7 Health Benefits of Cycling 15 Minutes a Day: Is it worth Riding?

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We are often told that cycling brings good changes to our bodies if done regularly and correctly. Many times we hear people saying that the time does not depend on the speed and distance covered that matters.

I know you too have got too much information about all these from random people but let us compare the facts and see in this article the health benefits of cycling 15 minutes a day.

What are the changes that cycling can bring to your health, is it suitable or not and things like these? Let us dive right into it.

Is that amount of cycling good enough to be fit?

As we all know that cycling is a great source through which we can start doing some physical activities if we were not doing anything. And it can be continued for a long time increasing the intensity.

Cycling 15 minutes a day can be fruitful for you if you had not been doing any exercise at all. It is very good for improving cardiovascular health and keeps our body parts in perfect motion.

If your speed is high and you are travelling 3 to 5 kilometres in that amount of time you will see additional benefits but it will take time especially if you are a female and want to lose weight.

How will Cycling for 15-20 minutes Make Changes in Our Body?

If you are not in a hurry to make changes to your body and have a very, very busy schedule that it is impossible to make time for your health.

Then, this is the best option for you. You know how unhealthy it is not to work out or involve yourself in any physical activity. Hence, it will prove fruitful for you and improve your overall health and unhealthy lifestyle.

But if you are looking for huge changes in your body let me tell you cycling alone does not help and that too, 15 minutes a day would not do much for that goal. And as compared to men, females have more body fat.

So if you are someone who wants to lose weight and has chosen cycling as an option then you have to invest some time and energy and improve your diet for losing weight.

7 Health Benefits of Cycling 15 minutes a day

There are numerous health advantages of cycling 15-20 minutes and let us look at some of them so that it motivates you to start cycling if you’re not:

1. Cycling keeps us healthy and fit

Cycling every day keeps our body in regular motion helping it to function properly. From the joints to the shoulders to the back, almost everybody’s parts come into use; hence keeping us fit.

2. Improves the strength of our leg muscles

cycling builds leg muscles

As the legs are mostly in use while we are cycling, it provides strength and helps us build muscles with time. The muscles from the buttocks to the foot are connected together and with the movement of them together attention is paid to all the parts.

It improves the quality of strength in our legs if continued for a long time. It is a very good and efficient way to increase the health of our legs and increase their strength and also improve their look.

3. Helps to lose weight and build muscles with time

lose weight by cycling

It is a very proven way to lose weight. But if you want a result fast then you have to give more time to cycling and improving your diet because doing only one thing and then wanting to see an overall growth is impossible.

You have to improve on all the aspects equally. Cycling every 15 minutes will help you lose weight, burn calories and build muscles but it will take time and huge time. If you increase the

intensity with time like if you manage to go 7 to 8 kilometres in that amount of time then you will see results not too fast and not too slow. I think now you get the whole point.

4. Cycling keeps heart healthy

cycling keeps heart healthy

According to Research, It helps our heart feels young always. It keeps our heart healthy with the amount of energy we require for the activity is the minimum energy required to be spent for the heart’s benefit. Many doctors also advise cycling for improving cardiovascular health.

5. Biking has a good effect on our brain

cycling maintains brain health

We go out in the fresh air and mostly when we look at any physical activity as a form of exercise and workout, we prefer to do it in the morning, the fresh air and the sweet light of the sun work as a therapy for the brain. 

It feels so good cycling in the warm and positive atmosphere. It helps us think positively and has a good impact on our whole day. It is highly recommendable to improve the health of your brain.

6. Bike riding helps us make our sitting posture better

Have you noticed people are always advised to maintain correct posture while cycling because the wrong posture makes our back ache and is not much recommendable? Yes, if you know this you are right. This is the case.

And while we build a habit to maintain a correct posture while cycling it helps us maintain the same throughout the day. This helps in the decrement in the pain that we require while sitting and working all day long. It helps us in maintaining a good back and improving the way it looks while we sit.

