What are MAG Wheels on a Bike? Mag Alloy Wheel Vs Spoke Wheel

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There are many types of wheels in a bicycle such as mag wheels, alloy wheels and spoke wheels. In this blog post, we are going to see what are mag wheels on a bike and the difference between alloy wheels and spoke wheels.

Wheels made from magnesium are known as mag wheels. Due to their lightweight and attractive appearance, mag wheels are used on many types of race and sports bikes.

Read the whole article to know the advantages and disadvantages of mag alloy wheels over spoke wheels.

Difference Between Mag Wheels and Spoke Wheels: Which is Better

Mag Alloy Wheels

It is a single metallic block which means there will be no joint in the alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are light in weight because they are made from light metal alloys, especially magnesium or aluminium.

Do you know, sports bicycles need to be lightweight in order to increase the speed that’s why they are made of alloy wheels.

Magnesium is a flammable metal and catches fire easily. That is why mag alloy wheels are not recommended for street bicycles.

Advantages of Mag Wheels

  • Mag alloy wheels are light in weight.
  • The lightweight alloy wheels of racing bikes make them ideal for racing.
  • Alloy wheels are made by machines without human involvement because they are single block metals.
  • Bicycles with wide and big tires are only available with alloy wheels due to their rigidity.
  • Alloy wheels come in different designs and modern looks.

Disadvantages of Mag Wheels

  • It’s quite expensive wheels.
  • Alloy wheels do not work properly on-off rads.
  • Alloy rims tend to bend on off-roads and on a hard landing.
  • Alloy wheels are not used in mountainous areas due to their inflexibility of the wheel.
  • Mag alloy wheels have durability issues.

Spoke Wheels

Spokes are attached to the main hub where the disc brake is located. There are many joints to attach the spokes to the rim and the entire spoke wheel structure is sturdy and flexible to allow rubber tires to grip.

Spoke wheels are produced from stainless steel, steel, aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium. They are highly durable and their maintenance cost is less. Here are some best spoke wheels bicycles.

In a normal bicycle wheel, there are between 30 and 36 spokes.

Advantages of Spoke Wheels

  • 26-inch Spoke wheels are more durable, sturdier and last for a long time.
  • It is famous for its classic and retro look.
  • Spoke wheels are used on off-road and adventure cycling.
  • It is easy to repair spoke wheels and they are inexpensive to maintain.
  • Steel properties in spoke wheels make them extremely flexible.
  • Steel spoke and rims render less shock impact to the riders.
  • The capacity to absorb shock is high in spoke wheels resulting in less shock impact to the riders.

Disadvantages of Spoke Wheels

  • Spoke wheels do not come in different designs and modern looks.
  • Tubeless tyres are not used in spoke wheels.
  • It takes more time in fixing punctures.

Do you need mag wheels for your bike?

what are mag wheels on a bike

There is no doubt that mag wheels look great and extremely cool but these are a bit expensive as compared to spoked wheels.

Whether you need mag wheels or spoke wheels bicycle depends on your interest and where you plan to ride. If you are planning to ride on rough terrain or on a mountain area then a spoke wheel will be a better option for you.

There are no benefits of shock absorption in mag alloy wheels. Let’s know what happens when a spoke wheel lands hardly on the road.

In the beginning, the rubber of the tire absorbs the shock, which is then passed to the spokes and rim and then it is transferred to the suspension.

So choose wisely according to your preference and need.

Conclusion: Bicycle Mag Wheels vs Spoke Wheels

We have now discussed the differences, what are mag wheels on a bike, advantages, and disadvantages of spoke and alloy wheels.

The conclusion is all about the rigidity and durability of the wheels. Alloy wheels are rigid and spoke wheels are durable.

You can choose the best according to your interest and area conditions. Guys! Please let us know which type of wheels your bicycle has. Comment below!

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