Does Cycling Increase Height After 18? Best 5 Height Increasing Techniques

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Are you ready to become a cyclist? If you don’t have a bicycle, you will definitely have one after reading this wonderful article Does Cycling Increase Height? Because cycling is just not a means of transportation with zero emissions but it has tons of health benefits.

According to research by Harvard Medical School, 30 minutes of cycling every day can burn calories up to 300, shape up your body, burn fat, stretches your leg muscles and nonetheless Increase your height.

According to NCBIYour 80% height growth is totally dependent on the genetic code you get from your parents”. And you can’t modify them.

All we want to know is, does cycling help in increasing height? Well, that’s a little difficult to answer. Cycling may only influence your height in some cases, but it may not directly contribute to it.

So, How does cycling help to grow height?

Here’s what you need to know.

Does Cycling Increase Height: Is it Possible?

It is scientifically proven that Your 80% height growth purely depends on your genetics, the diet you consume and the environment you live in.

Also, we have been taught that our height grows till we are 18. Some people grow even after 18 but it’s marginal. But not only because of cycling.

So, the main question is whether cycling makes us taller or not.

You know there is a hormone i.e, HGH (height growth hormone). If your body produces this hormone then your height will definitely increase but our body rarely produces HGH after the age of 18. So, cycling does not help in boosting HGH, Thus, in this way, cycling does not increase height.

However, there are some best cycling tips to increase height to some extent. We will discuss that too later in this article. So, be with us!

Does cycling increase height before or after 18?

Yes, cycling can increase height before 18. Because cycling is a kind of exercise which keeps our body lean and muscular and helps to enhance our leg muscles. Also, we grow HGH till the age of 18 years so cycling adds some more height to our body.

Therefore, height can be increased only when growth plates are not closed. Generally, the growth plates of a person stop growing at the age of 18 for boys.

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Guys, Trust me! I am 25 and I ride a bicycle every day for at least 30 minutes to keep myself lean and muscular. When I started cycling, I was looking short but after one year of regular cycling, I look taller now. So cycling may increase your height or not but It will definitely make you look tall. You appear like a tall person even after 18.

Do you want to know, how to increase height by cycling? Read further…

How to Cycle to Increase Height: 5 Best Height Increasing Tips

You are reading this article because you want to grow taller by cycling. Right! I have found the 5 best cycling techniques and tips which helped me to increase height. You can achieve this too by following these height-increasing tips during cycling:

1. Raise up your saddle height

does cycling increase height

Raising up your saddle height is one of the best ways to gain height by cycling because the Joints in your hips, knees, and ankles are strained by saddle height while pedalling. And It helps to lengthen the leg muscles.

As a result, when you raise a bicycle saddle and lengthen your legs to reach the pedals then the gaps between the thigh and shin bones can be extended over time. This cycling technique can make your shin bones longer by 1-3 inches(approx).

However, there are several factors to consider in this process, including your diet & nutrition, mental-stress level, hormonal production, and sleeping habits.

Watch this video to Set Your Bicycle Seat Height:

2. Don’t rush while cycling

You should not ride your bicycle in a rush. What I mean to say is, Take your time and be relaxed while cycling. If your mind is relaxed you will, then your stress level comes down and you achieve the maximum benefits out of this. 

You can also listen to your favourite music while pedalling and make sure that your legs are fully stretched and touches the pedal perfectly. Don’t try to stretch your legs beyond your level because your legs might be injured.

3. Do some warm-up activities before a ride

Warming up is very important before performing any exercise. Because it prepares and activates our body muscles for exercise. So the Cyclic needs a warm-up too. Do some basic stretches before a ride.

4. 30-50 minutes of cycling every day

As I have already mentioned that 30 minutes of cycling regularly burns around 300 calories and helps to make our body lean & strengthen the legs. As a result, the body appears very lean and tall. So, you may appear taller by regular cycling. You must also take some rest to keep your body and mind relaxed.

5. Do some height-gaining exercise along with cycling.

As I mentioned earlier, Cycling is not only the way to increase the height you should not be totally dependent on this. You must do some other height-growing exercises such as swimming, hanging on the bar, playing basketball and skipping. These activities are beneficial to accelerating height.

At What Age You Should Start Cycling to Increase Height?

So guys now you know height increases at a certain age after that thinking about increasing height is almost impossible. So the question arises How Early Can You Start Cycling to increase height? The answer is when you are a kid then start cycling along with other sports activities.

If you could not increase your height then don’t worry let your children and others increase height with the help of cycling. Advise them on how can cycling help them to gain height.

Generally, the height of a person increases when he/she is a teenager because at this age height growth hormones (HGH) boost and this is the only hormone in our body which accelerate height. So, Eat food which is good for boosting HGH.

So the question arises: How much height can I gain by cycling?

If you are a teenager and you keep cycling every day then you may add around 2 to 3 inches to your height. Results may vary from person to person as science says the height of a person depends upon his genes.

Is It Possible to Increase Height by Cycling after 20?

It is impossible for an adult to grow taller once the growth plates are closed. However, It is possible to improve one’s posture in numerous ways (read above) to appear taller.

