7 Best Bicycle for 12 Year Old Boy in India: The Coolest Gifts for Kids

Our bicycle list for 12-year-old boys demonstrates that age is never an excuse for not partaking in an adventure”.

At every age, the bicycle plays an important role, especially for 10 year old boys and girls, in developing their confidence, strength, balance, and fitness. Cycling is a healthy process that keeps a person energetic toward work. Therefore, We have reviewed the top 7 best bicycle for 12 year old boy in India.

According to research and science, cycling is the most important and affordable factor in maintaining good health. Cycling will also help to maintain energy, strength, and confidence.

So, it is a good idea if you are planning to gift a bicycle to your 12 year old boy. There are so many benefits to cycling. Your child will gain confidence and they will always feel active.

Cycling also helps to burn calories and improves heart and lung function. It also improves lower body muscles and bones. However, at this age, some of the kid’s dream of driving a car or motorcycle, but it’s not possible because they are not getting a license. To fulfil their dream, the manufacturers have designed the best bicycle for 10-12 year old boys in India to explore their cycling dream.

What Size Bicycle does a 10-12 year old Boy Need?

I am sure you are here to find out the best bicycle for your 10 year old boy or girl. Don’t worry we sorted this out for you. You know the right bicycle size is very important for your kid to enjoy cycling.

So the question is what size bicycle is perfect for 10 year old boy, right?

Here is the answer. You need to understand that age is just a number which reflects only how old your child is. Not his height (short or tall) and body structure (skinny, healthy or fat).

Height and body structure are the main key factors when deciding the right cycle size for 10 to 12 year old boys/girls. Here is the cycle size chart for kids so that you can find out the right size for your 10-year kid.

Bicycle Size Chart for Kids According to Wheel Size (Below 12 Years)

Inseam Length
Wheel Size
2-3 years3′ to 3’3″15” – 18”12 Inches
2-5 years3’1” to 3’6”15” – 20”14 Inches
5-7 years3’3” to 4’16” – 22”16 Inches
7-9 years4’ to 4’7”19” – 25”20 Inches
9-12 years4’3’’ to 5’23” – 28”24 Inches
12+ years5’ and above25” Plus26 Inches

7 Best Cycle for 12 Year Old Boy With Long-Lasting and Appealing Features: Detailed Review

Every kid should ride a bicycle in their childhood, as cycling can improve their confidence, strength, and stamina and will make them more energetic. Here are the lists of the cycle for 12 year boy in India that you can choose for your kids without having any second thoughts.

1. Eastman Uniek Unisex Steel 24T Single Speed Bike for Kids

Eastman Uniek 24t single speed bicycle

The first bicycle on our list is Eastman Uniek Unisex hybrid bicycle 24T. It is very much suitable for 9 to 13 year old boys and girls as it has 24 inches wheels (2.35” wide) with strong and durable rims.

This bike comes with 24 inches steel frame which increases its lifespan of this bike. Steel Frames are considered the strongest and cheapest material for bicycle frames. So, this Bicycle is.

Brakes are one of the important parts of any bicycle (except BMX) and this bicycle is equipped with power v brakes on both sides for quick braking. Well, friends, disc brakes are not suitable for kids unless they are experienced at biking.

Tyres of any bicycle must be anti-skid along with long durability. So it is.

Anatomy of eastman uniek sports ranger cycle

But, this bike has got rigid forks (no suspension) which means your kid may have some shaking experience on riding on bumpy roads. Not a big deal though!

And It is a single-speed kid’s bicycle which provides a hassle-free riding experience to your 12-year-old boy if he has just started learning. This bike will train your boy the basics of cycling then he should head towards geared bikes.

Generally, Kids’ bicycles under 5000 rupees come without suspension & gears, if you want a bicycle with front suspension then try Caya Bikes and DNS Bikes (scroll down to know more).

Key Features of Eastman Uniek Kids Bicycle for 12 year old boy

  • It has got a chain cover for extra safety.
  • A wide saddle has been used for more comfort.
  • Suitable for riding on the roads and off-roads.
  • 24” tyres size provides more comfortability on jumps and bumps.
  • Your kids will enjoy running this bike for years to come because of its glow-finished paint.

