Tips to Remember when Cycling on Road in India [ 5+ Tips Explained]

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After the COVID lockdown, everybody has started making cycling a hobby to be fit. But without knowing anything about riding a bicycle is not a good idea to head out. There are some tips to remember when cycling on road in India that will make your riding journey safe and healthy.

Most Indian people do not follow traffic rules resulting in several accidents on the road that happen daily. Being a cyclist, your safety is our first priority so follow these golden rules for road safety while cycling on Indian roads.

Whether you are an experienced or a beginner cyclist, Always remember and follow these tips that will help you ride a bicycle safely on the roads of India.

5 Tips to Remember When Cycling on Road in India

There are many types of cyclists such as road cyclists, leisure cyclists, long-distance cyclists, track cyclists, and so on. All follow a certain set of rules for safety, Some of the important tips for road cyclists are:

1. Do Not Talk on the Phone While Cycling

don't talk on phone while cycling

Concentration is very important whether you are riding a bicycle, motorbike or driving a car. In most cases, people are met with accidents when they are talking on the phone or listening to music. The risks of accidents would be less if you are focused and alert while riding a two-wheeler or four-wheeler.

Hence, Don't talk over the phone while cycling as you might not be able to listen to vehicles honk.

2. Obey the Traffic Rules to Stay Safe

tips to remember when cycling on road in India

Bicycles are the lightest mode of transportation and as well as it doesn’t have any motors. Keeping that point in mind most riders don’t follow the traffic rules. But you should follow the rules to ensure safety.

One of the most frequently asked questions is can a cyclist run a red light in India? No, All the traffic rules are the same even if you are riding a bicycle.

I have seen many cyclists who do not follow even a single traffic rule sometimes results in accidents while jumping at red lights. So, It is a good practice to follow all the traffic rules as a cyclist in India.

If you are a beginner at riding a cycle on the road and do not know anything about traffic rules in India you must learn some golden traffic rules.

3. Looking Around while Turning

Do you know most of the accidents happen while turning on roads? A cyclist must look at the right and left sides before turning for a safe turn. Because you may be right while riding but you do not know about others they may collapse with your bicycle.

So looking around and behind while turning is a great tip that every cyclist should follow.

4. Checking Cycling Gears Before Going for a Ride

cycle gears

Before going for a short or a long ride it is essential to check your bicycle condition and cycle gears. Here checking cycling gear means, checking helmet, tyre pressure, seat height, brakes, soccer, chain oil, and water bottle. One must ensure all the things before any ride.

5. Escape from Road Hazards

Road hazards may be big or small rocks, puddles, uneven roads, potholes, dogs, etc. All these things can be dangerous and make you fall. If they come your way treat them like a good cyclist (BE SLOW) and cross them intelligently.

Indian roads are not favourable for cycling because cycling is not famous here. Therefore, Many people ride motor vehicles, not bicycles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Cycling Tips for Beginners

Q1. On which side of the road should you ride your bicycle?

Left side. You should always drive a bicycle on the extreme left side of the road and go in the direction of the traffic. All the traffic rules are the same even if you are riding a bicycle.

Do not jump any red lights not to save fines and penalties but to ensure your safety. By now you should have a better understanding of on which side of the road should stay while riding a bicycle in India.

Q2. Do traffic rules apply to cyclists in India?

Yes! All the traffic rules are the same for cyclists in India. Many beginner cyclists do not know about traffic rules and they tend to jump red lights all the time. They are taking their and other’s life at risk. Following all the traffic rules is a must for everybody even for a cyclist.

Q3. What are the basic rules for riding a bicycle?

Follow these rules – Ride with the flow of traffic, Obey all the traffic rules, Don’t make your ride uncontrollable, Keep your cycle in good condition, and Check brakes and lights, tires and bell before going for a ride.

Q4. How to ride a bicycle at night to stay safe?

Riding a bicycle at night is not very safe in India. But if you are riding at night then you must have a light in front, a tail light at the back, and good-quality reflectors (at the front & back, on spokes and on pedals), these cycling essentials will make you visible properly at night. Also, always ride at your side and follow the rules of the road.

Q5. What are the golden rules for road safety while cycling?

A cyclist should always follow the golden rules of road safety such as: following the traffic rules (don’t overtake), looking back and giving hand signals while taking a turn, not riding too fast, and always riding your bicycle in the direction of traffic, wear a bicycle helmet, be alert and your bicycle must be well maintained.

Summing-up: Road Cycling Tips in India

Always remember all the above-mentioned tips to ensure a safe bicycle ride. There are many more things that are also very important for a cyclist we will be discussing them in later blog posts.

If you are a beginner it would be obvious that bicycling may feel difficult for you but Don’t Worry. A little experience and good advice in bicycle riding would make a beginner an experienced one. Very soon you will be able to participate in cycling events.

I hope this article has helped you learn the tips to remember when cycling on road in India.

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