7. Cycling helps in slowing down the ageing process

biking slows aging process

Did you know that it is a very effective way to slow ageing, if you did not, well, you do now! Yes, and it is the truth. It is logical, don’t you think? If our heart is healthy we are getting our food digested in the best ways, getting blood flow in every part of our body and hence our body parts remain healthy and young.

It is very important to involve yourself in physical activity from a young age and to continue it with time. And I think cycling does and only 15 minutes are required all day long. Quite good a deal, don’t you think?

How Can 15 minutes of Cycling Benefit our Body?

cycling benefits for 15 minutes a day

Cycling per day for even 15 minutes improves posture, gives our heart and brain good health and we are never bored being on the cycle. If we are feeling a bit unwell or not good then we can take our cycle and go out for a ride in the free air making our body and mind feel good.

There are numerous health benefits of cycling every day. It always has a good and positive impact on the body.

The only negative impact can be the muscle pain that we can get but that comes from excessive cycling. So overall it is a very good choice.

FAQs: Health Benefits of Regular Biking 15-20 minutes a day

Q1. Is cycling 15 minutes a day good for you?

Cycling is a great exercise for you to keep yourself healthy and fit. You should ride a bicycle every day even if you don’t have much time because studies have shown that 15-20 minutes of cycling regularly keeps you fit internally (good heart health) and externally (maintain a good physique).

Q2. What do 15 mins of cycling do?

15 minutes of cycling keeps you healthy and fit. Also, cycling boosts immunity which is very important for the human body to fight against covid-19 or any disease like this. Apart from this, you will have a fat-free body, healthy heart, strong legs, you will appear taller, and have a strong brain. Just say thanks to cycling.

Q3. How long should you cycle for benefits?

Cycling benefits us in various ways. If your goal is to reduce weight by cycling then you should cycle for long distances or 45-60 minutes every day. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Cardio exercise is recommended for at least 300 minutes per week in order to reduce weight.

Q4. Is cycling good for belly fat?

Recent studies have shown that cycling is a good exercise for reducing belly fat. You know weight is indirectly proportional to your calories burned. This means, Higher the calories you burn by cycling, the more amount of weight you are going to lose. Around 300 calories are burned in 30 minutes of cycling. Increase your speed and distance to burn more calories. As a result, You will lose your belly fat.

Q5. Is 15 minutes of cycling enough for legs?

15 minutes is a very short and quick time. But in the long run, it is very effective. Cycling is a whole-body workout as it involves each and every part of your body. But the most important activity is pedalling which is done by your legs. Well, 15 minutes are not enough. However, something is better than nothing. You should invest some more time (around 1 hour).

Q6. Can 15 minutes of cycling reduce thigh fat?

According to health experts, cycling (pedalling) involves the movement of leg muscles more as compared to other muscles. So, when you pedal continuously for 1 hour, you are likely to burn 400 calories, which means 100 calories in 15 minutes.

Thus, we can say that 15 minutes of cycling every day will burn 700 calories in a week and 3000 calories in a month. Which will surely reduce thigh fat to some extent.

Q7. How many calories do you burn in 15 minutes of cycling?

Around 75 calories in 15 minutes. According to a Harvard University report, Around 298 calories are burned in 30 minutes of cycling by a 70kg person. It can be increased if the cycling speed is increased. This means the higher the speed (intensity) the more will be calories.

Conclusion (Health Benefits of Cycling 15 minutes a day)

To conclude the overall topic covering the amazing health benefits of cycling 15 minutes per day I would say it is a fair deal. We get to improve the health of the most important organ of our body- the heart. Cycling is often known to improve cardiovascular health.

There are other health benefits also as mentioned above. This was the thing that I wanted to talk about today with you guys.

Let me know how it was and how much you liked it. Also if you want to add or inform about something mention it in the comments below.


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