You know height is genetically determined, cycling a lot won’t increase your height. That’s a fact, whether you like it or not.

If you still continue to ride a bike throughout your teen years, you may see an increase in height. However, you shouldn’t expect the same results after the age of 20.

What to Eat to Increase Height with Cycling? Diet & Nutrition

does cycling increase height

Diet and Nutrition play a very crucial role in anyone’s health and fitness. You can’t achieve a good physique and a tall “HEIGHT” without proper diet and nutrition. Cycling without food is like a car running without petrol which is impossible. So the cycling is. 

So, What supplements are needed to increase height?

Even though increasing height is impossible after the age of 20, There are certain foods that can prove to be helpful in influencing your height as a teenager by keeping your bones, joints, and body healthy.

I have found some best food which should be consumed regularly to make yourself taller along with cycling. This will definitely help you grow taller or maintain your height:
Beans, Chicken, Almonds, Leafy green vegetables(spinach, cabbage), Yoghurt, Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa seeds, eggs, Berries(strawberries, blackberries, blueberries), Salmon(Fish), Milk and Dairy Products. Know more…

Positive Effects of Cycling on Your Body? Health Benefits

Cycling is an exercise which trains the whole body as well as it’s a means of transportation with tons of health benefits. Such benefits are:

  • Cycling helps in reducing weight because we can burn around 300 calories in just 30 minutes.
  • It makes our whole body flexible and increases bone strength.
  • We sweat a lot when we pedal fast, which leads to the release of endorphins thus, it reduces our stress levels and our brain becomes healthy.
  • Your leg and calf muscles become very strong due to cycling because your legs do the main work i.e., pedalling.
  • Regular cycling along with a healthy diet makes your body lean as a result you appear taller. Hence, cycling can increase height.
  • Cycling makes your heart healthy because when you ride a bicycle you breathe a lot and that lets your heart pump faster and increases the blood flow to your brain as well.
  • It has been found that cyclists have strong immunity compared to non-cyclists. So, It can also strengthen your immunity.

What Should You Do To Increase Your Height Along with Cycling?

If your goal is to gain height, cycling can help you accomplish that. Apart from increasing height, It has countless advantages such as improvement of body posture, burning calories and fat, and helps in reducing weight so that you achieve a lean and muscular body.

After an intense training session, you need a protein-rich diet in order to make cycling work for your body.

You can’t gain your height only by Cycling you must do some height-gaining exercises therefore, I have found the 5 best hanging exercises to grow taller for you. Such as:

Hanging Bicycling, Hanging Twists, Hanging Splits, Chin Ups and Hanging Knee Raises. You must perform these exercises regularly along with cycling so that you can achieve your goal.

Watch this video tutorial to perform these exercises properly:

You can’t accelerate your height only by performing hanging exercises, you need to eat food which boosts HGH(height growth hormone) as well. Because the function of HGH is to increase the height.

FAQs: Is It Possible to Grow Taller With Cycling?

How Can cycling increase height?

Cycling can increase your height positively when you are a teenager because at this age height growth is possible. You just need to follow the above-mentioned cycling techniques to grow taller.

How long does It take to increase height by cycling?

There is no specified period to increase height, you just have to do regular cycling along with other height-increasing exercises. As well as you should also maintain a proper diet and nutrition if you really want to be taller.

Does cycling help in increasing height?

Yes, Cycling helps in increasing your height by extending your leg muscles as well as making your body lean and muscular as a result you appear taller. Hence, Cycling does increase height by developing your appearance.

Does cycling increase height at 15 or 17?

You can increase your height till the age of 18 years. Because the height of a person increases due to HGH and this hormone is produced till 18 years. Before 18 years there are some changes to increase height. You can cycle to strengthen your leg muscles and extend them around 2-3 inches.

Does cycling make you taller?

Yes, Cycling makes us look taller. When we pedal a bicycle then our legs become strong and extend a bit only when saddle height is extended. Also, this exercise makes our body lean which helps us to appear taller.

Can cycling increase height after 18 or 20?

It’s not 100% proven that cycling can increase your height after 20 because your height depends upon your genetics. You may increase your height with cycling if your growth plates are not closed. Or You may gain some height after 20 but that’s negligible.

How long should I ride as a beginner cyclist to gain height?

As a beginner, your first goal should be to ride a bicycle regularly and try to do intense cycling first and keep cycling. For this purpose, you should have a perfect bicycle. In beginning, do 30 minutes of cycling every day to make yourself comfortable with cycling and then increase this accordingly.

Conclusion: Does Cycling Increase Height?

Now you know that cycling is a pocket-friendly and very effective exercise to maintain overall health and fitness. But our main goal is to know if can cycling increase height. Actually, you can strengthen your legs and calf muscles with regular cycling and intense pedalling works a lot.

As a result, your lower body becomes leaner and provides you with a taller look. Apart from this cycling has a lot of health benefits to offer.

If you really want to be fit and look taller then add cycling to your daily routine. It’s an amazing exercise and the cheapest one.

I hope that this comprehensive article was helpful for you to understand if cycling gains height after 20.

You are most welcome to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

Enjoy cycling and stay tuned for more updates.


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