reasons but also very easy to ride and amazing in the long run. Scroll up to read more.

Q3. What is electric bicycle starting prices in India?

There are several electric cycles in India starting from 25,000 rupees. And Hero Lectro and Motovolt have got many e-bicycles around this price point.

Q4. In which price range Toutche Electric Bikes are available?

As it is said Toutche Electric Bikes are the top-notch electric cycle brand in India which is ranging between Rs 45000 to 60000.

Final Verdict: Best Electric Bicycle Brands in India

I hope your search for the list of best electric cycle brands in India would have been ended. And currently, we have commuting ebikes for long distances, cargo electric bicycles for delivery, and folding ebikes for short commutes with only 250w hub motors in India.

So don’t wait much just get yourself an electric bicycle from any of the above-mentioned e cycle manufacturers in India to join the movement to save our environment as well as to save your hard-earned money on transportation.

Thanks for reading this article till the end. Do share your valuable thoughts or suggest some more best ebike brands that I have not included in my list of electric bicycle manufacturers in India by commenting below.

Till then, Keep Riding & Stay Safe.!

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