How to Win A Slow Cycling Race? Slow Cycle Racing Tips

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While we talk about racing, the word “slow” isn’t something we think of instantly. However, this unique sport of slow cycling does make you think about how to be the slowest on the track.

Well, in this article you will not only learn the best tips to win a slow cycling race but the effective ways to implement the tips and eventually win the race.

Usually, slow cycling race tracks are 20 meters long. The competitors are often given two attempts to finish the race, during which no part of their body should touch the ground. Along with that, your bicycle must be in forwarding motion during the whole course of your race. We have come up with some useful methods which you can use to win your next slow cycling race.

In this blog article, you will learn how the use of comfortable cycles can help you win the race. Along with that what type of tires you should use? What is the best body position to maximize your winning chances? Does changing tire pressure help? This article answers all your questions on how to win a slow cycling race! Make sure you read till the end for the special tips and benefits of slow cycling at the end of this article.

4 Pro Tips to Win A Slow Cycling Race

1. Standing Body Position

slow cycling race

We all know how we sit on the bicycle and position our limbs but in winning a slow cycle race, this usual method might not help you. The effective way to cycle would be to be in a standing position while your feet are on the pedal.

This way, you would be able to maintain the balance at a very slow pace. This technique is called indulging your core strength. Remember not to keep your arms too stiff as they might result in losing balance.

You might have heard some cyclists use the reverse pedal technique, but that is something we would not recommend as it eventually results in you pedalling more forwards just to equalize the reverse force. So be calm, lift your body from that seat, maintain good core strength, and get a firm but not stiff grip.

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2. Pedal with Half of the Force

You might think, “Common we all know how to pedal a cycle!” Well, you do, but do you know a way that can win you a slow cycle race? Exactly, every basic technique of cycling has got a particularly special way of execution when we talk about slow cycling. The best way to get the perfect pedal is not to push all the way but rather just apply half of the force.

Doing so will help you be in motion as per the rules but also keep you in at a very slow speed. However, while doing so, you might wanna make sure that you do not lean your body forwards but rather maintain the centre.

3. Use Broder Type of Tyres

The width of your tires is yet another important aspect that can help you win your next slow bicycle race. We would highly recommend you use thick, broader tires. The reason we suggest so is that the thin tires, which have relatively less surface area will go faster. Thus, completely does not fit the idea of a slow race.

Now, having a thick tire will surely help you but is there something else that you can do to enhance the tire performance? Well, yes. Another tip that we would give is to choose tires with a rough surface.

4. Keep the Tire’s Air Pressure Low

Unlike our habit of keeping our cycle tires pumped while participating in slow cycle races, you must keep the tire pressure as low as possible.

Let’s understand why is it so important. When your tires have high air pressure it means that the tire is making very less contact with the surface which reduces the traction and thus results in reduced friction. Now, we all know that the lesser the friction between two things the faster the motion.

So, for getting maximum results, reduce the tire’s air pressure which will help you increase the contact with the ground and increase the friction between your bicycle and the ground, eventually reducing your speed.

What Type of Cycle is the best to Win a Slow Cycling Race?

When we talk about cycle races, we instantly imagine those fancy sports cycles with gears and low handlebars. But let me tell you a thing, those high-performance cycles hold no value if you want to win a slow cycle race. In fact, your simple roadster-style cycle is the best to go for!

Racing-style cycles have low handlebars which are not very ideal for slow racing. The reason is that it will disbalance your core, whereas you are supposed to maintain a tight-centred core to get maximum balance.

The roadster-style cycles generally weigh more than your usual racing cycles, which plays a very important part in a slow cycle race. A heavy cycle naturally has a more gravitational force which adds up to the friction that is made and eventually allows you to move slower than the usual conditions of a lightweight bicycle.

So, Are You Ready to Win Your Next Slow Cycle Race?

how to win a slow cycling race

In this world where everything is moving so fast, it’s nice to just step back and enjoy the process of some activities. For us, slow cycling is one such thing. It amazes us how we can take up a fast sport, twist it and make it a slow racing competition.

We hope that our tips and methods on how you can enhance your and your cycle’s performance to reduce the speed by using these very simple yet effective tips would help you win your next slow cycling race.

As much as you should look forward to winning, we urge you to also enjoy yourself and live through the whole process of preparation and participation, and if you use our tips well, you will win as well!

Do You Think Slow Cycle Racing is A Real Sport? Why? Why Not?

Yes! Slow bicycle racing is a real sport. Even though it takes away the conventional definition of “racing”, which is meant to be fast and enduring, slow cycle racing requires a lot more training and practice. One of the major reasons is that slow cycling is quite opposite to our nature, we always have an urge to push that pedal with the force and as much faster as we can.

The slow cycle training calls for slow reactions so that we can respond better. A calm and steady mind is very necessary for a competitor regarding maintaining the perfect balance between their mind, core strength and peddling movements.

In fact, the Traditional Games- Cycling Federation of India hosts slow cycling races every year. So, next time apart from questioning it, you can go ahead and give slow cycle racing a try yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Win Slow Cycle Race

Q1. What to do before a slow cycling race to go slow?

The use of thick and broader bicycle tires is recommended in order to win the slow bicycle race. Broder tires cover more surface area results which makes your bicycle slow. You must also ensure to keep the bicycle tire’s air pressure low. It’s all about maintaining traction, if you practise it regularly you are good to go.

Q2. Is it better to stand or sit during a slow bicycle race?

Standing body position is very helpful instead of sitting position in order to win the race. If you are a beginner then follow the above-mentioned pro tips to win the slow-going cycling race.

Q3. How to balance your body in a slow cycling race?

It is important that you use your core strength. Let’s see how – move your body weight left when your cycle moves right direction and vice versa when it moves left side. And please note that doesn’t make your arms too stiff otherwise you will lose balance and be out of the game.

Conclusion on How to Win A Slow Cycling Race

Apart from the fact that slow cycling teaches you agility, it is also a fun and unique way of portraying a competition. This sport gives you a different perspective on life.

How challenging could your childhood cycling be when you are asked to do it at a different pace? At this age, when your goals are always time oriented and you are constantly running to reach them, slow cycling is something where you have to take a step back, collect your mind and aim at being the slowest of all. Unusual right?

Well, that’s the fun of it! Being said, we hope that we could originate in you some passion and love for slow cycling and you found our article helpful and informative.

Keep Cycling! Remember to go slow!

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