Top 5 Best MTB Under 15000 in India | Mountain Bikes Reviews that are Worth Buying in 2022

Are you looking for an MTB bike under your budget? If yes, You have landed on the right page. Selecting the Best MTB under 15000 in India is not easy for beginners. So don’t worry! We have sorted it out for you.

COVID teaches us that health is very important and, by keeping this in mind, many people are searching for the best methods to stay fit. There are multiple activities to stay fit, like going to the gym, doing yoga, running, and cycling.

Whether it may be the weekend ride, going to work, or meeting friends, cycling is always considered to be the healthiest way. Whenever you desire to cycle, a good bicycle is a must to fulfil your cycling dream. If you are having doubts about which bicycle is good to buy, then MTBs are best for beginners.

Mountain bikes are best for people who are deeply in love with nature and its unpredictable weather. Mountain bikers always find it pleasurable while cycling in mountain areas.

So what are you waiting for? In this blog post, we will dive into the top 5 best mountain bikes in India which you can buy for under 15000 rupees.

What Size Mountain Bike Do I Need? MTB Size Chart by Height

Do you know what mountain bike size you need? Don’t worry. Let’s understand the meaning of the Bicycle Size Chart.

“The size chart of the bike represents the frame size, not the wheel size”. See the image below:

difference between bicycle frame size and wheel size

Guys, we have got two main components in a bicycle: Frame and Wheels. Both have different sizes. But the wheel size is different from the frame size. Generally, the wheels of an MTB are 26 inches, 27.5 inches and 29 inches. You can choose which fits you the most.

However, having the right size frame is a must. otherwise, you will be uncomfortable while riding or may get injuries from cycling. So the conclusion is Frame of a bicycle is the main factor when selecting the bicycle size. Therefore, Always go through the below-mentioned MTB frame Size Chart:

Bicycle SizeFrame SizeRider’s Height (Feet & CM)
Extra-Small13-14 inch5′ to 5’4″ (152-162cm)
Small14-16 inch5’4″ to 5’7″ (162-170cm)
Medium16-18 inch5’7″ to 5’10” (170-178cm)
Large18-20 inch5’10” to 6’1″ (178-185cm)
Extra-Large20-22 inch6’1″ plus (185cm & above)

5 Best Mountain Bikes Under 15000 in India with Decent Features

There are thousands of bicycle brands that manufacture some of the best MTB cycles in India. If your budget is tight, then here you can check out some great budget mountain bikes in India.

Here are the 5 Best MTB under 15000 for adults in India that you should check if you are going to own a bicycle:

1. Cradiac Voyager 27.5inch Mountain Bicycle for Adults

Cradiac Voyager Mountain Bike Review

The 27.5inch MTB Cradiac for adults has a very good customer rating and is considered one of the best mountain bikes under 15000 due to its amazing frame and perfect wheel size. This cycle has 27.5-inch nylon tyres equipped with double-wall alloy rims.

Framing and design: This mountain bike is manufactured with good-quality steel and has a frame size of 18 inches. This MTB bicycle under 15000 is available with everything that you need to quickly assemble it for your adventurous ride.

Cradiac Voyager 27.5inch MTB Key Features

Brakes and Suspension: This bike has a dual disc braking system that helps the riders stop in a short time. The dual suspension fork of this mountain bike will help tackle severe bumps, so riders don’t need to worry about ups and downs.

Gear & Handlebars: This cycle is designed with a single-speed gearing system that helps the riders enjoy fast cycling on adventurous roads. The wide handlebars of this bike ensure comfortable and easy riding by providing a good grip on the hands.

Size Guide of Cradiac Voyager 27.5inch Mountain Bicycle

Assembling: Cradiac Voyegar is very simple and easy to assemble this mountain bike. You just need to arrange the handlebars, front wheels, and pedals. A spanner and Allen key are provided with this MTB.


  • This Cradiac MTB Bike has 2 years manufacturing warranty.
  • It is a lightweight MTB cycle.
  • Designed with a sturdy frame of 18 inches.
  • The handlebars are quite comfortable and easy to handle.
  • This bicycle is available with a free mudguard and a side-stand.


  • No cons are detected yet.

Final thought: It is an excellent no-gear bicycle under 15000 in India designed with dual disc brakes and MTB wide handlebars. If you own this bicycle, if you face any problems, you will be provided with very good customer service to fix your problems. This cycle is best suited for 5.5–6-inch people.

