Gear Vs Non-Gear Cycle: Major Differences, Pros & Cons | Which is Best?

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There are so many bicycle options available in the market and we do not know, what to choose from. The people around us like our friends and relatives try to impose their suggestions on us. Why take so much headache and pressure? We are here to tell you the difference between gear and non gear cycle.

There is always a conflict on which one to buy gear or a non-gear bike. We are here to give you the right advice by mentioning the facts and then leaving you to decide and letting you choose the best for you.

We also cover the topics like advantages and disadvantages of gear and gearless cycles and how gear or gearless bicycles are going to help you and some frequently asked questions in the end to give you all the clarity you need.

To find out what we have got and how we can help, keep reading and find out by yourself.

What is a Gear Cycle? Pros & Cons Explained

what is a geared bike

Avoiding all the technicalities let me explain to you in very simple words the phenomenon of gear cycles. You can understand it like this, they are somewhere between a non gear bicycle and a motorcycle which is commonly known as a bike here.

A few extra gears are installed in them to make our experience better and increase their efficiency in different places as per the requirements.

Everything in this world has some advantages and disadvantages. So to give an idea here is a list for you to decide better.

Advantages of Gear Cycle Over Normal Cycles

1. Gear Bicycles are easier to cycle in the uphill region

As you already know that there are gears present in them which help us to make our movements easier and avoid such problems. These cycles are best if you love uphill cycling and they can really make the experience easier.

Also, It can work best with senior citizens who do have not that much strength left or someone with all these physical conditions that restrict them to do any tough physical activities.

2. Bicycles are eco-friendly

If you are someone who needs to travel larger distances to go to work or something you can avoid motorbikes and use these instead. They also help you to move faster, take less time to help you get somewhere and also a very good benefit to the environment.

3. Geared Cycles are designed perfectly as per your need

Suppose you are riding your cycle on a flat road and then there comes an upward-slanting road ahead. Generally, if you had been on a gearless bike you would have to charge yourself up and put in extra effort to pass that road. But here all you have to do is to change the gear as per your need. Keep pedalling, It is that simple.

Disadvantages of Geared Bicycles

1. Gear Cycles are not good for children

There must be so many questions in your mind regarding gear cycle vs non-gear cycle and you might also be thinking that it does not make any sense. But before jumping to any conclusions. Read this entire article.

See, gear cycles provide ease in travelling from one distance to another and that is suited for larger distances and people with physical conditions. But as a kid, they are really young and doing lots of physical activities throughout their day eventually helps them to grow. So, we should encourage them to do more physical activities not avoid them. So we should not encourage gear cycles among children.

2. Geared Bicycles are more expensive than normal bicycles

It was obvious though, wasn’t it? They have to be a bit costlier or else the company would not survive. Of course, Geared bicycles have some extra components which increase the cost of making them and eventually increase their price in the market.

3. Geared Bikes need high maintenance

If they are providing you with more advantages and all the extra components involved that make your life and work easier, they would also need to be maintained like that and that is the reason they are very high maintenance.

You must ensure the pressure of air in the tyres, whether the chains are lubricated or not because they should not be or else you will face problems riding them. So a few more extra things like these need to be assured to maintain them.

What is a Non-Gear Cycle? How is It Different from Gear Cycle?

how non geared cycles are different from gear cycles

As the name suggests it is a cycle without gears and has a one-gear ratio. In simple words, it means that the speed generated depends on how much faster you have paddled. The speed depends on paddling whether slow or fast.

It is very much different from gear cycles in terms of looks, performance and maintenance. The gearless bicycles are simple and do not have as much complexity as the geared ones. The type of speed that a gear cycle provides without much effort is much more than a gearless one.

Now to have a clearer idea we will now see how many types are the gearless cycles available in the market.

Types of Non-Gear Bicycles

1. Regular cycles

The normal cycles that we have been looking at since birth are the regular bicycles which are not geared. It can be just recognized just by the sight. Upon reaching a certain speed, you can cruise on this bicycle for a while because the back wheel is not attached to the pedals. In addition, You can also use this when you’re riding downhill and don’t have to pedal because gravity assists.

2. Fixed wheel cycles (Fixie Bicycles)

Fixed wheel cycles or also known as fixie bikes. There is a hard connection between the pedals and the back wheel on these bicycles. As a result, you can only move your bicycle by pedalling. 

Generally, such types of bikes don’t have brakes, speed is controlled by pedalling only. Cycling events held indoors typically use these bicycles. The bikes can also be used for exercise by experienced riders. 

Do keep in mind, though, that the experience of riding a Fixie bicycle is a completely different experience from riding a regular bicycle. You should not ride such kinds of bikes in public places if you don’t have sufficient experience in riding them.

Advantages of Gearless Cycle

1. Gearless bicycles are very affordable

They are pocket-friendly i.e., they cost lesser than a geared bike. They are less in price which makes them easily affordable to the lesser financially independent segments of society.