What we liked about this bicycle:

  • Affordable and very durable bicycle for kids in India.
  • Mudguards and a Side stand are available for free.
  • All types of reflectors are already available with the bicycle.
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year on frame.

What cons we noticed in this bicycle:

  • Not suitable for a tall (5 feet & above) 12-year-old boy.
  • It can be bone-shaking on off-roads as it has no suspension.
  • Bicycle components are not covered under warranty.

Our Verdict: After checking all the pros and cons of this kid’s bicycle. Amazing! We would surely recommend buying it as this is a pocket-friendly bicycle with all the required features. It’s very easy to assemble such bicycles at home, A toolkit is included with the bicycle, allowing you to fix it in just 30 minutes. It’s just a matter of tightening the screws. Let your boy be comfortable and ride safely.

2. Leader Xtreme 26T IBC Mountain Bicycle

Leader xtreme 26t MTB review

The next bicycle is Leader Xtreme, the Best budget mountain bike with 26-inch tires for kids in India. It has almost all the features and quality that a mountain bicycle should have.

It is a very comfortable bicycle for 12 year children because it has a rear suspension and a wide PU-Cushioned saddle (seat) which provides amazing comfort while riding on Indian roads.

This bicycle from the Leader brand comes with an 18” rigid steel frame which makes this mtb durable and perfect for girls and boys up to 14 years.

If your children (9 to 14 years) have a height between 5 feet to 5.10 feet then Leader Xtreme 26T MTB is the perfect bicycle for them. Basically, this bicycle is designed for tall children.

Riding posture on a bicycle is one of the key factors to decide when choosing a bicycle for kids. Don’t worry! This bike has got a T-type handlebar with a soft rubber grip for better control and comfortability.

Leader xtreme 26t review

This bike has got power v brakes for an effortless breaking experience this type of braking system is equipped for kids’ bicycles because they don’t require disc brakes. Because disc brakes are very powerful and may cause injuries to children (beginners).

When it comes to tyres of this bicycle, it has 2.12 extra wide high traction tires with a 26-inch diameter which provides amazing grip in wet or dry conditions. You don’t have to worry about safety.  Your child can enjoy riding this bike on any kind of terrain.

Key Features of Leader Xtreme 26T

  • It is a single-speed bicycle which provides a hassle-free riding experience to 10-12 year children.
  • It has high-quality rubber tires (extra wide) which provide excellent grip.
  • All road types and off-road riding are made easier because it has a rigid fork.
  • It has a capacity of maximum loading weight is 100kg but we recommend up to 70kg as it is a kids’ bicycle.

What we liked about this bicycle:

  • The chain cover protects the leg and reduces the risk of any entanglement.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame.
  • Inbuilt carrier at the back for the extra load (person).
  • All accessories like side stand, mudguard and reflectors are available.
  • Delivered in 90% assembled condition (instruction manual and tools are provided in the box).

What cons we noticed in this bicycle:

  • Some riders reported that it gives a bone-shaking experience on gravelled roads because of front suspension.
  • Some riders noticed cushioning of the saddle is not up to the mark.
  • The company should provide a bicycle assembling service at your doorstep because some users could not assemble properly.

Our Verdict: After analysing and riding this bicycle we would recommend you Leader Xtreme 26T MTB to buy because it proves to be the perfect and durable mountain bicycle for your 12-year boy. If you were looking for an affordable bicycle for 10 year old boy, go for this Leader Xtreme mountain bicycle. Watch the review video if you want to enquire more…

3. Caya fueled 24T cycle for a 12-year-old Boy & Girl

Caya Fueled MTB Cycle Review

This bicycle is semi-assembled for complete assembly. You have to take this cycle to a shop or any other professional. The Caya-fueled cycle is a perfect ride partner for a 12-year-old kid. This bicycle will give your child an inspiring ride with its powerful braking system.