2. Urban Terrain UT3000 MTB 27.5T

Urban Terrain UT3000 series MTB 27.5T Review

There are lots of MTB bikes under 15,000, but none can beat the performance quality of the Urban Terrain UT3000 27.5T, It is a geared bike with rear suspension, best for adults, which will provide them with a good biking experience without any fear.

Frame and Designing: The UT3000 27.5T MTB bike is designed with a high-tensile aluminium frame that makes each ride smooth in unpredictable weather and rough areas. It has an in-house designed centre that provides defect-free, long-lasting cycling.

Brakes: This bicycle is designed with a front and rear Disc brake system that ensures safe braking on the adventurous road.

Urban Terrain UT3000 MTB 27.5T Ideal Height

Suspension: This MTB bike is designed with a rear suspension that provides comfortable and shock-absorbing cycling and is suitable for all types of terrain.

Gear Shifting Experience: This bike has used Shimano gears with 21-speed combinations. This is the top-notch feature of this mountain bicycle as you can shift the gears smoothly according to the terrain you ride on.


  • It’s best for all kinds of uneven areas.
  • It is built with high-quality tyres and an adjustable PU saddle.
  • This MTB has front and rear reflectors.
  • Free Installation anywhere in India.


  • Don’t come up with a side stand and fenders.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

Final thought: It has a good customer review for its high-built quality and reliability. This bicycle comes with a strong frame and good-quality tyres that will provide amazing traction on every type of terrain. Also, this brand offers 3 months premium plans of the cultfit app for free of cost.

3. Firefox Bikes Unisex Bad Attitude 10, 21 Speed MTB Cycle under 15000

firefox bad attitude mountain bike under 15000

Firefox Bikes Unisex Bad Attitude 29T is a multi-speed mountain bike manufactured with good-quality material with everlasting cycling features. It is one of the best mountain bikes under 15k in India.

Design and Frame: The Firefox Bad Attitude MTB cycle is designed with a premium-quality frame which is 18 inches. It offers amazing features that are easy to manage.

Rims, Brakes, and Suspension: This bicycle comes with an adjustable suspension that is equipped with a shock absorber for a comfortable ride. Also, It has powerful disc brakes(front & rear) with double-wall rims for good strength. It will not easily break under pressure, so you don’t have to worry while cycling in uneven areas.

Key Features of Firefox Unisex Bad Attitude 10T

Seat: This MTB from Firefox Brand comes with a comfortable seat with a triangular-shaped PU saddle that provides excellent comfort during riding.

Assembling: This mountain bike is available with 85% of the components assembled, and the rest of the components assembled at home, you can do this by watching the videos provided by the manufacturers or go the local bicycle mechanics.


  • Mounted with powerful disc brakes.
  • Available with an adjustable front suspension.
  • This MTB bike is designed with a high-quality durable frame.
  • An excellent seat with a PU saddle.
  • It is manufactured with heavy-duty tyres and rims.


  • The paddling system needs a little bit of improvement.
Firefox Bikes Unisex Bad Attitude Sizing Guide

Final Verdict: It is one of the best mountain cycles in India under 15000, which is designed with robust disc brakes, a high-durability frame, and a comfortable seat.

4. Hero Sprint Growler 26T Mountain Bike Under 15000

Hero Sprint Growler 26T MTB Under 15000 Review

The Hero Sprint Growler 26T is a lightweight cycle designed with a hardtail frame that provides amazing structural support. Its amazing construction quality helps the riders explore cycling fun in difficult terrain without inconvenience.

Framing and designing: The Hero Sprint Growler 26T is designed with anti-corrosion paint, which is best for all weather types. With a strong steel frame and 21 speeds, it will provide you with a good experience on all terrains with pleasure.

Brakes and suspension: This mountain bike comes with a strong dual disc brake system and is fitted with a front suspension fork, which will make every ride comfortable and joyful.

Key Features of Hero Sprint Growler 26T

Pedals and saddle: A PU saddle is comfortably attached to the seat, providing better control overriding. It has got anti-skid pedals which give better control over pedals even in wet conditions.

Best for off-road adventures: With its flying mudguard, this cycle is ideal for both urban and off-road adventures.


