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Welcome to Cyclingguru.in, Cycling Guru India was founded in 2021 by Bittu Gupta, a passionate cyclist and a fitness freak from India who rides bicycles as an adventure sport and recreation with his cyclist friends. We can be your perfect coach who will guide and motivate you to cycle in India.

What Cycling Guru India Do For You!

If you are already here, that implies you are looking for a bicycle or some cycling tips. And we are here for the absolute reason to help you with it. We are delighted to tell you that our expertise in bicycles has helped many to find their perfect bicycle in India. And we are hoping to do the same for you!

Here, we do research and write blog articles about cycling which will keep you updated about cycling trends in India, cycling tips, help you maintain your bicycle health, repair bicycles at home, and have fun while riding bicycles, and the pros and cons of different bicycles, their components, and accessories, including bells, locks, gears, seats, fenders, bicycle helmets, etc.

We have enough knowledge and experience in Cycling. As We have used and ridden bicycles from Hercules, Hero, Triad, Leader, Urban Terrain, etc., and write reviews, and buying guides to help you get the best one.

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So, we aim to share handy information and recommendations for different bicycles (Road Bikes, Hybrid bicycles, Mountain Bikes, Single-speed and geared bicycles, Folding bikes, Electric bikes, etc.) and their uses from our practical experience.

No matter what your requirements are, whether you intend to go for road biking, mountain biking, touring, racing, commuting and so on. We will assist you in getting your ideal bicycle. Stay tuned!

Bittu GuptaFounder and Editor

Bittu Gupta is the founder and editor of Cyclingguru.in. Cycling is my love, passion and hobby. Since childhood, I have been very passionate about cycling, and till now I have loved to study and research different aspects of bicycles. That passion has led me to build this blog site, where I am the Owner and Editor-in-Chief.

At CyclingGuru India, I share my cycling experience, and cycling tips, and help people to get the best bicycle. I also have a YouTube channel called “Cycling Guru India”, where I make videos about bicycle riding tips and tricks.

Other staff I have, are all enthusiastic about cycling. I love to write about bicycles and most importantly I am “Truly”, “Madly”, and “Deeply” in love with cycling.

bittu gupta cycling guru india

I am available on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Strava and Twitter.

If you have any issues and queries, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

The Mission of Cycling Guru India

We want to educate the people of India that cycling is the best way to maintain personal health along with environmental health.

As per Environmental Performance Index (EPI), India is ranked the 8th most polluted country in the world. This is because of the large number of vehicles running on the road in India which pollutes the environment. So, what can we do to reduce pollution?

We think cycling is the best way to reduce pollution in India. So, are you ready with us to contribute to the environment?

Because Riding a bicycle doesn’t require much physical skill. If you’re new to cycling, it’s best to explore it slowly. You just have to brush up on cycling basics, including proper positioning, knowing the rules of the road, etc. Just follow us, and you will get to learn everything about cycling.

You know, developed countries like Switzerland, France, Denmark, the USA and the UK encourage their residents to use bicycles instead of riding motorbikes or driving cars. CyclingGuru India also expects the same from Indian residents and encourages them.

Therefore, Cyclingguru.in has been created to inspire the people of India towards the benefits of cycling such as:

  • Cycling improves physical and mental health/fitness.
  • Bicycles do not pollute the environment.
  • Riding bikes is friendly as we don’t have to pay for fuel.
  • Cyclists are always healthy and hence never go to the hospital.
  • Riding bicycles are not risky as cyclists have only minor injuries if met with accidents.
  • A cyclist never pays any penalty or challan.
  • Cyclists never buy insurance policies for their bicycles which saves their money.

So, are you ready to get these astonishing benefits of cycling from today? Join us to make our country pollution-free.

Different Ratings of The Products (Bicycles & Accessories)

We understand the psychology of buyers. And we respect their decisions in spending their hard-earned money, may it be on an affordable bicycle. Hence, to relieve you of unnecessary bargaining or stressing over the price, we have categorized the products into three expert ratings. You will likely find these in all of our reviews. Take a look-

  • Best Pick: We include mid-range products in this category. This is more like a combo of the best of both worlds. With an affordable price to stick to and without compromising the quality, you can surely take these products home. These bicycles and accessories have significant popularity among users as well.
  • Premium Choice: If you are not reluctant to put some extra bucks into your desired bicycle, then this one is for you. Everyone knows that great things can come at an extra price. But if you are okay with it and all you need is the best of all, then go for it!
  • Budget Pick: This category will bring forward to you a bunch of bicycles (all types) at a well reasonable price, meeting your necessities as well. But you should be aware not to expect premium quality things out of them.

Apart from these categories, all other products are highly appreciated by experts and general users as well. Not bragging or anything, but yes, we only offer the best!

How We Prepare Buyer’s Guide

All the products you see on the internet may not offer you the claimed quality. Hence, you can only trust the items reviewed by experts or so. 

Therefore, to take on the responsibility of bringing forward to you the finest bicycles, we have taken the toil of hours of research, analysis and comparison to prepare the guidelines.

For instance, when you go to the bicycle store, you ask the professionals there about the bicycle type, frame materials, quality, components, tyres, comfortability, durability and so on.

Hence, keeping that in mind, we have pointed out the necessary guidelines without your need for the hassle to get an understanding of what you actually need.

Don’t worry, our quick and easy reading guides; will save you time and make you aware of the necessities as well. Scroll through the screen rather than going through all the traffic and hassle to get to your favourite stores. So, don’t forget to take a glance over the buyer’s guide after each detailed review content!

Expert Assistance

You cannot trust a product without a professional looking at it. Therefore, we have gathered information, advice and opinions from industry experts before writing the reviews. Hence, when we say something about a specific item, you’ll know it’s said with the experts’ assistance.

Customer Feedback

Lastly, for precise reviewing, we take help from the real world. We gather opinions and feedback from users who have already used the products for a couple of months or so. This second opinion about the products allows us to offer a better understanding of the longevity, pros, and cons of each bicycle and its accessories.

Visiting your city store will not offer you this opportunity! But our expert review team will try their best to let you get inside a product and know most of it with the least hassle.

We are trying our best to give you the best support. But even if you need more information, we’d be glad to help you. Contact us.

Hey Folks, bought a bicycle we talked about in one of our reviews? Let us know about your thoughts, experience and send us pictures of the bike. Your feedback is very important to make our reviews even more precise! Write your review on [email protected]

Voice Of Readers and Riders

Hi, everyone. I have been following CyclingGuru India’s website for 1 year and now I feel that I have developed a good understanding of tips and techniques for riding bicycles. I like the way they explain and review the bicycles and bicycle gears. I just want to say one thing, if you want to be a better or professional cyclist then Cycling Guru India is perfect for them. Check his Instagram Profile!

Pratik Kumar

A student and cyclist

Topics We Cover

Here are some of the main topics that we cover:

  • Cycling Tips
  • Bicycle Maintenance
  • How to Guide on Cycling
  • Health and Fitness tips with cycling
  • Detailed Review of all types of bicycles available in India (under a specific budget)
  • Bicycle Brand Information
  • Mountain Biking and MTBs in India
  • Cycling career option in India
  • Professional Cycling
  • Bicycle and bicycle accessories
  • Electric Bicycle Maintenance Tips, and
  • Other blog informative articles related to cycling.

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