What is BRM in Cycling: How to Participate in it? (Rules and Much More)

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Cycling as a sport has various events and competitions. One such event is BRM or Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux, which is a very unique and enduring form of a cycling event in itself.

“BRM is a self-sponsored long-distance cycling event which is organised by Audax India Randonneurs.”

You might find this event a little complicated to understand but in this article, your doubts regarding BRM in cycling will be cleared.

What are the rules of BRM racing? How can you participate in the event? How to prepare for a BRM? Will you be validated if you finish the race? This article answers all your questions about BRM cycling.

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BRM in Cycling: How is It Different from a Cycle Race?

BRM in cycling stands for Brevets de Randonneurs Modiaux which is a kind of cycling event. Originally BRM was introduced to the cycling events by Audax Club Parisien, a French cyclist touring club.

Whereas the Indian association is called the Audax India Randonneurs, the objective of this particular event is to organize non-competitive yet professional cycling rides. Brevets usually range from 200 km to 1200 km.

Audax India Randonneurs official website
Image Source: Audax India Randonneurs

It is not a cycling race or competition where a rider wins or loses. It’s not like that. Basically, BRM is a long-distance ride where participants are expected to complete that distance in a specific time. Such as:

Distance (In Km)Time Limit (In Hours)
100 Km (Special Event*)7.5 Hours
150 Km (Special Event)10.5 Hours
200 Km13.5 Hours
300 Km20 Hours
400 Km27 Hours
600 Km40 Hours
1000 Km75 Hours
1200 Km90 Hours

Special Event: Sometimes, Audax India Club organises some short distance (100 or 150 km) events for beginner cyclists.

Even though the brevets are non-competitive, there are a bunch of rules every participant must follow regarding being not disqualified.

In India, different clubs in various states conduct these Bravet cycling events at least once a month from 1st November to 31st October every year. See the Audax India Calendar.

Even though Bravets are non-competitive, you must complete your ride at a time. Some of the major clubs are Mumbai Randonneurs, Delhi Randonneurs, Bangalore Randonneurs, and Calicut Peddlers. You can find one in your state as well!

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You can choose your desired distance of the ride, we would suggest you start with the 200 km BRM first. Something you must be aware of is that Bravet Cycling Rides are self-sponsored. You will be responsible for the whole preparation of the ride.

5 Benefits of cycling in BRM events

  • No monetary benefits as it is a self-sponsored cycling event.
  • A certificate is provided after the completion which is internationally recognised.
  • A very nice and effective way to meet new cycling enthusiasts.
  • Get a chance to explore new places by cycling with groups.
  • Exploring life by cycling in different cities day & night.
  • Increase your endurance level as it is a long-distance cycling event.

What is the Meaning of Super Randonneur (SR) in BRM Cycling Events?

Super Randonner (SR) is a title given to a rider, who completes ACP-approved all BRM rides (200 km, 300 km, 400 km & 600 km) in the Audax calendar year (1st November to 31st October).

Once you successfully complete all four rides within the same season (1st Nov to 31st Oct), you become eligible for the Super Randonneur Medal.

You can apply for the SR medal online, Just log in to your subscription dashboard and you will get a link to apply for the SR medal (if you are an eligible rider). It’s that easy!

How to Participate in BRM Cycling Events?

Even though most States organize their Brevet cycling race, it does not essentially imply that you have to be a resident of the same state to register for BRM. To participate in the BRM cycling rides, here are the steps for you to follow:

  1. For Indians, visit the Audax India Website and create an account at audaxindia.in
  2. After that, you can either register in any club of your choice.
  3. Now, you can either get a one-year membership (under which you can participate in all the Brevets taking place throughout the year) or, only one BRM. The one-year membership would cost you approximately 750 rupees, whereas registering for only one BRM ride costs around 250 rupees.
  4. Once you have got yourself a membership, you get an AIR number. This AIR number must be attached to your cycle when participating in BRM events.
  5. Additionally, You also have to pay the event fee to the organising club where you wish to participate. The event fee is different from the subscription fee.

Can below 18-year-olds participate in BRM cycling events?

Yes! If you are 18 or below you can definitely participate in Bravet cycling rides. But, apart from getting an authorization letter signed by your parents, you must ride under the supervision of your guardian.

If you are a minor (below 18), Your guardian must be a rider and a participant in the BRM ride as well. You can’t participate in the BRM cycling event unless your guardian participates.

What are the Rules to Follow for Bravet Cycling Rides?

The non-competitiveness aspect of Bravet races does not take away the fact that these rides are controlled and organized on an extremely professional level.

things to carry while brm cycling

Before participating in Bravet rides, you must know all the rules and regulations or you can get disqualified at any stage.

  1. The foremost (only) rule is that apart from carrying the AIR card, you must carry the signed waiver form ( which you can download from your account).
  2. A waiver form is nothing but a statement of the agreement that states that you are responsible and aware of all the risks on the ride.
  3. All the riders must wear a reflective vest throughout their riding.
  4. During night rides, you must keep your cycle lights on, and if you run out of light battery you will be disqualified. So, remember to keep them charged! Learn more about cycling at night.
  5. In terms of cycling, you must not be drafting behind any vehicle, in case you are caught doing so, you will be disqualified.
  6. During the whole course of the race, there will be checkpoints at every 50-60 km to record your progress. The objective of these checkpoints is to stamp your Bravet cards, confirming the distance you have covered and the time it took.

Apart from these simple rules, Bravet cycle rides are usually very fun. It’s the best opportunity to meet new riders and share your experiences.

If you are a cyclist or you love cycling. To participate in this event. This will help you a lot to enhance your performance and you will meet new cyclists.