  • It is available with dual disc brakes for good control.
  • Available with a PU saddle for extra comfort.
  • Shimano gearing system has been installed for a better gearing experience.
  • This cycle is built with a hardtail frame and easy-grip handlebars.
  • Available with light reflectors and vibrant decals.
  • The Hero Sprint Growler 26T comes with a 3-speed freewheel.


  • It’s difficult to easily assemble the Hero Sprint Growler 26T.
What height Hero Sprint Growler 26T is for

Our Verdict: If you are looking for the best MTB under 15000 in India, with dual disc brakes, front suspension, and 17-inch frame size. This MTB cycle is best suited for you because it has all the features that a perfect mountain bicycle should have.

5. Hero Reaction 27.5T 21 speed MTB gear cycle under 15000

Hero Reaction 27.5T MTB gear cycle Review

The Hero Reaction 27.5T is a double-disc brake mountain bike equipped with coil spring suspension and available under Rs. 15000 in India. This cycle is built with a strong steel frame, which enhances its longevity.

Frame and Design: The design of this MTB cycle is perfect and it is built with a good-quality steel frame that makes it look classy and amazing. The matte finish colour of this cycle is top-notch in terms of smoothness and quality.

Gearing Experience: The Hero Reaction 27.5T is designed with Shimano Tourney TZ500 in the front and derailleurs in the rear. The gear shifting is smooth and will provide comfortable riding without lagging.

Steering, Braking, and Suspension: There is a dual disc brake in the front and rear for safe performance on uneven roads. The 680mm wide handlebars help the riders to have good control over the bicycle. The Reaction 27.5 TS suspension fork will provide the riders with a good grip on flat and rough roads.

Size Guide for Hero Reaction 27.5T

Wheel and saddle: The Hero Sprint Pro Reaction is designed with 27.5inches MTB tyres with Spur XCR double-wall alloy rims. It is also designed with a racing PU saddle for a comfortable and stable ride.


  • The Reaction 27.5T is manufactured with a superb-quality steel frame.
  • It is equipped with Shimano EF500 shifters.
  • The Hero Reaction 27.5T is manufactured with a suspension fork.
  • This MTB’s tyres are made of high-quality nylon and are attached to alloy rims.


  • Some users experienced that the suspension performance should be improved a bit for extra smoothness.

Final Verdict: It is an ideal MTB gear cycle under 15000, perfect for flat and urban terrains. This is the best mountain bike for beginners and 172cm-tall people, which will provide a good grip on each ride.

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How to Buy a Mountain Bike Online in India? (Buying Guide)

Not everyone is familiar with what is a mountain and its features, which can help them choose the best mountain cycle under 15,000. Here are some of the important features that buyers need to keep in mind while buying an MTB cycle for themselves.

These are some important factors that need to be considered while buying a mountain bicycle under 15k in India:

1. Choose the right type of MTB bike

The foremost thing that every buyer needs to decide is the type of MTB bike they want to buy. There are plenty of options available for every type of bicycle that is best suited for flat and rolling terrain. We have Hardtail and Full-suspension MTB bikes.

2. Select wheel size according to your height

Mountain bikes are available in three different sizes, which are 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch. The 26-inch wheel size cycle provides good grip and fast acceleration and is best for short riders. The 27.5inch wheel size bicycle delivers very good grip, and faster acceleration, and is perfect for short riders. The 29-inch wheel size cycle has an excellent grip with slow acceleration and is best for tall riders.

3. Rigid suspension fork

This mountain bike has no suspension fork. They are generally affordable and easy to handle. This type of MTBs is no more in the market.

4. Hardtail MTBs are affordable

Bicycles that are only designed with front suspension are considered hardtail bikes. Hardtail bikes are more affordable than full-suspension mountain bikes. Hardtail bikes are more affordable because they have a few moving parts, and riders can lock out the front suspension. That’s why rigid bikes are more desirable and demanding.

5. Full suspension bikes

Full-suspension bicycles are those that have front and rear suspensions. People are more into full suspension bikes because these bikes offer more traction and make each ride joyful.

6. Select the type of brakes

Brakes are the most important factor to be considered while riding a bicycle. There are three types of brakes that buyers need to check before buying a bicycle according to their budget.

