How to Safely Ride a Bicycle at Night in India (7 Things to Consider)

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One day, one of my friends asked me how to safely ride a bicycle at night in India, since cycling is the safest mode of commute. I replied with some tips.

Cycling is the safest and fastest mode of commute. Cycling has a lot of benefits related to health and the environment.

Considering cycling to be a daytime activity is a myth nowadays. By improving their bikes’ lighting and wearing visible clothing, several cyclists started riding at night safely.

But there are many reasons why cyclists do not ride at night in India. Every problem has a solution, and so does this one.

In this article, you are going to get some safe bicycle riding tips and how to safely ride a bicycle at night in India.

Before going further, let’s know why cycling should be promoted in India: Cycling has a lot of benefits such as it reduces pollution, reducing traffic and giving better health to all cyclists.

How to Safely Ride a Bicycle at Night in India (7 Effective Tips)

If you want to ride safely at night you must be good at bike handling and the following:

  • How well can you see and hear?
  • You must be aware and conscious while riding a bicycle.
  • You should know all the traffic rules.
  • Know about the area you are planning to ride.
  • Great lighting on your bike or bicycles.

Let’s see some great tips to ride a bicycle at night in India.

1. Use appropriate lights on your bicycle

From my observations, I have seen that traffic is a major issue facing riders. We have to make ourselves visible to other drivers.

So, proper lightings are very important if you want to ride bicycles at night in India. There are three types of lights, some of them help you and some of them help others to see you.

Three types of lights are handlebar light, helmet light and rear light.

A handlebar light is a very crucial light as this makes the road visible to you and you know about oncoming traffic.

Rear lights provide riders with visibility from behind, enabling them to turn without any interruptions.

In conclusion, using appropriate lights are crucial while riding bicycles at night.

2. Add reflective tapes to your bike

Adding reflective tapes to the cycles is one of the best bicycle riding tips for safety. Reflective tapes are the second most essential thing while riding a bike at night in India. Reflective tapes are the cheapest way to reflect your visibility at night.

You can use reflective tapes on helmets, frames, wheels, bags, crack arms and anything else. You must make yourself as visible as you can.

3. Ride with a partner or a group

Yes, riding bicycles at night with friends is fun. It gives motivation to cyclists to ride with no worry. So, if you also want to start night riding then start with your friends, club or groups. You will enjoy it a lot.

Guys, I enjoy riding my bike at night because it is so peaceful for me.

4. Always carry a multi-tool kit

How to safely ride a bicycle at night in India

You are required to carry all the essential tools to fix most likely mechanical problems. You must carry a chain tool, spare inner tubes, brush, spoke spanner and a well-stocked multi-tool with a chain breaker.

Problems may come at any time at any place so you must be ready to fix those problems.

5. Use of reflective vest shines

As you know, visibility is a major concern at night and your chances of getting hit are more if you do not reflect yourself. Reflective vests are recommended by many top cyclists because it reduces the chances of getting hit. It works almost for a 1 KM distance on the road.

6. Always follow traffic rules

How to safely ride a bicycle at night in India

Whether you are riding a cycle, bike or motorbike, you need to follow all the traffic rules in India. A lot of accidents happen at traffic lights because people do not follow traffic rules and signals, they try to jump the signals causing accidents to happen.

7. Let someone know where you are going

Yes, it’s important that you tell your close family or friends that you’re planning a night ride. You may be injured or you may have a mechanical failure so you should let someone special know where are you going.

FAQs: How to Safely Ride a Bicycle at Night in India

Is it safe to ride a bicycle at night?

Yes, it is safe to ride a bicycle at night if you use proper lights on your cycle. You must be visible to other people as being visible should be your number 1st priority. Reflective tapes and reflective vests should be used by you to ensure visibility.

How can I safely ride at night?

Night riding is tough for some people so there are some important points to consider: Always choose the safest road, Wear helmets while riding, Always follow traffic rules, Light yourself up and Wear reflective clothing.

Do I need a light to bike at night?

Yes, lights and reflectors are very important gears to include in bicycles while riding at night. You can use the main light on the handlebar and rear light to ensure back visibility. Apart from this, you are required to use reflectors for safety measures.

Conclusion: You can Ride a Bicycle at Night in India

I have given almost all the important tips to ride a bicycle at night in India. If someone asks you how to safely ride a bicycle at night in India? – then share this article.

As long as riders follow some basic safety precautions, riding a cycle in India is pretty safe.

If you have any thoughts to share on this article, please share them in the comment box below.

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  1. Yaa, I found a lot of difficulties while riding at night in India. But after some time I learned how to safely ride a cycle at night in India. But one thing that I am scared of is drinking and driving accidents. There must be proper rules for this in India.


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