How Much Cycling to Lose Weight? 5 Pro Cycling Tips for Weight Loss

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It used to interest us so much during our childhood when it came to riding a bicycle, right? It was so good and used to make us so happy. Anything that seems difficult to us we must connect to the happy things while doing it and it makes the process happier.

So, we would see how cycling helps us for reducing weight, how much cycling to lose weight and all the details related to it. Yes, I know there are already many questions popping up in your head so first things first.

How is Cycling Good for Weight Loss?

I mean do you even can think of any disadvantages to losing weight by cycling? Good because there are not. It is as good as any other exercise for weight loss.

Yes, the only disadvantage it may bring is the pain that you can develop by cycling for a longer time or else it is one of the most enjoyable and happy exercises one can do.

Cycling is one of the best ways to lose weight because it burns calories and hence it reduces weight. The more you cycle, the more calories you are likely to burn which will be good for weight loss.

Losing weight can be hard for people but following a few tips on how to lose weight by cycling can make the process simpler and easier.

Is cycling good for tummy fat loss?

There is no doubt that cycling can help you lose belly fat, but it takes time. Studies have found that regular cycling helps in overall fat loss and promotes a healthy weight, according to a recent study.

Hence, Cycling is an effective exercise for reducing belly fat and is good for weight loss in the stomach. But the question is how much cycling to lose weight (belly fat)?

Cycling for 30-60 minutes along with a proper diet is an effective way to reduce belly fat and increase good fat. It is similar to exercising, such as jogging, hiking, and swimming.

Now coming to the main question.

How Much Cycling Required to Lose Weight? Distance and Time

Now, this depends on how much weight you want to lose. This particular question depends on the current weight of a person and how much weight he would want to lose.

You can calculate the number of calories you would burn in a day and from there you will be able to have an idea of how much cycling you would need to lose weight. And after achieving the result you may just practice cycling as an exercise.

How many calories do cycling burn in 30 minutes?

As we know, any physical activity burns calories including cycling. Calories burning has a simple rule, It has a direct relation with the consumption of energy. Your body uses more energy to move faster, so the faster you go, the more calories you’re likely to burn. The results may vary from person to person.

Harvard University reports that a 70kg (155-pound) person can burn 298 calories in 30 minutes of cycling at a moderate speed of 19 to 22 km/h (12 to 13.9 mph). A person of the same weight will burn 372 calories if they ride at a faster speed of 22.5 to 25.5 kmph (14 to 15.9 mph).

How can cycling help reduce weight?

It helps you burn the calories in your body and hence helps you to lose weight. But cycling at a very low speed just for passing your time or maybe just for fun would get you very slow. But if you wanna achieve the results faster you will have to increase the intensity by which you cycle.

How many kilometres should I ride to lose weight?

The data from the Harvard health letter shows that a 155 pounds (approximately 70 kilograms) person can burn 298 calories in 30 minutes if he cycles at the speed of 12 to 13.9 miles per hour (approximately 19 to 22 kilometres per hour).

So, the distance of cycling to lose weight is in your hand. You may ride around 20 km in an hour every day. You can also increase this over time. And you will achieve your desired goal faster.

What is the best time for cycling to lose weight?

It is seen in various studies that when you cycle without having your breakfast (empty stomach) in the morning it helps us reduce weight by 20 per cent more effectively and faster. So, morning can be taken as the best time to cycle. It will also refresh you for the day and the busy schedule that you will be having.

How to Lose Weight with Cycling: 5 Cycling Tips for Reducing Weight

#1. Do not try to cycle at a very high intensity in the beginning

If you are starting off new the first very important thing that you must keep in your mind is that you should not rush. Do not try to cycle at a very high intensity and that too for too many kilometres. Instead, increases day by day. Start cycling with a smaller distance at moderate speed and light intensity and then keep on increasing bit by bit.

#2. Keep track of your performance

how to cycle for weight loss

One of the many things that you should keep in mind is tracking. Do not forget, I repeat do not forget to keep track or else all your hard work would go in vain.

Tracking helps you see how much progress you made, the calories you lost, the distance you cycled and the intensity that you had while cycling it tells you a lot and gives you a perfect idea of how well you are doing.

Tracking applications can be found on the respective app downloading systems you use or maybe you could buy a tracking or a smartwatch for an easier experience.

#3. Pay attention to your Diet & Nutrition

Diet plan for weight loss with cycling

If you are just cycling and not paying a bit of attention to your diet and are eating whatever you are feeling like. Do you think it will give you the results you want? If you think the answer is no it is absolutely correct. It won’t.

You must avoid more sugar and fatty things and lean towards protein-rich food. If you think figuring out your diet is taking a lot on you and you do not know the best way there are many software out there that could count the calorie of the food you are eating all the daylong and can suggest food according to the calorie count you would need throughout the day.

#4. Try cycling uphill to lose weight

Uphill bike ride to reduce belly fat

When you have reached that stage where you are not a moderate cycler and drive with a faster intensity now. You may try cycling on the upper hill. It would prove to be a lot more effective. It would be a new thing and sound fun and while driving up you would need more strength and energy to drive resulting in more calorie loss in even lesser time.

#5. Maintain the correct posture for better performance

If you followed everything correctly and are not getting this right, it would result in a lot of back pain. And not only back pain but the pain in many different body parts of yours. It is a very important thing to maintain a good posture while cycling. You would not want to make the thing you like a painful thing just by not following a simple step.

Frequently Asked Questions: Biking For Weight Loss

Why choose cycling for weight loss?

There are a few advantages to choosing cycling over any other exercise. You do not need to get a subscription to any gym, you can choose the timings yourself and it is effective in high-calorie burning.

How much cycling to lose 1kg?

If you consistently cycle for 15 days for 1 hour moderately you can lose 1 kilogram of weight easily. Know more…

Do you need a special or premium bicycle for weight loss?

You may start off with the kind of bike you have but if you are planning on buying a new bicycle for weight loss and if you have a good budget, buying a bike with good grips and other necessary things would prove to be effective and good.

Can 1-hour cycling lose weight?

Yes, regular cycling for 1 hour daily can reduce weight effectively. An individual having a weight of 81 kg (180-pound) is likely to burn around 650 calories by regular cycling for one hour. So, It is a very effective and economic way to burn calories and fat.

How much cycling to lose 10kg?

Generally, 1kg weight is reduced by regular cycling in a week if a proper diet is followed up. Hence, reducing 10kg weight may take around 10-12 weeks. Each individual has different metabolism so it may vary from person to person.

How much cycling to lose 5kg?

Generally, 8000 calories should be burnt if you want to lose 1kg. It may take one week. Similarly, if you want to lose 5kg, you need to burn 40000 calories (8000×5) and it may take 4 to 6 weeks.

Conclusion: How Much Cycling to Lose Weight

It is very important to maintain or lose weight if you want to keep it off. Cycling is a great method for achieving weight loss. Make your biking workout more intense and follow the proper diet plan to maximize weight loss and fat burning.

A biking workout may not be safe for you if you have a health condition or have not exercised recently. So, consult your doctor before pedalling.

All the information available in this blog article will prove effective to you if followed correctly and regularly. And if it feels necessary for you to get more help and advice from experts, you are free to connect to someone who you would find as a mentor.

Make it an element to make your life better and more adventurous, thinking it this way will increase the effectiveness of anything you are doing and continue making your life better without being hard on yourself.

Share this article with your friends who want to lose weight as biking is one of the best and cheapest ways for weight loss.


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