Key Features of Caya Fuel Kids Bike:

  • It has a front suspension system equipped with shock absorbers that makes riding comfortable in rough terrain.
  • It is designed with sturdy handles and has an in-grip rotary bell.
  • It has an adjustable seat with a comfortable saddle.
  • This bicycle is designed with BB-quality cartridge anti-slip pedals.
  • This bicycle’s wheels are equipped with double-walled alloy rims with 24-inch wide tires.
  • The front and rear discs will help your child to maintain a good grip on their whole journey.
Caya Fueled 24t size guide

Pros of Caya Kids Bike:

  • This cycle is designed with a premium quality metallic frame which is 12.5 inches in size.
  • For off-road adventure and smooth-riding, the tires are designed with a 2.4-inch thickness.
  • To ensure a secure riding experience, this bicycle is designed with a powerful braking system.

Cons of Caya fueled Kids’ Cycle:

  • It can be a little uncomfortable for a 15-year-old boy.

Our Verdict: It is a lightweight, 24-inch wheel size, that will provide comfortable riding features with good control over the brakes. It is a unisex bicycle, suitable for both boys and girls. It ensures smooth cycling on a rough road with high durability. The handlebars and brakes of this cycle are the most comfortable parts, which your child will definitely love because they can have full control over the whole ride.

4. DNS Bikes 24 Inches with Dual Disc Brake

DNS Bikes 24t Review

The DNS 300 24T is the most efficient and reliable mountain bike for 12 year old boys and girls. It is a lightweight, sturdy-framed cycle that is best for a simple and adventurous ride. This cycle is manufactured for a safe and comfortable ride with 24-inch wheel size and a strong frame.

Special Features of DNS Bicycle:

  • This cycle is perfect for a 10 year old boy or above.
  • It is a single-speed mountain bike with a dual disc brake.
  • It has a front steel suspension with an 18-inch frame size.
  • The cycle is available in 85% assembled condition with a usable tool kit.
  • The cycle is equipped with steel rims and a non-slippery handlebar.
Special Features of DNS Bicycle

What we like about DNS 300:

  • This bicycle comes with a water bottle handle, reflectors, and a side stand.
  • It is also a unisex cycle, so both boys and girls can do their dream cycling.
  • This unisex bicycle is available with a plastic mudguard.
  • available with a chain guard and a comfortable saddle.

What we did not like in DNS 300 Kids Bike:

  • There is no gear available in this DNS 300 24T cycle.

Our Verdict: This unisex bicycle will make your riding hassle-free because of its extremely powerful and reliable braking system. The frame material is also of good quality steel, which enhances its appearance. It is one of the most affordable and best bicycle for 12 year old boy in India.

If you are looking for a fixed-budget bicycle with comfortable grips on the handlebar, then the DNS 300 24T is the perfect cycle that you can give to your 10-12 year child on his birthday.

5. Hero Sprint Thorn 24″ Single Speed MTB

Hero Sprint Thorn 24t review

The Hero Sprint Thorn 24-inch single-speed mountain bike is a unisex cycle best suited for both 12 year boys and girls in India, which is amazingly designed with a front and rear V brake system. It is provided with a mudguard and rear reflectors, which make each ride comfortable and smooth.

This cycle comes with a steel 80mm ext. adjustable type handlebar, which prevents your child from putting pressure on their wrists and arms. This hero cycle is equipped with powerful front and rear V brakes, which provide full control over the whole journey, especially in rough areas. A perfect bicycle for a 12-year old boy at a reasonable price.

Extra Features of Hero Sprint Thorn:

  • It is an idle single-speed mountain bike for a 10 year old boy too.
  • This hero cycle is designed with strong V brakes.
  • It has a rigid and strong wheel size of 24 inches.
  • It is a lightweight cycle with a rigid suspension.
  • The frame is made with high-quality steel, which enhances its durability.
Hero Sprint Thorn 24-inch single-speed

Pros of Hero Kids Bike:

  • This bicycle for a 12-year-old boy is manufactured with powerful V brakes.
  • It is available with anti-skid tires and a chain cover.
  • This mountain bike comes with a 40T crankset and a cottered BB set.
  • This 24-inch single-speed mountain bike is available with a mudguard, and front and rear reflectors.

Cons of this Hero Bicycle for Kids:

  • It is a non-geared cycle for 12 year old boys in India.

