What is the Average Cycling Speed in India? How to Ride a Bicycle Faster? All You Need to Know

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One of the most frequently asked questions is: what’s the average cycling speed in India? That’s a good question. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question.

Because the speed of a bicycle depends upon various factors such as the types of bicycles, various kinds of surfaces, the rider’s fitness, etc. It’s therefore difficult to answer directly. But Don’t worry all of the queries will be solved in this blog article.

After reading this article, you will know the average speed of road bikes, hybrid bicycles, MTB, and electric bikes. Data from various reliable sources have been compiled in Table format to simplify this process.

So, read further to find out the average cycling speed km h.

What is the Average Cycling Speed in India? Explained

Pointing to a particular speed is not a good idea because the average speed of a bicycle may vary from rider to rider. Also, we have got various types of bikes and each has a different purpose and speed. 

Let’s find out what are the variable factors which affect the speed of the bicycle.

Factors That Affect Your Average Cycling Speed

  1. Your type of terrain and surface may increase or decrease the avg. cycling speed. If you ride on mountainous terrain, your avg. speed is low. Whereas, your cycling speed is higher when you ride on a smooth surface.
  2. Cycling speed also depends on the type of bike you ride. Road bikes are specially designed for fast riding on paved roads. Hence road bicycles have fast speed on a smooth road compared to hybrid & Mountain bikes.
  3. The average speed of a cycle also depends on the Rider’s fitness level & weight. If the cyclist is totally fit and has adequate weight, his/her speed is fast. Learn how much cycling to lose weight.
  4. Riding position and Weather conditions play a vital role to increase the average speed of a cyclist riding a bicycle. If the cyclist is bent forward(maintain aerodynamics) while pedaling, he pedals fast.
  5. An experienced cyclist rides faster than a beginner cyclist. Because he knows how to ride the bike in different types of circumstances. Hence, the average cycling speed for beginners cyclist is less than that of elite cyclists.
  6. Obstacles along the roads may decrease the average cycling speed of a cyclist. Red lights, Speed breakers, traffic, and circular turning and gravel roads are examples of obstacles that lowers the speed of a bicycle.
  7. Total Distance is also an important factor that may increase or decrease the avg. cycling speed. If the distance is long, cycling becomes tough after a certain point of time and lowers the bicycle speed and vice-versa.

How to calculate your average speed on a bicycle

Calculating your average cycle route speed is as simple as dividing your total ride distance by your total ride duration (Total Distance ÷ Total Time taken).

For example, Total distance covered = 30 km & Total trip duration = 1 hr 30 minutes

The calculation to find the average speed= Total Distance Covered/Total Time taken)

Average Speed=> 30(km) ÷ 1.5 (hours) = 20 km/h

Average Road cycling speed for beginners

It’s very natural that the speed of a beginner cyclist is lower than that of an experienced cyclist. It’s tough for a beginner to increase his cycling speed from the first day. So the average cycling speed for beginners is around 13 to 19km/h.

Because Cycling is not easy as it looks. There are various tricks and techniques to ride a road bicycle or any other kind of bicycle. Cycling includes pedaling, handling the bike handle while sitting on the saddle, following the right breathing technique, paying proper attention to the road, and so on. 

Learning these cycling tips and tricks takes time. These tips and tricks help a cyclist to increase his average cycling speed. Therefore, the avg. The cycling speed of experienced road cyclists is around 19-26 km/h.

Cyclists LevelAverage Speed (km/h)
Beginner Cyclists13-19 kmph
Intermediate Cyclists19-26 kmph
Advanced Cyclists26-39 kmph
Professional Cyclists35 kmph plus

Global Average cycling speed

The Strava app is a social media cycling app for global cyclists. In 2018, this app displayed the data related to the avg. speed of the cyclists globally. This data is based on 287.5 million rides made globally. However, there are many cyclists who do not use this app. So, this should also be kept in mind before coming to a conclusion.

Average Global Cycling Speed According to Strava in 2018

Male Cyclists22.04 km/h (13.7 mph)
Female Cyclists19.47 km/h (12.1 mph)
Global Average Speed21.72 hm/h (13.5 mph)

Average cycling speed by age

You must have heard that “Age is just a number” this is true for only a few people. Who are very active and pay attention to their health. So, the Age of a person also matters in average cycling speed. You may naturally experience a decline in cycling speed with age because age is indirectly related to cycling speed.

An hour ride is usually completed at an average speed of 15 mph (24kmph) for the majority of riders. You should be able to get up to 24 km/h pretty quickly as a beginner, but 16 km/h is a good speed for beginners. Your average speed could reach 28km/h (18 mph) if you train occasionally, while 35 kmph (22 mph) may be achievable if you train regularly.

However, Speed may vary from age to age. Speed of children might be less than the teenagers, cycling speed of teenagers is less the adults and so on.

Let’s see what the average cycling speed according to age with other factors remaining the same:

AgeAvg. Cycling Speed (km/h)
18-25 years27-30 km/h
25-35 years33-35 km/h
35-40 years30 km/h
40-50 years24 km/h
50-60 years22 km/h

As you can see the above table which shows the average cycling speed in India according to the age of a cyclist. The average cycling speed is increasing till 35 years, starts declining after 35 years. This may vary from person to person.

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Average Cycling Speed in India as per Bicycle Types

As we have got different types of bicycles in India, each has unique features, purpose, and Speed as well. So, It’s very important to compare an apple to an apple. We can’t compare an apple to an orange, right?

Therefore, we have found the average cycling speed in India according to bicycle types.

