5 Best MTB Under 25000 in India 2022: Type of MTBs and Benefits of Mountain Biking

Selecting a perfect mountain bicycle under 25000 in India is a hectic and time-consuming task. Don’t worry, We will provide you with the best MTB under 25000 in India if you want to ride with pride!

As you all know, that mountain biking is basically a sport that first came into existence in America in the year 1970. That sport has also been seen in many movies where the actors enjoy riding their mountain bikes. And this sport eventually gave rise to MTBs as many people developed an interest in cycling.

In these times, this sport has become way too popular across the world where people prefer mountain biking to explore wildlife.

Suppose you have any plans to invest in mtb but don’t know how much. In that case, this article is especially for you as you will get to know about the basics of mountain biking along with the Best Mountain bikes available in Amazon India for under 25000 rupees.

So, continue reading this article to unfold various interesting facts about this mountain bike. And I assure you that in the end, you will be fascinated to have one and experience the adventure of mountain biking in India to explore wildlife.

Before proceeding further, let’s know about the basics.

What is a Mountain Bike (MTB)? Explained

A mountain bike also known as a mountain bicycle (mtb) in India especially projected for all-terrain cycling. Mountain Bikes are also termed as “All Terrain Bicycles’ or “All Terrain Bikes” and are abbreviated as ATB. Though mountain bikes possess certain similarities with other bikes it has been modelled to enlarge resilience and performance on rough surfaces.

MTBs come in different colours and provide you with much comfort, protection and a wide range. So there is no need to purchase anything else if you have MTBs.

These mountain bikes have wide knobby tires which help to hold the grip on rough surfaces. The spokes of the wheels are made much stronger as compared to hybrid and road bikes so that they can provide more comfort during rough riding and the rider finds it easy to face all the obstacles.

Purpose of an MTB (Mountain Bike)?

Mountain bikes are generally designed for riding on mountain tracks, fire roads and other rough surfaces. Many tracks consist of hard rocks, and log piles but mountain bikes are capable to handle all types of terrains very nicely. These bikes have been designed to provide you with fascinating adventures through muddy tracks.

MTbs have been built especially for use on mountain tracks, uneven surfaces and single tracks. The terrain consists of dirt and filth along with steep slopes. This bike is light in weight and moves fast uphill. The handlebars of mountain bikes help the riders to adjust handling very smoothly and provided comfort on steep tracks.

Advantages of a mountain bike: Health benefits of mountain biking

The Mountain bike possesses various advantages that make them different from other bikes.

  1. Mountain bikes proved beneficial when it comes to health. Riding this bike helps to reduce the chances of diseases and strengthen your immune system.
  2. You may feel tired after riding this bike, so it will provide you with the peaceful sleep that you need at night.
  3. Mountain biking has allows to develop strong bonds and make new friends as it offers to have a ride with people or groups. So you have the chance to socially interact with people.
  4. The best way to enjoy nature is to go out on a ride on your mountain bike. When you spend more time outdoors, you will fall in love with the natural habitat.
  5. Mountain biking burns a lot of calories because it consumes more energy, hence regular mtb riding helps to lose weight.

These bikes have been prepared to keep in mind your needs. When you know what you want from a bike, you will be able to grab the best one for your mountain rides or trips.

Who should buy a mountain bike and why?

Mountain bikes will never disappoint you, whether it be riding on rough tracks or roads. You will always enjoy your ride. Mountain bikes have been made to provide you with the best comfort and safety when you are going mountain biking. These bikes are meant to fulfil the needs of the athlete by providing them with the comfort they require. Any beginner or cyclist can also prefer a mountain bike depending upon his needs and the kind of trail they want to ride.

Types of Mountain Bikes: What Kind of MTB to Buy?

types of mountain bikes

There are different types of mountain bikes available based on different tasks to perform. So let’s know briefly about different types of bikes and their features so that you can easily decide which one suits you the most.

1. Cross Country MTB

These bikes are preferred much as racing bikes. It covers the terrain as faster as possible. Their demand has increased over the years due to their faster speed, lightweight and capability. They are made of carbon fibre and tend to climb hills efficiently. You can purchase this bike if your main motive is riding fast and you are not concerned about getting comfort. 