2. Normal Bicycles (Gearless cycles) are easy to maintain

As they do not have so many components built in them as the gear cycles require minimum maintenance and they are good to go.

3. Gearless bicycles are suitable for kids

As mentioned earlier the gear cycles were not so suitable for kids because they did not use their capacity to do the activities but these cycles are the best to enhance their experience and their physical activities. Don’t worry we have already found the best gearless cycle for kids.

Cons of Non-Gear cycle

1. The speed of a non-gear bicycle is limited to you

It must have been already clear to you that as there are no gears added and the gear ratio that they have is one it limits the speed. It solely depends on you how much are you being able to paddle and increase the speed as much as you want and slow down as much as you want. Your speed does not depend on any other factors other than you maintaining it.

2. Gearless cycles may cause Injuries

As they are all dependent on your physical strength it is easy to catch up with an injury. It is very injurious and it is very, very important to maintain correct postures to avoid injuries.

3. Not suitable for different types of terrains

It can be very tough for you to climb uphill while changing the terrains. Whether it be climbing uphill or cycling a slightly downhill road. It can result in you increasing and decreasing the speed very fast which can be injurious and bad for your posture too.

Difference Between Gear and Non-Gear Cycle: Which One to Buy?

Non-geared CyclesGeared Cycles
Offers a hassle-free ride therefore, Good for kids to enhance their growth and fulfil the amount of work they should do.Good for senior citizens who have many physical conditions and cannot do many activities.
You need to paddle hard in order to increase the speed.You just need to change the gear and you are good to go with lesser effort.
Maintaining them is not much of a headache and will suit best your busy schedule.Geared bicycles require a lot of time and effort to maintain and take good care of them.

After reading the above-mentioned major points, you have to decide which kind of cycle to go for depending on your need. There is no direct answer to this question about which cycle is the best gear or non-gear, It may vary from person to person. We have mentioned the major differences between a gear cycle and a normal cycle. Make the buying decision wisely.

Is a geared cycle better than a non-geared cycle?

Now, this question can vary as per your situation and need. Many people prefer non-geared cycles because of stereotypes and many people opposed to them prefer geared cycles.

As there are all the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, you can have your choice keeping all the points in your mind. So, there is no point in stating which is better and which is not because all of them have pros and cons.

Major Difference Between Gear and Gearless Cycles: Which Bicycle is Best?

Gear vs Non Gear Bicycle: Which one is Best for Kids?

which cycle is best for kids gear or non gear cycle

Gear vs non gear bicycle for kids? according to the points that I had stated above and keeping in mind the facts of the physical activities that children can do while riding the non-geared cycles is something that we can look the most into.

While all the children these days prefer geared cycles, it can reduce the number of physical activities that they should do. In non-geared cycles, they have to paddle and increase the speed in order to do the right amount of workout they need.

Geared bicycles may be confusing for kids, if they don’t ride the cycle at a good gear ratio then the chain might break. Also, they might be confused about shifting the gears and lose focus while riding so any mishappening can take place.

So, firstly get your kid a non-geared bicycle and when learn the basics and become an expert in riding a gearless bike. Then you can gift your child with a geared bicycle.

Therefore, gearless bicycles are good for kids if your child is new to cycling.

Frequently Asked Questions on Geared Cycle vs Gearless Cycle

Q1. Is a gear Cycle good for weight loss?

Gear cycles are helpful to lose belly weight only when climbing uphill. It will not help if you are going for flat roads. Apart from this, Non-gear bicycles consume more energy while pedalling on hills and bridges which helps you to burn more calories compared to gear bicycles. Still, confused about a complete guide on which cycle is better for weight loss? Gear or Gearless!

Q2. Which cycle is better for long-distance rides?

Of course, In this matter gear cycles would go as the best option. You can use the gears to increase the speed rather than paddling hard yourself. Also, you must follow important cycling tips before heading on a long-distance ride.

Q3. Which bicycle is best for beginners?

I think non-geared cycles will go best for beginners as they will give you control over managing and maintaining the balance. Also, gearless cycles provide a hassle-free ride which is best for beginner cyclists. After mastering it, you can surely move on to the geared cycles where you have to shift the gears according to terrain and then decide the best fit for yourself.

Difference Between Gear and Non gear Cycle: The Conclusion

It is never a bad decision to try new things and then test what suits you the best. In the case of geared and non geared cycles according to the budget and your physical conditions, you may decide to go with whatever choice you make.

But if you want to make the best choice for yourself. I think the work has already been done. The article would have been able to help you find it.

Thanks for being with us till the end of this article, I hope you liked this blog article on the difference between non gear and normal cycles. Please let us know if you have any doubts regarding this or if we have missed something in the comment section below.

Do share this comprehensive article with your friends who love cycling. Stay tuned!

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