As you know the minimum distance for a BRM cycling event is 200km, It’s very tough for a beginner to ride such long distances without getting tired (cycling tips). So, Let’s discuss how to prepare for brevet cycling rides.

How To Prepare for Bravet Cycling Rides?

The most important thing you should take care of while preparing for long-distance rides, say 200km or so is comfort. Since we have got very limited space and weight to work with, we must plan this very accurately.

brevets de randonneurs mondiaux

Let’s see what are the few necessary things you must take care of while preparing for long Bravet cycling rides:

  1. To start with, we would recommend you carry a top tube bag as they are very compact, which helps in keeping the balance maintained and can hold most of the necessary stuff that would be needed.
  2. As you should already know cycling jerseys are more recommended than your regular T-shirts for any ride. The cycling jerseys are made out of breathable materials, which instantly provide you with more comfort during long rides.
  3. We would strongly recommend you use gel-padded cycling shorts as they provide the ultimate padding and are very comfortable.
  4. You must carry reflective vest jackets as it is necessary during night rides. Preferably in the yellow highlight shade.
  5. During long rides, UV rays can cause severe sunburns, which can lead to serious skin damage, skin peeling, and a lot of pain. So, you must wear arm sleeves under all weather conditions and use sunscreen for your face and other exposed skin areas.
  6. You must carry at least two extra tire tubes, just in case you get a puncher, which is very common to have on long rides. Similarly, you should carry a small puncture kit along with you.
  7. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to fix it yourself, because that’s the beauty of BRM cycling rides, You will be accompanied by the best riders and everyone is very generous to help to fix your puncture!
  8. You must attach two lights to your cycle, one headlight and another rear light. A special tip here is to have sturdy lights, which won’t get detached on rough roads. Make sure that you carry your power bank and one extra light.
  9. I have always preferred to have two water bottle mounts on my cycle, but even if you have just one, you can always carry another bottle in the tube bag. But at least two bottles of water are a must.
  10. Long BRM cycle rides can be very energy-draining and you would not get access to shops all the time, so you must prepare yourself with some basic energy-giving foods. For example, bananas, dates, dry fruits, sprouts, protein bars, and energy drinks. You can also carry boiled eggs.
  11. The last but definitely the most important thing you should take care of is a good quality professional cycling helmet. Make sure, you get the perfect fit according to your head size otherwise it can cause serious hindrances.

That is pretty much all the necessary preparation you would need for your BRM cycling ride. Not to mention, that you must carry your medicines and doctor’s prescription if there’s a need.

Which Kind of Cycle you Should Choose for BRM Cycling Rides?

brm cycling at night

Usually, most riders get confused while choosing the perfect cycle for long rides. Should you go for hybrid model cycles or mountain bikes or road bikes?

Well,  we would recommend the best for you and suggest the hybrid model cycles. These cycles are way less resistant than the other two. These models come with a medium range of tire width which helps to ride on various landscapes easily.

Now, you won’t be able to do complete off-roading on these bikes as compared to mountain bikes but hybrid cycles qualify the best for the BRM cycling rides.

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The hybrid model cycles have slightly raised handlebars, which are very comfortable for your posture, something you must take care of during long rides. You will get a very cushion-like seat, again very comfortable.

The hybrid cycles have a very sturdy frame which is a little heavier compared to the road bikes. But this little heavy frame helps you to balance and manage your speed while riding.

If you evaluate everything, in our consideration the hybrid model cycle is the best for your next BRM cycling ride!

Are You Ready to Participate In the Next BRM Cycling Ride? | Conclusion

Bravet Cycling Rides, are one of the most prestigious non-competitive cycling events. The whole objective of this is to gather the most enthusiastic riders and bring out the joy of cycling and riding through the various challenges during the whole course together.

Very few sports events aim at bringing out the sporting spirit of the participants and BRM cycle rides are one such event! It allows you to learn so much and grow from the shared experience of the riders throughout the whole course.

So, prepare well, follow all the rules, be sporting and enjoy your cycle ride with your new cycling mates!

Hope you found our article helpful. Keep Riding.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is BRM in Cycling?

Q1. Who organises the BRM events in India?

In India, Audax India Randonneurs Foundation organises at least one brm cycling event in a month. Their event calendar starts on 1st November and ends on 31st October every year. You can visit their website: audaxindia.in for more details.

Q2. What is the membership fee for Audax India?

Currently, The membership fee to participate in Audax India events is 750 rupees for one year and 250 rupees for a one-time rider (valid for 3 months) from the date of purchase. Another fee is an event fee, which is paid to the cycling club for organising the event. Know more…

Q3. What is LRM in BRM cycling?

As you know brm is a cycling event for long-distance cycle riders which generally ranges from 200km to 1000km. But whenever there is a brm event that is above 1000km, such events are called LRM (Les Randonneurs Mondiaux). Examples of LRMs are Mumbai-Indore-Mumbai and Delhi-Manali-Delhi rides.

Q4. What is the AIR Number in the BRM cycling event?

AIR number is a subscription ID that Audax India Randonneurs allots to each randonneurs and It’s compulsory to tag this number on the front of your bicycle and at the back.

Q5. What is a waiver form in BRM events?

The waiver form is a kind of agreement which is downloaded from your profile section of audaxindia.in, has to be submitted to the organiser at the time of starting the competition. It’s compulsory to do this.

Q6. Are there any prizes and awards in BRM cycling?

As I have already said, A BRM is not a cycle race or competition where a rider finishes fast and wins. In BRM events, everyone is a winner who successfully finishes the task and whoever completes it, they are awarded from Audax Club Parisien (ACP), France. Such as the Bravet Medal and Super Randonneur Medal. But the fee is paid by the rider for the medal.


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