2. Trail Mountain Bike

These bikes have also gained popularity as they can be used almost for everything. This bike consists of wide handlebars to control speed providing the rider with great confidence. You can prefer buying this bike if you want to ride all the trails and your focus is not on racing.

3. Down Country Bike

These bikes are new to this category which is a blend of Cross Country and Trail bikes. The riders who need a fast, multifaceted bike for various terrains, this bike is the correct choice.

4. Enduro Mountain Bike

Enduro bikes are used for long travelling purposes and travel much faster downhill. Its parts are designed in a way that you can undergo long days of racing much more easily. You can skip this bike if you want a playful bike because it is suitable if you want to race or love racing with your friends.

5. Downhill Mountain Bike

These bikes are about going down tracks very much faster as the name suggests. The main focus of these bikes is to go downhill. These bikes have the capability to deal with all kinds of rough trails around. Downhill Bike is designed with rough geometry and tough parts to let you go down a hillside much safer and faster than you think. You can get this bike if you have a deep interest in downhill.

6. Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bikes have been designed for off-road trails. These bikes contain all the components of classical mountain bikes with the spice of technology. These bikes consist of a battery ad motor to help you deal with rough mountain terrain. You can opt for an electric mountain bike if you want a fun ride and enjoy your favourite spots but remember that these bikes are not allowed everywhere.

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in an MTB of 25000 in India?

Mountain bikes have become way too popular and their demands are increasing worldwide. If you want to purchase a mountain bike worth INR 25000, then it is surely a good option as many best mountain bikes are available in India within this range. These bikes prove best for people who want to explore the outskirts of the city.

If you don’t have that much budget, don’t worry we have also covered the best mountain bikes under 15000 in India. These bikes are also best out of best, go and check them out.

There are many offline stores in the market and even online that are providing the best mountain bikes within your range. So after a deep analysis and to make your work easy, I am here to suggest to you the best mtb cycle under 25000.

Review of the Top 5 Best MTB Under 25000 Available Online in India

1. Firefox Bikes Unisex Viper 26T MTB

firefox bicycle unisex viper mountain bike

Firefox Viper is one of the best mountain cycles by Firefox around 25000 on amazon. And as you know, Firefox is an Indian company which is popularly known for its premium bicycles since 2005.

Frame material is made from aluminium which makes this lightweight mtb on our list. You can use this bike for casual city riding along with mountain biking. This mtb comes with a wheel size of 26 inches with premium quality wide tires and 15 inches aluminium frame.

This combination is perfect for the 12+ years riders having a height of 5’4’’ to 5’8’’ feet. You must choose this mtb if your height is below 6 feet and have a budget of 25000.

Firefox Viper is equipped with premium quality components such as Shimano Tourney RD & FD and Shimano EZ fire shifters. Also, both side dis-brakes for instant braking, dual wall alloy rims for more strength and quick release saddle for easy height adjustment.

firefox bicycle frame size chart

Key Features of Firefox Viper 26T MTB

  • Firefox Viper has an alloy frame along with disc breaks for powerful braking.
  • It consists of double wall rims for extra strength.
  • The saddle of this bike is quite adjustable with a quick-release function.
  • This mtb cycle is delivered in 85% assembled condition. Allen key and spanner along with the detailed instruction manual is given in the box for easy assembling.
  • It’s a multispeed (geared) mountain bicycle with a 21-speed gear combination.


  • Firefox Viper mtb has a lifetime warranty for frames and 6 months for components.
  • Accessories like a side stand and reflectors are also provided with the bicycle for free.
  • The first service (bike tuning) is free for this mtb.
  • Firefox bicycle brand provides good customer support after sales.


  • Mudguard is not available for free with this bike.
firefox bike unisex viper mountain bike

Our Verdict

Firefox Unisex Viper 26T is suitable for beginners or new cyclists who are looking for an affordable mountain bike with good features. It provides more value than the money invested in this mtb. This bike is way too fascinating for daily rides. You can get this mtb under 25k on Amazon India.

2. Ninety One Kamet 27.5T Mountain Bike

ninety one kamet 27.5 mtb

Kamet 27.5T is a perfect mountain bike under 25000 which is manufactured by Ninety One Cycle Brand. Primarily, This bicycle brand focuses on the safety and protection of its bike riders.