  • V brakes: Most mountain bikes are designed with V brakes, which are simple and easy to maintain. But this type of brake is not effective as compared to disc brakes.
  • Disc brakes: Disc brakes are highly affordable and generally available on entry-level mountain bikes. Disc brakes can be handled with a cable that needs timely adjustment when the brake pads take off. And this type of brake needs some maintenance and is better than V braking systems.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes are usually available on high-end mountain bikes. When it’s about stopping, they are amazing. They are expensive and difficult to manage.

7. Select the frame quality accordingly

Four types of frame materials are available, which are aluminium, steel, carbon fibre, and titanium.

  • You can see aluminium frames in most of the cycles. Aluminium-framed bicycles provide good control for riders. They are lightweight and cost-effective.
  • Steel-framed sizes are widely used because they are easy to handle, provide good strength, and are easy to manage.
  • Titanium-framed cycles are a little expensive, and you have to pay a high price to own a titanium-framed mountain bike.
  • Carbon-framed bicycles are convenient to use, and manufacturers can give a desirable frame shape.

8. Select tyres which give high-quality traction

Tyres are the most crucial part to consider while buying a mountain bike because tyres only play a good role in on and off-road riding. Tires are the heartbeat of every cycle. They can comfortably stand in rough areas and can provide a better grip on the surface.

People should always check on the tread. Tread is the rubber material that is used in tyres to provide good contact of the tyres with the surface. As a result, people should always select a mountain bike with high-traction tyres to provide a better grip on the surface.

9. Gear vs Non-Gear MTB Bicycle

You will easily get mountain bikes with gears, which usually range from 0 to 21. Nowadays geared MTBs are in trend and they also have a lot of benefits. Geared MTB bike is very helpful in uphill riding.

You should choose a high-gear mountain bike if you ride on mountainous surfaces. Otherwise, go for non-geared MTB if you ride on flat surfaces.

Pros and Cons of Larger Wheel Size MTB

Big wheel size MTB is always the priority of every rider, but there are some pros and cons that people need to be aware of while buying a larger wheel size MTB.

Pros of Large Wheeled Mountain Bikes:

  • It can easily roll-on impediment.
  • MTBs with larger wheel sizes have better traction.
  • The big wheel size MTB also provides the best grip on the ground.

Cons of 29″ wheel MTBs:

  • The larger-wheeled mountain bikes accelerate slower.
  • It’s difficult to turn around with a larger wheel.
  • MTB cycles with larger wheels need more pressure to slow down.

Pros and Cons of Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are affordable and simple to manage, but they also have some pros and cons that you can keep in mind while buying good-quality MTB cycles under Rs.15000 in India.

Pros of Disc Brakes in MTBs:

  • Disc brakes need less pressure to stop the bicycle.
  • Disc brakes are easy to install and have a cheaper maintenance cost.
  • helps to provide better performance even in wet areas.
  • Instead of replacing the whole wheel, only the worn rotor needs to be replaced.

Cons of Disc Brakes in Mountain Cycle:

  • Disc brakes are costlier than V brakes.
  • Disc brakes need timely service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best MTB Under 15000 Rupees in India

Which brand of MTB cycle is the best?

The Hero, Firefox, and Cradiac brands are the best under Rs. 15000 in India, which provides an amazing riding experience without complications. Their bikes are designed with premium quality frames and tyres, making them perfect MTBs for long distances.

Which MTB brand cycle is the cheapest?

The Leader Xtreme MTB brand cycle is the cheapest and provides good-quality and high-durability mountain bikes under 15000 rupees.

Which gear cycle under 15000 is the best in India?

The Urban Terrain UT3000 is the best gear cycle under 15000 in India, which provides better control to the riders with ease.

Is it safe to ride an MTB bike on the road?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to ride an MTB bike on the road. Mountain bikes are not only built for off-road riding, you can ride them on plain areas.

In Conclusion: Best Mountain Bikes Under 15000 in India

According to us, if you are buying a mountain bike for the first time, you should always check the buying guide. So, you can always get the best MTB bikes under your budget. While all the list of bicycles in this review is the best MTB cycles under 15000 in India.

They are affordable and good-quality mountain bikes that offer better control and experience of off-road riding. However, if you have some extra budget and looking for the best mountain bicycles under 25k then read this.

If you liked this review article on Best MTB Cycles in India, Do share this with your cyclists’ friends. Let us know which MTB bike you found the best for yourself in the comment box below.

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