Our Verdict: This is the best cycle for a 12 year old boy in India. It is easy and comfortable to ride, especially on bumpy roads. This cycle will be semi-assembled at the time of delivery. You have to assemble it properly by taking advice from the technician. It is provided with the major tool kit. The pedals of this cycle are very sturdy, which prevents your child from slipping off while riding on uneven terrain.

6. Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rocky 3.0 26T Bicycle (New Version)

Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rocky 3.0 26T review

The Hercules Rocky 26T mountain bike is the best affordable cycle for a 10 year old boy with amazing features. The kids can comfortably use this cycle for school and neighbourhood riding. This 26-inch bicycle is equipped with amazing features for multipurpose use.

This bike has a sturdy and stylish frame as well as an innovative and comfortable handlebar for smooth riding on a terrain road.

Key-Features of Hercules Turbodrive Rocky:

  • It has a 19-inch frame size and is made with premium quality steel with a sturdy carrier.
  • It is manufactured with a turbo drive crank, which is best for fast cycling.
  • This Hercules 26T bicycle has caliper brakes.
  • It has an alloy lever and a 26-inch wheel size.

Pros of Hercules Kids Bicycle:

  • This Hercules 26T mountain bike is ideal for 12-year-old boys.
  • This cycle is equipped with a mudguard.
  • This 3.0RF 26T cycle has a rigid steel fork.

Cons of Turbodrive Rocky 3.0

  • This cycle is non-geared.
  • Not good for uphill riding.

Our Verdict:

Hercules is a fantastic brand whose main goal is to provide young people with long-lasting, fashionable bicycles. And this Hercules 26T mountain bike is the best bicycle for 10 year old boy in India as well, which will provide a hassle-free and comfortable ride for children to school or their friend’s home.

It is an affordable hybrid cycle for younger boys, available with non-slippery pedals and a comfortable handlebar, which will provide full control to the rider, so they can ride freely without any fear of unwanted accidents.

7. Hero MIG RS Non-Gear Road Bike: Cycle for 12+ Years Unisex Kid

Hero MIG RS 26T review

The Hero MIG RS 26T is the top-class cycle available on the market with amazing features. It has a 24-inch wheel size and is designed with an adjustable stand and rigid fork suspension. It has a PU foam saddle for extra comfort during riding. If you are looking for a single-speed cycle with extra features, then the Hero MIG RS 26T is a bike that has an amazing look and decent features with more durability.

Special Features of Hero MIG Kids’ Bike:

  • It is a single-speed cycle best suited for a 10 year girls as well.
  • This cycle is designed with wired brakes.
  • It has a rigid suspension with a frame size of 18 inches and a 26-inch wheel size.
  • It is a road bike available with a chain cover, which makes it ideal for regular riding.

Things we liked about Hero MIG 26T

  • This cycle is designed with side handlebar ends to protect it while it falls.
  • It is available with anti-skid pedals, which will maintain the grip while pedalling.
  • The frame is made of premium-quality steel, which increases its durability.
  • It is designed with anti-slippery tires.
  • This cycle is offered with a metal mudguard.
hero MIG RS 26T detailed review

What we did not like:

  • There is no gear available in this cycle.

Our Verdict: This cycle is amazingly designed with anti-skid tires for better and smoother cycling. The frame of this bicycle is made of high-quality steel, which makes it less prone to damage and helps the user maintain its condition for a longer period. The Hero MIG RS 26T is best for daily and fast riding and is available at an affordable cost.

Video on Top 5 Cycles for 12-Year Old Boys and Girls in India in 2022

Buying Guide: Things to Consider While Buying a Bicycle for a 12 Year Old Boy in India

Want to buy the best cycle for 10-12 year old boys in India? Then see this guide. It will help you to buy the best size cycle for your kid’s size.

1. Order the right size cycle:

When you want to have a bicycle, parents usually insist on buying the bigger size, which is quite hard to ride. Parents usually buy bigger sizes because they don’t want to buy cycles again and again for their kids, but they do not realize that an oversized bicycle can hurt their children. Always buy a cycle that is best suited to the age of the child with the best guidance. Know here the Kids’ bike size chart.