Ninety One Kamet features an aluminium frame of 18.5 inches and 27.5 inches wheelbase which has a strong set of rims and premium quality nylon tyres with high grip. It’s ideal for 12+ years of riders.

Also, For Braking and Safety, It is equipped with mechanical disc brakes at both ends for powerful braking, and front & rear reflectors for good visibility during night rides. It has top-quality world-class components.

Kamet 27.5t is geared mtb which has a 21-speed gear, Shimano Drivetrain, Shimano derailleurs and Shimano gear shifters are used in this mountain bike. Well, Shimano is a trusted brand for gear parts in India as well.

This is one of the most comfortable MTBs available in India under 25000 as it also has front suspension with lock and lock-out features.

Special Features of Ninety One Kamet 27.5T

  • This mountain bike is light in weight and suitable for bad roads across the city.
  • The main focus of this mountain bike is safety comfort and resilience.
  • The size of the wheels is 27.5 inches and the size of the frame is 18.5 inches.
  • 2.1’ wide mtb tyres have been used which provides high traction on kind of terrains.
  • Kamet 27.5t has an ultra-light and sturdy aluminium alloy frame which makes this mtb very lightweight.


  • It has a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on other bike components, Just register your bicycle on the wynd app.
  • It’s very comfortable, unique, and attractive mtb because of its amazing features.
  • This mountain bike can be assembled in 30 minutes because it is already 90% assembled in the box. You will get the Allen key and spanner for self-assembling.
  • This bike is suitable for schools, tuition, daily work, trekking and leisure biking.


  • Accessories like side stands, mudflaps, bells and bicycle locks are not available with the bike.
  • Only one colour option is available.

Our Verdict

Ninety-One Kamet 27.5T is suitable for children above the age of 12 years. This mtb has got everything that a mountain bike should have such as front Suspension with lock and lock-out features, dis-brakes, hardtail mtb, premium tyres, 27.5 inches aluminium wheels, alloy frame, 21-speed Shimano tourney gear sets. I highly recommend this mountain cycle which you can buy for under 20000 in India.

3. Geekay Spartan 26T (Best geared mtb under 25000)

geekay spartan 26 inch bicycle

Geekay Spartan is the best mountain bike having high-quality wheels for precision. This bike has two wheel size options first is 26 inches and the second is 27.5 inches. See the bicycle size chart for your size.

It’s a multispeed mountain bicycle which you can buy for under 25000 in India having 21-speed gears. Always select a geared MTB because gear combinations help better while uphill riding.

Also, Geekay Spartan is specially designed to rule any road easily as it has an Aluminium alloy frame of 17 inches which is very lightweight and aerodynamically designed to reduce air friction and hence increase the speed while riding on the roads as well.

For safety purposes, superior quality double disc brakes are provided for powerful and quick braking. Also, it has 2.4 inches wide tires that maintain high traction on all kinds of surfaces.

It’s a hardtail mtb under 25k in India, therefore it has got front suspension with lock and lock-out features so that you can experience the features of a hybrid bike on the roads.

Once you have Geekay Spartan 26t mtb, You will get a wonderful experience while mountain biking in India for sure.

Let’s have a look at the bicycle frame size chart in India.

Key Features of Geekay Spartan MTB: 

  • It provides a smooth edge over rough surfaces and great stability because of its wide tyres.
  • Frame material is made from aluminium which makes this a lightweight mtb, hence speed increases while mountain biking or riding on the roads as well.
  • The bike consists of an alloy frame which helps to reduce air friction and hence increase the bike speed.
  • It comes in 2 different sizes for riders standing between 5’4″ and 6’2″ tall, and its frame has a lifetime warranty.


  • Geekay bicycle brand gives a lifetime warranty on their frame.
  • This mtb is available in four amazing colour options.
  • It has two wheel sizes available for different height riders (26t and 27.5t)
  • Saddle height can be easily adjustable at any time without any tool because it has a quick-release seat height adjustment option.
  • The bike when delivered is 92% assembled. You need to assemble the handle, pedals and front wheels according to the instructions given. So enjoy your ride!


