Is Cycling a Hobby or Sport in India? All You Need to Know

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Cycling is becoming popular in India after the covid-19 Pandemic. However, is cycling a hobby or sport in India is one of the most frequently asked questions.

A hobby of a person can be any activity (singing, writing, dancing) that he/she loves doing in his/her leisure time for happiness and relaxation. Therefore, Cycling can also be a hobby.

You know, cycling is a sport in India just like other games such as cricket and Hockey. Unfortunately, despite being an environment-friendly and economical mode of mobilisation, cycling is not popular in India. Only states like Karnataka and Kerala have taken initiatives to promote bicycling and provided the nation with a maximum number of professional cyclists.

How many of us are aware of the theme chosen for World Bicycle Day this year? World Bicycle day is celebrated on the 3rd of June every year, and the theme for the year 2022 was to celebrate the bicycle’s originality, diversity and endurance being utilised for more than 200 years.

We will discuss in detail how opting for cycling as a hobby or sport in India can be both beneficial and risky.

Is Cycling a Hobby, How?

The term “Hobby” refers to an activity that one does for enjoyment during their free time, typically happiness & enjoyment. A person’s hobbies may vary from collecting themed items and objects to engaging in creative and artistic pursuits to playing sports.

Therefore, Cycling can also be one of the best hobbies for enjoyment. Because it is an outdoor activity that can lead to mental and physical fitness. So, You can opt for cycling as a hobby to maintain physical fitness and health along with enjoyment.

Benefits of Cycling as a Hobby

  • Regular cycling activates all the muscles from top to toe as leg muscles are used for peddling, abdomen and back for stability, and arm muscular system to support the body at the handlebars. 
  • Cycling boosts the immune system by increasing the production of essential proteins and stimulating the white blood cells.
  • It is Budget-friendly for low-income households.
  • Bicycles have zero dependence on fossil fuels resulting in fewer emissions that are warming the atmosphere.
  • It helps in controlling obesity by burning calories. 
  • Cycling releases “feel good” hormones known as endorphins that relax your mind and make you happier.
  • Cycling also helps in curing dangerous diseases such as Stroke, Heart attack, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Arthritis etc.

Therefore, we can claim that Cycling can help in the sustainable development of India as consumption of non-renewable resources will be decreased. The pollution level might go down as well, leading to a healthy breathing environment. We can be a great asset to the development of our country by taking measures to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Disadvantages of Cycling as a Hobby in India:

  • Exposure to pollution: People who ride bicycles in India, can get exposed to carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, and ground-level ozone which can cause various heart and respiratory diseases.
  • Lack of bicycle lanes: There are fewer bicycle lanes in India which are unsafe for beginner cyclists. 
  • Limited travel distance: We can not travel too far away from places and it is also time-consuming. 
  • Subject to weather conditions: The weather condition is the main factor as riding a bicycle in rainy weather might lead to an accident. Chances of getting bullied by fellow drivers on the road.
  • Hit and run cases: It is not safe to ride a cycle as the cases of road raging and irresponsible driving are increasing day by day in India.
  • Lack of security for cyclists: There is no security provided by the government to protect the Bicycle and thus it can be easily stolen.
  • Dangerous condition of roads: The condition of roads in India is very pathetic. You will find more potholes, puddles, and gravel on smooth roads. Not cycle-friendly at all.
  • No governmental support for cyclists: In India, There is not any law to support cyclists.

Should we opt for cycling as a hobby in India?

Cycling as a hobby in India

Cycling is not safe in a country like India because every single day one or other accident is telecasted on television. The government has not provided separate lanes for cycling in India which leads to overcrowding on roads. Owning an expensive vehicle has become an issue of prestige in India, and that is why people who ride Bicycles get bullied. The road condition is not good in India due to which safety issue emerges.

There are many cyclists who are riding in the same condition and promoting cycling in India. You should also take your cycles out, and hit the road as a hobby. Don’t wait for things to get changed, It takes time. Just go and explore the nation while riding your bike outdoor.

Is Cycling a Sport in India? Cycling as a Sport

Is cycling a hobby in India

Cycling is a sport in India and it is a part of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) as per the cycling federation of India. Mahitha Mohan was named India’s best cyclist in 2010.

The cycling federation of India (CFI ) has been promoting cyclist sports in India since 1989. it regularly conducts cycling events and races from time to time. To become a professional cyclist, one has to register and join the cycling federation of India and participate in BRM events.

You can also earn money by becoming an elite cyclist or by opening your own cycling club as well.

Pieces of equipment required for cycling as a sport 

  • Helmet: For the safety of the head in case of an accident. It helps to reduce face and head injuries.
  • Cycling shoe: Cycling shoe has stiffer soles which give better protection to feet while pedalling and offer fatigue and cramping reduction.
  • Gloves: The hand gloves help to hold the handlebar with proper grip.
  • Cycling jacket: – Cycling jacket is used while riding in cold or harsh weather conditions.
  • Cycling Clothes: Compulsory for professional cyclists because it helps to increase speed. It includes a tight t-shirt and padded shorts.
  • Bamboo socks: Bamboo socks are super soft and have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Highly effective to keep feet dry, fresh, healthy and hygienic.

How to Promote Cycling in India as a Hobby or Sport?

The level of air and noise pollution in India is increasing with every passing day. Therefore, cycling must be promoted to preserve the atmosphere.

  • People should use bicycles when they are not travelling too far away places.
  • Children must take part in cycling contests organised by their respective schools. 
  • Eco-friendly camps should be organised to aware people.
  • Government should take action and address this issue on a serious note.
  • Bicycle lanes should be constructed by the responsible authorities.
  • There should a law which regulates the rules and regulations for cyclists.
  • Cyclists of India should feel safe while riding on roads, no one should be bullied.

FAQs on Cycling in India: Hobby vs Sport

Who invented the Bicycle?

Karol von drains, acknowledged as the father of the bicycle made the first major development when he created a steerable, two-wheeled contraption in 1817. Know more…

What are the rules for bicycling in India? 

To obey all traffic rules and stay alert every time. Use hand signals when turning and ride a single file in the direction of traffic.

Will I surely lose weight by cycling?

Yes, you will. but, diet is also important with cycling if you really want to lose weight. So, you must take a healthy diet and do cycling on regular basis to obtain the best results.

Why are little cycling caps used?

The little cycle caps are used to protect the eyes from the sun. You should always wear headgear i.e., a little cap or helmet while riding a cycle.

Who should not do cycling?

People suffering from knee or back injury. The person with asthma also should not ride a Bicycle as the more air they will breathe, the higher the heart rate which can trigger asthma. You should consult your doctor if you are having any serious disease like this.

Conclusion: Cycling as a Sport or Hobby? 

Ensuring the pros and cons of cycling in India, you must choose any of them wisely. Taking cycling as a sport is quite expensive as there is a requirement of a coach, proper dieting and training. You must take it as a sport only if you are financially sound and can afford the expenses to become an elite cyclist. On the other hand, taking it as a hobby is cheap and you can do it for personal growth and fun. The choice is yours!

Thanks for being with us. If you have any queries or if we have missed anything feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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