2. Always purchase a high-quality cycle

The majority of bicycle brands available in India sell steel cycles, which are quite heavy and difficult for most children to ride. If you’re shopping for a bike for your 12-year-old son, go for one made of high-quality steel or a lightweight model.

3. Geared or non-geared cycle

If your child is a pro at cycling, then it is best to buy a geared cycle for 10 year boys, but if he is a learner, then it would be better to buy him a single-speed cycle to properly learn balancing, turning, and braking. You can give him a geared bicycle once he has mastered cycling.

4. Always select the right size wheel cycle

The common mistake made by parents while buying a cycle is the frame size and wheel size. They can’t choose the perfect wheel size cycle for their child and it can be a waste of money. If your child is over 12 years old, then you should always choose a cycle whose wheel is 24 and 26 inches in diameter.

5. Always check brakes

When it’s to purchasing a bicycle, brakes play an important role. Check whether the brakes are disc or wired, and whether the brakes are comfortable to handle for your child or not.

  • Always try to buy a bicycle that is equipped with the minimum number of features. Most people want a bike with dual suspension, but it is recommended that you buy a bike without suspension.
  • Gear is only required if your child can ride longer distances; otherwise, a non-geared cycle is ideal for 12-year-old boys and girls.
  • Always check if the bicycle is equipped with important accessories like a side stand, mudguard, and bell. The most budget-friendly bicycle comes without these accessories. If you are investing your money, then you should always look for these categories in the bicycle that you are going to have for your child.

FAQs: Best Bicycle for 12 Year Old Boy in India

Q1. Which brand cycle in India is best for a 10-year old boy?

There are many famous brands of cycles available for 10 year old boys in India, but the Hero and Hercules brands are the most well-known in India, which provide amazing cycles for a 10-year-old boy with lots of features equipped in the cycle.

Q2. What wheel size bicycle is good for a 12-year old boy?

The 24-inch and 26-inch wheel sizes are best for 12-year old boys. You can choose anyone from the list according to your budget and can give the best gift to your child.

Q3. Which gear cycle is best suited for a 12-year old Kids?

According to us, it is always suggested to buy a non-geared cycle for a 12-year old boy because it is the initial stage where your child is learning to maintain balance, turning points, and brakes. If he is a pro at cycling, go for the non-gear bicycle.

Q4. Which bicycle is best for 12-year-old kids in India?

There are an uncountable number of bicycles available for a 12-year-old boy in India if you search randomly, but choosing the best can always save your day. The Caya fueled cycle is considered to be the best bicycle for 12-year-old boys in India and is equipped with amazing features with a wheel size of 24 inches.

Q5. Where can you buy a bike for a 12-year-old Child?

It’s your choice. You can purchase it in a shop or if you don’t have time and want the best cycle for your kids, then order it online after checking all the details about the best bicycle for a 12 year old boy in India.

Q6. Which is the best bike under 10000 rupees in India for a 12-year-old boy?

The Hercules Rocky 26T mountain bike is the best bicycle under 10,000 for 12-year-old boys in India, which is brimming with amazing features and qualities.

Conclusion on The Best Bicycle for 10-12 year Old Boys in India

In conclusion, we can see that the bicycles available with 24-inch and 26-inch wheel sizes are the best and most well-maintained cycles for 12-year-old kids in India. While most people are not comfortable with a single-speed cycle, as a beginner, the single-speed cycle is best, and for 12-year-old girls, it is more important because at this age they have to learn more about balancing, turning, and braking.

While these cycles will prevent them from having unwanted accidents because they are designed only for them by considering their age and maturity, These bicycles are affordable, easy to handle, and indulged with amazing features. All the bicycles in the above-mentioned list will give your boy a happy and comfortable ride without hurting them.

However, there are lots of hybrid cycles available for adults too, which will help them to shed their calories without investing in the gym, and they can lead a healthy life by cycling only. So, what are you waiting for? Check the list and order your dream bike at an affordable price.

Please let us know in the comment which of the above bicycles you liked the most and which cycle you bought for your children?

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