  • Accessories like a side stand, cycle lock, mtb fenders and water bottle holder are not included with the bicycle.
  • It does not have a warranty for bike components.
geekay spartan 26 inch bicycle features and reviews

Our Verdict

Geekay Spartan is the most popular and demanding mountain bike among riders. As this mtb provides safety & comfort, is well suited for Indian roads and has a stylish design, can be easily assembled at home in 30 minutes. Also, It is low-maintenance mtb even if it is a geared mountain cycle. You should consider this bike if you want the perfect and best cycle under 25000 in India.

4. Omobikes Alloy 29T Geared MTB

29 inch OMO bike

Omobikes Alloy 29T is another best mountain bicycle for men and women available in the market. Its high-quality suspension ensures comfortable rides even on the worst tracks. This bike comes with a 60mm front suspension that will provide you with smooth riding on uneven or broken roads including mountain roads and terrains as well.

It has a large size wheelbase i.e., 29 inches which ensures stability, and comfort on rocky surfaces, and provides very good speed while mountain biking. The rider cannot demand any other thing if he has this one!

The aluminium frame of 18 inches has been used to make this mtb lightweight so that any rider can easily handle this mtb on any kind of terrain. The 18-inch bicycle frame is suitable for 13+ riders having a height between 5 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 2 inches.

It is one of the best-geared mountain bikes under 25000 in India, which is equipped with the gear parts of Shimano Company. Shimano tourney gear has 21-speed gear options which provide an amazing experience while shifting gears.

29 inch OMO bicycle

Key Features of Omobikes Alloy 29T

  • The size of the tyre is 29 inches and the frame size is 18 inches which is a great combination for tall mtb riders.
  • This mountain bicycle is a good option for long rides and urban roads as well.
  • You will get this bike 90% assembled. Front wheels, pedals and handlebars need to be assembled manually, you will get the tools along with the bicycle. Tighten each nuts and volts before riding.
  • For powerful and instant braking, dual disc brakes are provided with this mtb.
  • Accessories like mudguards, reflectors and side stands are provided with the mtb for free.
  • It has anti-skid alloy pedals with reflectors which help a lot while mountain biking in wet weather conditions.


  • This mtb has 2 years of warranty for the frame and 24×7 customer support.
  • There is also a chain cover which is very good for ladies & girls.
  • A deep blue frame and black wheels make this mountain bike look alluring.
  • Thanks to its excellent geometry and design, this mountain bike is the lightest on the market.
  • The seat of the bike is way too adjustable and provides you with the perfect riding posture.


  • Accessories like cycle lock, water bottle holder and lights should be provided at this price.
  • Only one colour option is available.
  • Not good for short-height riders.

Our Verdict

This mtb from Omobikes is very much suitable for men, women, adult boys and girls who are above the age of 13 years with a minimum height of 5.6 feet to 6.2 inches being the maximum. This is one of the best mtb under 20000 in India which has Shimano Accera derailleur and Shimano tourney shifters. Each and every part of this mountain bike is of premium quality. So, Go and grab this elegant Alloy frame 21-inch mtb.

5. NINETY-ONE Madrid 27.5T (Limited Edition MTB)

91 madrid 27.5 inch bicycle

Another mtb from Ninety-One Bikes i.e., Madrid 27.5T is a limited edition bike from the bicycle brand Ninety-One Bikes. This is one of the best mtb which you can ride on mountainous terrain and also on all types of roads. This bike can be categorised as ATB (all terrain bike).

It has an 18.5 inches aluminium frame which is coloured white and yellow. Due to the aluminium alloy frame, it is very lightweight mtb. Therefore, it gives great stability while mountain biking.

Madrid 27.5T is amazing mtb with 21-speed Shimano gear parts, very popular and the premium model Shimano Accera TY 500 is used in this Mountain bike for an excellent riding experience in the heart of nature (mountains).

It has dual wall rust-free alloy wheels (rims) which come with DSI Hight traction Nylon grip tires which are 27.5 inches in diameter and 2.2 inches wide.

It consists of a front suspension (Zoom 80mm)  with a lock-in & lock-out feature to prevent bumps and uneven surfaces. Also, It has dual disc brakes for instant and firm braking.