1. Average Cycling Speed of a Road Bike in India

average cycling speed of road bikes in India

Road bikes are basically designed for fast riding therefore they are made very lightweight, and have thin tires with no suspension. Road bikes provide superb aerodynamics to achieve more speed on paved roads.

Speed on Flat Roads23-29 km/h
Speed on Inclined Roads (Flyovers)13-19 km/h

We did a sort of survey in some cycling groups on Facebook in order to validate the above-mentioned data. 50 road cyclists participated in that survey on the Facebook group.

The lower road bike speed was 23km/h and the highest was 30 km. Hence, we got the average cycling speed of road bikes in India is 28 kmph.

2. Average Cycling Speed in India for Mountain Bikes

average speed of mountain bikes in various terrains

Mountain Bikes or MTBs are basically made for an adventurous ride in mountainous hills or in the lap of nature. This type of bike is not made for riding fast, because it is very heavy in weight. You can ride this type of bike on the road as well. But it offers very less speed as compared to other bike types. Get yourself an MTB if you love adventurous rides in hilly areas.

Speed on Flat Roads16-23 km/h (10-14 mph)
On Technical Trails6-13 km/h (4-8 mph)
On Downhill Trails29-32 km/h (18-20 mph)

3. Average Speed of a Hybrid Bike in India

A hybrid bike is a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes. Therefore, They can be easily ridden on the roads and on medium-type trails. The tires of hybrid bicycles are thicker and wider than road bikes. This type of cycle is made for commuting.

average speed of hybrid bikes on roads

So, Hybrid bicycles are not mainly used for speed. However, the average speed of a hybrid cycle is higher than the MTBs on roads.

Speed on Flat roads19-26 km/h (12-16 mph)
Inclined/Uphill Surface10-16 km/h (6-10 mph)

How to Increase the Average Cycling Speed: 5 Best Ways

Speed is a necessity for every cyclist. It is common for cyclists, whether they are experts or beginners, to want to speed up their bikes. The benefits of riding a bike at a good speed are that one feels confident and that one is in good health. In addition to practice and patience, you can also ride your bicycle faster by paying attention to a variety of other factors.

Simple methods to boost the average speed of the cycle in India:

1. Bend forward and lower your body position

Wind resistance is one of the biggest obstacles that a cyclist faces. It also reduces the average cycling speed. Don’t worry! It’s very simple to overcome this problem. Just simply, lean forward and keep your upper body closer to the handlebar by tucking your elbows. This is called aerodynamics which is the best way to ride your bicycle faster.

2. Make sure to Pump up Your Bicycle Tires

The tires of a bicycle are also one of the important factors for avg. Cycling speed in India. If you want to ride your bike faster, make sure that the tires are properly inflated. Because appropriate inflated tires roll faster with fewer efforts.

3. Don’t press the brakes unnecessarily

Brakes of any vehicle stop or lower the speed. So, try not to press the bicycle brakes unnecessarily while cycling. Pressing brakes will not let you ride your bicycle faster. Hence it reduces the average cycling speed. So avoid it.

4. Make sure to wear well-fitted cycling clothes

Always wear cycling clothes which are only made for cycling. Because cycling clothes are tight-fitting and keep your body cool and sweat-free. It helps to cut the wind force while cycling and hence, it lets you ride faster.

5. Ride with cycling groups & Listen to some good music.

Cycling in groups increases the average cycling speed than solo riding. Because cycling groups create a feeling of competition with each other. Group members also motivate each other for better cycling. You tend to ride faster by putting in more effort and energy.

Here, music plays the role of the energy booster as it reduces stress levels and changes the mood, and motivates cyclists to increase their speed.

FAQs: Average Speed of a Cycle in India

What average speed does google maps use for cycling?

There are a number of things that affect Google’s speed, including the type of biking route and traffic patterns. As well as calculating the average stopped time, it considers elevation change. Hence, Google Maps takes into account a standard moving speed of around 16 km/hr (10mph) for all trips, regardless of distance.

What is the average bicycle speed for 60 year old?

The average speed of cyclists over 55 tends to be lower. Researchers have found that cycling speeds decline as cyclists age. Taking external factors out of consideration, cyclists between 55 to 65 years will have an average speed of 17–19 km/h. Cycling speeds for older cyclists will vary with their body condition, but on average they’ll be around 13 kmph.

What is the average mountain bike speed in km/h?

Mountain bikes are specially designed for biking in mountainous terrain, on graveled roads. You can also ride MTBs on the roads. The speed of an MTB may differ on different types of surfaces. The speed of an on a flat road is somewhere around 16-23 km/h, 8-14km/h on mountainous trails, and 25-30 km/h on downhill terrains.

What is a good average speed on a Road Bike?

Road bikes have the highest average speed. It also depends upon the experience level of a rider. Generally, a good average speed on a road bike is around 13-19 km/h for beginners, 19-26 km/h for intermediate cyclists, 26-39 km/h for advanced cyclists, and 35 km/h or more for professional cyclists.

What is a reasonable speed for long distances on a bike?

Many cyclists are capable of maintaining 40+ km/h (25+ mph) over long distances,
especially when conditions are flat and cyclists cycle in groups.

Conclusion: Average Speed of Bicycles in India

I hope that this article empowers you to know what your average speed is really saying about your ride.

As you now know, cycling speeds differ depending on the types of cycles, among many other important factors about a bicycle’s speed.

If you’re interested in increasing your average cycling speed, you can easily increase your speed by following the above-mentioned tips to ride your bike faster.

Guys, please share your thoughts about this article in the comment section below.


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