How to Charge E-Bike Battery Without a Charger? (7 Tested Ways)

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E-Bikes are in trend as this is the best means of commuting. The benefits of Electric Bikes can be availed only if the battery is charged. What if the battery is not charged and you don’t have a charger or your charger is not working for some reason?

What are the alternative ways to charge electric bike batteries without a charger? In that situation, you must know how to charge eBike battery without charger.

Don’t worry! Every problem has got a solution. Keeping that in mind we have found 7 tested ways to charge an E-Bike battery without a charger (only in case of emergency), not recommended to follow these ways again and again.

Read ahead to learn more about some of those ways and tips to charge eBike batteries. But first, let us see the right way to charge an e-bike (battery).

How to Charge an E-Bike Battery with Charger?

The thing you need to do is to follow these few steps and you are good to go so let us get right into it:

Step 1: Battery, that is present in the e-bike, you need to turn it off and then detach it. After detaching it you need to connect it to the power supply.

Step 2: After connecting to the power supply with the original charger you need to turn on the power supply switch.

Step 3: Lastly when you see the battery charging indicator showing the signs that the charge is full, you know what to do. Plug it out and attach it again to the bike.

These were the simple steps that you had to follow and you would be good for a ride. So It is very simple to charge a battery of an e-bike with its charger. Also, you must follow some eBike battery charging tips to maintain ebike battery’s health and increase its durability. Scroll down to read them.

But the main question is how to charge ebike battery without charger and what are the best ways to charge them without a charger. Let’s see.

How to Charge an E-Bike Battery Without a Charger (7 Alternate Methods)

Now, let us jump into the ways to charge electric bike without charger in an emergency (when you don’t have a charger or your ebike battery charger not working) we are so curious about:

Method No. 1: You can charge with a car’s battery

ebike battery charging using car's battery

All the e-bikes out there that you know, most of them use a 12 volts DC removable charger. The battery can be plugged into any receiver that is compatible with it.

If you have a car with a 12 volts DC outlet, you can set the battery of the bike in the car and then you can switch on the ignition and you are good to go.

Method No. 2: Charge using a solar panel

electric bike battery charging using solar panel

This is the best option I could ever think about.! Solar energy is so good and we all know about it pretty well. It is cheap and also very good for mother nature. It does not harm nature and fulfils our needs in the best ways possible.

You can connect the right panel to the inverter and you can connect it to the charger of your e-bike and your work is done. So if someone asks you Can I charge my eBike with a solar panel then say yes.

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Method No. 3: By an alternative battery

If you have ever studied Current and Electricity in physics you must be knowing about the series and parallel ways of connecting the batteries which generate more current than usual.

With the help of these ways of connecting a battery, you may connect it and draw current from the batteries which will help you charge your bike without any problem.

But then again you have to make sure that the current coming out of the battery is compatible with the battery of your e-bike because then only it will be a smooth process. Otherwise, it may harm your e-bicycle battery.

Method No. 4: You can charge it by using your pedal

If your e-bike has the inbuilt feature of charging through the pedals your problem is solved. They use the pedalling technique. Not getting?

Wait let me explain. So, what happens is when you are riding the bicycle I mean your e-bike at that time the kinetic energy (the energy of motion) produced is lost through the heat in the brake pads and the resistance through the wind.

By the method of conservation of energy, some bikes make this thing possible and in a perfect way. They capture the energy and convert it into electrical energy and it charges the battery.

Method No. 5: Charge by a generator

This would have come into your mind even if I didn’t tell you. Yes, a generator. It is a very easy process and mostly when there is a short circuit we often use a generator to draw current so why not charge your e-bike with it?

It is a very easy process to follow to charge your e-bike with a generator. You have to connect the outlet to the battery of the bike. For deeper details, you can watch videos on how to do that because of course, you do not want to mess all these up.

Method No. 6: Charge with a portable charger (Jackery)

battery charging using jackery

Can I charge my ebike battery with a portable charger? Yes, You can use a portable charger of course. With all the methods of technology present in front of our eyes, how can we not consider this? This one is always good when it comes to charging anything in case of travelling or emergencies.

The minimal current needed to charge up an electric bicycle is 15A (amperes) so make sure the charger fulfils the condition, if it does, what are you thinking about, go charge your e-bike easily.

Method No. 7: Charge from a charging station

ebike charging at charging station

Nowadays with the evolution of technologies and with the world growing so fast, most people have found out that there are e-bikes covering the markets. So, charging stations have also evolved to be there for our needs.

You can always opt for them if there are some near your locality or house. One thing to make sure of is that you must check if the charger is compatible with your battery or not. In India, You will find Yulu zones for charging Yulu Miracle (e-bikes).