Ninety one madrid 27.5 inch bicycle size chart

Extra Features of Madrid 27.5T MTB

  • The maximum rider’s weight is allowed till 100kg.
  • The suitable height for riding this mtb is between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 3 inches.
  • The Lock-in and lock-out feature of the front suspension of this bike helps a lot while riding on smooth roads. Ride with Pride!
  • Shimano gears offer smooth gear shifting and a great experience on any terrain.
  • The handlebar is raised, so the rider maintains a good mountain biking posture.
  • The Saddle is very much comfortable for mountain biking experience. Also, you can adjust them as per your height without using any tool because it has a quick-release option.


  • Attractive frame design for protection and resilience.
  • This bike ensures efficiency and proves to be your best companion while mountain biking in India.
  • It proves to be a great eye catcher and looks good with spokes light during the night.
  • One of the best features of this bike is that it is extremely light in weight.


  • No Accessories are provided with the MTB, You have to buy them separately.
  • Not suitable for short riders.

Our Verdict

We recommend this mountain bicycle to beginner cyclists who want to start mountain biking as well. You will get everything delivered with this MTB. As this is a limited edition of the brand, only a few bicycles are left, so hurry up guys. Original Shimano spare parts have been used, and excellent front suspension. Overall, It’s the best mtb under 25000 in India.

How to Buy a Mountain Bike for under INR 25000 Online in India?

There are various factors which may influence your buying decision. Online retailers provide you with a wide range of variety of choices. Even manufacturers are there to directly sell the bicycles through their websites. But first, you need to make a choice about what you want and then take the next step.

In a local bike shop, employees are available to guide you to choose the right bike for you. But this is not the case online. You can get help from the customer’s reviews and the guides as well.

The next thing you need to do is to assemble your bike and be sure to have a safe ride in case you are going to order your bike online. So, you can purchase your favourite mountain bike from various sites or apps available online by following simple procedures.

What other things do you need to get started?

Once you have made your decision to buy a mountain bike for yourself, your task does not end here as you require several things to become trail ready.

  1. Preservation: The most crucial thing you require is a good quality helmet for your mountain bike. Helmets protect the riders during their trial in case of any severe accident. Always wear a helmet while mountain biking. You can prefer full-face helmets or best endure helmets according to your needs.  For extra protection, use knee pads under your trousers.
  2. Pedals: You need to think about the best mountain bike pedals for yourself. If you are a beginner, then you can go with flat pedals or SPD-style pedals as they assure more security and effectiveness.
  3. Tubeless Tyres: Tyres of good quality are really important for your mountain biking. Low-profile tyres often suck the filth in muddy situations. You need to upgrade your tyres to make them suitable for your ordinary tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best Mountain Bikes in India under 25000

Do Mountain Bikes support long rides?

There’s no doubt that mountain bikes are meant for long rides so don’t think much. They will provide you with a firm grip over rough and uneven roads. You even have the option to customize mountain bikes according to the topography. And don’t forget that these bikes are durable and are specially signed to stand for long durations of biking.c

Are Mountain Bikes good for city climbing?

Yes, a mountain bike is considered good for city riding because of its brilliant brakes and wide range of gears.  But we cannot consider it the best option because road bikes are much more efficient as compared to mountain bikes for city riding. Also, the tyres of a mountain bike are way too big for road bikes. So you may require more energy to keep yourself moving.

Are mountain bikes more durable than any other bike?

There’s no doubt that mountain bikes are on the top when it comes to durability. There is no bike other than a mountain bike that can provide you with great durability or resilience.  If you have a durable bike, then what else do you want? You have already chosen the best one and can enjoy going through the fields or gravel roads to begin your fun ride.

Conclusion on the Best MTB under 25000 in India

Demand for mtb has been increasing over the years on a massive scale. This even increased more during the COVID pandemic when people felt the need for cycling. These bikes provide you with resilience and are a great way to keep yourself healthy and fit. No doubts that mtb has proved its efficiency many times.

An MTB has been designed to deal with different types of terrain. Due to its gaining popularity, many types of mountain biking like cross country, downhill etc. have been developed.

The more you ride this bike, the more flexible you will become. These bikes have been designed in a way to provide you with the best experience during your rough trail.

I hope you find this article quite informative and that it helped you to choose the correct mtb for yourself within the range of INR 25000. So do let me know about your best experiences with your mountain bike in the comment section below.

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