5 Amazing Benefits of Cycling with No Hands: Making Riding a Bicycle more Interesting

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Cycling is a very effective exercise but when we do it without hands it becomes more effective.

I still remember when I was a kid and rode a bicycle with no hands (Look Ma — no hands!). Today in this article we are going to see the benefits of cycling with no hands.

Riding without using your hands needs a lot of practice and patience. Otherwise, you may fall into a serious injury.

It’s a common misconception that people think cycling without hands is just to show off or for fun, but it’s actually not like that. As a result, our core muscles become stronger, we develop bike handling skills and confidence, and the most important thing is that we become more connected to our bicycles.

This useful skill will help you in several situations. I would recommend following the step-by-step guide below on “How to ride a bicycle without hands” and “what are the advantages of cycling with no hands”.

5 Amazing Benefits of Cycling with No Hands

1. Convenient to Eat and Drink

No hands bike riding is very popular in cycling races because it makes it convenient to eat and drink while riding. This riding skill makes you stronger than your opponent as it saves you a lot of time for eating energy bars or drinking water.

2. Strengthens Your Muscles

Yes, no-handed riding makes our core muscles stronger and improves our bike handling skills. Also, you developed a lot of confidence while practising this skill.

3. Dressing and Undressing Benefits

Sometimes in races, you may be required to dress or undress while cycling. If you know riding a bike without hands skills very well then it will save your precious time and you can put on and take off your clothes according to temperature.

4. Useful Skill: Not for Show-off

It is a myth that without hands cycling is for show-off purposes only. It makes us confident, builds core muscles and develops bike handling skills.

You can build a biker group in your locality and start teaching cycling tips and tricks to the newbies and make a career in cycling. This way a beginner cyclist can start earning and make a career in the cycling profession.

5. Makes You Independent Biker

If you do not know this skill it means you are lacking something very important. Whether you want to wear a raincoat or tighten your long hair. Nothing can stop you from riding if you know this skill.

How to Ride a Bike With No Hands| Step By Step Guide

Benefits of cycling with no hands

Step1: Choosing the Right Road

Practising on busy, bumpy and trusty roads would not be a good idea. You need to find a nice, quiet, flat and smooth surface.

Step2: Practice with One-Hand

When you start practising you have to gain some confidence first when it comes to going no-handed then speed is your friend because speed is going to help you balance on your bike. So practise with one hand:

Put your one hand on the handlebars and switch it up with the other hand that is on the bars. So you are using both hands one by one. This way you can cover the brakes so if you need to brake then you can do it.

Note: One thing to remember is you should not pull the brake hard and fast especially the front brake which is not going to help you balance.

Step3: Hovering

Hovering is nothing but maintaining a good balance on the cycle with the help of fingertips. Try this again and again. Leave your hands for a few seconds then grab them again with your fingertips.

If you start feeling wobbly, grab onto your bars. Now keep doing this until you feel comfortable then move on to the next step.

Step4: The Real Deal

Now, you are ready to take your hands off the bars. Having said that speed is your best friend and it’s going to help you to keep a bit more balance.

Just relax, sit up straight on the bicycle and look forwards not down at your pedals or at your handlebars.

Put your weight on the saddle (seat) and make your hands lightly on the bars. Once your hands are lighter on the bars then take them off and try to sit up straight looking forwards. Keep the balance and keep looking straight and relaxed.

Without hands cycling can be performed in both gears and normal cycles, so choose the perfect bike of any type!

Step By Step Guide to No Handed Cycling: Look Ma — no hands!

Safety Tips for Riding a Bicycle with No Hands

It is risky to ride a bicycle with no hands but there are some precautions and safety tips for a beginner.

  • You must wear a helmet, helmets are very essential safety gear to save your life in case you fall or met with an accident.
  • Check the road condition where you are going to practice. Always go with smooth or less busy roads.
  • Wear the perfect full-sleeve dress to prevent serious injuries.
  • Don’t forget to wear safety gloves.
  • Your speed should neither be too slow nor too fast.
  • Keep all your essential gear with you, especially the water bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions: Benefits of cycling with no hands

Q1. Is it hard to cycle without hands?

No, it is not hard. Cycling without hands needs a lot of practice. Put your overall weight on the seat then try to balance the handlebars with your fingertips. Rotate both hands one by one. As soon as you’re confident, release the handlebars and start riding.

Q2. Does riding a bike with no hands improve balance?

Yes, there is no doubt in this that no-handed bicycling is an excellent way to improve balance, strength and confidence. It is used more often in cycling races.

Q3. Is it illegal to ride a bicycle with no hands?

No, it is not illegal but this should not be done on busy roads such as highways and flyovers. You should always follow the traffic rules as traffic rules stay the same for cyclists also.

Conclusion: Benefits of Cycling Without Hands

Guys, learning a new skill takes a lot of time and practice. It’s definitely not something you will pick up in 10 minutes. It could take you more than a day, could take a few days or a week or even a month but keep practising and you will get there.

Guys, we have seen some astonishing benefits of cycling with no hands. I hope you learned so many things here.

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