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7 Ebike Battery Charging Tips for a Long-Lasting and Healthy Battery

One of the key components of an eBike is the battery. If you want to keep it in good condition and shape. So, here are seven electric bike charging tips for long-lasting battery life:

Tip No. 1: Make sure to use the right charger

right charger for charging the ebike battery

Very Important tip to take care of the eBike battery. Always charge the E-bicycle battery with the right type of charger otherwise it may damage the health of the battery.

Most e-bikes have lithium-ion batteries which generally lie between 36v to 48v or 2-7 amperes. And for such batteries has specific lithium-ion chargers which need 110v current.

So, always take advice from the brand customer support in case of any confusion otherwise your battery will go out of warranty.

Note: Most e-bicycle manufacturers provide a warranty (2-5 years) on eBike batteries so in case of any confusion read the instruction manual or contact them.

Tip No. 2: A clean, flat surface is ideal for charging an electric bike’s battery

It seems a very simple tip but I must tell you that it’s very important to keep your battery in a dry place (out of direct sunlight) and on a flat surface otherwise it may fall down and get damaged.

Tip No. 3: Make sure you fully charge the battery before you use it for the first time

Whenever you buy a brand-new Electric bicycle. It is always recommended by eBike brands to fully charge (around 12 hours) their new battery for the first time before heading towards the roads. Why?

Because the initial charge for long hours ensures the current flow through all the cells which is very important for good battery health.

Tip No. 4: Always check the battery level after every ride

You should charge your ebike regularly in order to maintain the health of the battery. Checking the battery level after a ride is as important as you check the battery level before a ride. Never let your battery level be less than 30%, Always remember this tip.

Tip No. 5: Don’t overcharge your e-bike’s battery

You know this quote: “Excess of anything is harmful”. So keeping this point in mind we would suggest you never overcharge your eBike battery if you want to use it for a long time. Overcharging the battery increases the temperature to an extreme level which may cause the battery cells.

So, set a reminder in your phone whenever you plug a charger into a battery for charging so that you don’t forget to disconnect them. In that way, your battery will not be overcharged.

Tip No. 6: Take the Battery out of the Bike to Charge It Every Few Months

Generally, eBike batteries are taken out of the bike for charging But there are some e-bikes which let you charge the battery without taking it out of the bike. It is still recommended that you remove the battery from the bike regularly to recharge it so that all connections can be checked.

Tip No. 7: Make sure the bike’s battery is not empty before storing it away

Last but not least, If you plan to store (2 to 6 months) your eBike because of any reason, check the battery level first. If the battery is low, don’t store it before charging it to full or at least 50% (if running out of time). Because batteries are drained (self discharged) if they are kept idle.

When you follow the above-mentioned eBike battery charging tips, your battery will be in good condition and have a long-lasting life. If you have any questions to ask regarding this, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Conclusion On How to Charge Electric Bike Without Charger

So, here were the 7 tested ways that would help you charge eBike without charger in cases of emergency or even if you wanted to try something new with your e-bike.

Let me know you guys if you tried these ways out and if they worked or not, if they worked how good they were and all. I would love to hear it from you guys. Comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Charge an E-Bike Battery Without a Charger

Q1. How can I charge my electric bike battery at home?

It is very simple to charge an electric bike battery with the original charger. But the main question is how to charge e-bike batteries without a charger, then you can charge them by replacing a car’s battery, with a generator current, inverter (high-powered), and solar panel. Read above to know more.

Q2. Can you charge an ebike battery with a car charger?

Yes, you can charge an ebike battery with a car charger when you don’t have the original charger. But make sure to check the car’s battery power and current flow otherwise your ebike battery may get damaged.

Q3. Can you use any charger for the ebike?

Generally, A majority of electric bikes operate between 36v to 48 volts. But you need to pair the right battery voltage with the right charger voltage. For eg., A 36v eBike battery should be charged with a charger that goes up to 42v and similarly, a 48v battery with a 54v charger. Learn more.

Q4. How long does an eBike battery last?

Nowadays, lithium batteries are the most common type of battery used in electric bikes. Generally, high-quality lithium-ion batteries last somewhere around 2 to 5 years. And it depends upon many factors such as brand, how you take care of them and usage.

Q5. How long does an ebike battery charge last?

Well, It depends upon the load you give to the battery, the more load you give the lower will be the duration and vice-versa. As we know the battery is the lifeblood of an eBike.

A 500wh eBike battery typically lasts for 2 hours when there is a load of 250w. When it comes to distance, it can be somewhere around 40km to 112km on a single charge (depending on load).

Q6. How do you charge an e-bike when camping?

There are various methods to charge eBike batteries when camping such as using a power bank, car battery inverter, at charging stations, using a generator, solar panel (energy) and a high-powered inverter.

Q7. Can we take insurance for eBike Battery?

Yes, you can take an insurance policy for an electric bicycle which also covers your eBike battery because the battery is part of eBike. As a result, if your bike met with an accident or has been stolen, you will be compensated for your loss.



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