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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, CyclingGuru India will assist you in getting an Ideal bicycle, teach you how to start cycling from scratch and keep on solving your issues with their Best cycling tips and guides. Stay tuned!

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Our Mission is to inspire the people of India toward cycling, and guide them with our pro cycling tips & guides so that they achieve the best!

Who we are? is the place where cycling-related queries are solved and the best bicycles are reviewed by cycling enthusiasts (experts). Know more about us.

What we do for you?

We are here to assist you in getting your ideal bicycle. No matter what your requirements are whether you intend to go for road biking (racing), mountain biking, touring, commuting etc. Stay tuned!

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You cannot trust a product without a professional looking at it. Therefore, we gather information, advice & opinion from the Cycling experts before writing the reviews. Hence, when we say something about a specific item, you’ll know it’s said with the experts’ assistance.

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Cyclekar abhi

CyclingGuru India is a website that I trust blindly and the reason for that is only because I get much valuable bicycling information that I need.


Cyclekar Abhi

Cycle Rider Vicky

"I started cycling at age of 20, with Cycling Guru I was able to start learning cycling tips &
guides and now I teach a lot of students in my locality. Thanks for making my career as a
Professional cyclist in India."

Cycle Rider Vicky

cycle rider Albin

I never thought my hobby will become my profession but after reading articles here my dream became reality. Both visuals are writing content helped me a lot. I highly recommend to follow this
website as a beginner cyclist.

Albin Augustine

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About the Author

bittu gupta cyclist

Bittu Gupta

Editor-in-Chief | Founder

Greetings, I’m Bittu Gupta, the founder of Cycling Guru India. I am a cycling trainer, fitness freak and a passionate cycling enthusiast.

It’s my pleasure to guide and motivate you to cycle in India. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, I believe there’s always something new to learn about cycling, and my goal is to help you on your journey.

I started my cycling journey at the age of 10. Since then I have been learning about bicycles, maintenance and cycling tips.