Cycling Competition in India | How to Participate in Cycling Events, Races and Tournaments in India?

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Cycling has been the craze among youngsters forever and is one of the most convenient modes of transport as well.

In this article we are going to look at the cycling competition in India and all the big and small information about them like when and where they are held, how to participate in cycling events and tournaments, get the information that they are happening, the distance covered and the prizes.

Some of the upcoming cycling events will also be mentioned. So, stick out till the end to find out all about the cycling competitions in India.

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This is a table that I have prepared where you can look into the most basic details of the famous cycling tournaments in India in which you can participate. The detailed information is listed below under the respective heading.

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S.No.NamePlaceTimeDistance Covered
1.The Great Himalayan UltraLadakhAugust444, 600 and 900 km
2.Deccan CliffhangerPune to GoaEnd of November643 km
3.Road Tour of NilgirisKarnataka, Kerala and Tamil NaduDecember876 km
4.Nandi EpicBangaloreNovember100 km
5.Ahmedabad CyclothonAhmedabad, GujaratSeptember10 km & 25 km
6.The Impossible RaceGujarat Forest RoadsFebruary115 km
7.The Shivalik SignaturePunjabOctoberDepends on how are you participating
8.MVS Cycling Carnival: CriteriumCoimbatoreFebruaryMore information on the website

The List of Cycling Competitions in India

There are numerous cycling competitions held in India throughout the whole year and throughout India. The competitions are mainly named after the places and there are also some cycle-specific competitions also.

Some of the most known, famous and best cycling competitions in India are listed below:

1. The Great Himalayan Ultra

The Great Himalayan Ultra Competition

The Great Himalayan Ultra as one can guess from the name is conducted in the region of the Himalayas specifically in Leh, Ladakh. There are 3 categories or better to say 3 types of distances covered the first one being 444 km and the others being 600 and 900 km.

The first category is for the self-supported riders which means they will have minimal help from the organisers and no crew support in their race. The other two are solo and relay. The event is held in the month of August and you will have to register for it and reach the place, a few days earlier than the event.

The organiser for this event is Inspire India and the race starts and ends in Ladakh only. For registering you can do that from the website, Inspire India or just simply click here

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Event Details:

  • Organizer: Inspire India (Divya Tate) 
  • Distance covered: 444km, 600km, 900km 
  • Place and time: Ladakh, 26th and 27th August 2022

2. Deccan Cliffhanger

Deccan Cliffhanger Competition

The Deccan Cliffhanger is also organised by Inspire India who organises the Great Himalayan Ultra. This racing competition is also held in the same categories as the previous one: self-supported, solo and relay. The distance covered is 643 km and starts from Pune ending in the state of Goa. 

Typically the race starts on November 25th but participants have to reach the destination place a few days earlier to the race for a few reasons. For participating in this race also you have to go to the official website of Inspire India and register there or you can click here for the direct link –

Event Details:

  • Organizer: Inspire India 
  • Distance covered: 643 km
  • Place and time: Pune, end of November

3. Road tour of Nilgris

It is an international cycling competition in India held in southern India in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It was started in 2008 and has been held every year since then. It is organised by Veloindians and covers 876 km in distance.

There is a part of the race named Kalhatty Challenge which is believed to be the most difficult part of it. It is held every year in the month of December and for registering in the competition you can go to the official website or click here

Event Details:

  • Organizer: Veloindians 
  • Distance covered: 876 km
  • Place and time: Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu; December

4. Nandi Epic

The Nandi epic is organised in Bangalore, India by the committee of the Bangalore Bicycle Championship (BBCH). The total distance that gets covered in the race is 100 km and a last 7 km climb on Nandi hill.

If you are a resident of India you would have already guessed the location, so yes it is held in Bangalore and the finish point is Nandi Hill. For getting registered for the competition and further participation you can go to

Facebook page of BBCh and register through the links provided there. The page will give you more insights about the other races that are held throughout the year.

Event Details:

  • Organizer: The committee of Bangalore Bicycle Championship (BBCh)
  • Distance covered: 100 km 
  • Place and time: Bangalore, November

5. Ahmedabad Cyclothon

The Ahmedabad Cyclothon one of the most participated cyclothon and marathons by the locals is held in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It has two categories of 10 and 25-km distances. People of age 18 and above can apply or register for the competitions.

The competition is organised by the income tax department of Gujarat. It is held in the month of September. You can check for more detailed information about the entry, criteria, etc here:

Event Details:

  • Organizer: The income tax department of Gujarat. 
  • Distance covered: 10 km, 25 km. 
  • Place and time: Ahmedabad, September

6. The Impossible Race

The Impossible Race competition

The impossible race is a cycle race competition in India which is conducted in the state of Gujarat but far away from the main city of Ahmedabad. It covers 115 km of forest roads. They have a Facebook page where they post more about the races and by following it you will get to know more about the impossible race.

It takes place in the month of February. They have a website where you can check for updates and registration links and the rest details.

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Event Details:

  • Distance covered: 115 km 
  • Place and time: Gujarat Forest roads, February

7. Shivalik Signature

The Shivalik Signature one of India’s well-known cycling competitions lets you explore Punjab with all its beautiful scenery. All types of racers ranging from solo to 8-person teams can participate in the race. Of course, they won’t be covering the same distance and the rules are also different for each part.

So if you want to know more about it visit the website for full information as it will be easier and a lot more useful. Here is the

Event Details:

  • Distance covered: Depends on how are you participating as a team or an individual
  • Place and time: Punjab, October

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8. MVS Cycling Carnival: Criterium

MVS Cycling Carnival competition

With the recent seventh edition of theirs in 2020, The MVS Cycling carnival is one of the consistent cycling competition organisers. The competition is held in Coimbatore, Bangalore and the different age groups meet on different tracks. That’s why this competition is considered one of the best cycling tournaments in India.

The seventh edition was held in the month of February. It is mainly a short road race and many people from different age groups participate in it. Their website is very detailed and it will be worth checking so here is the link to it

Event Details:

  • Distance covered:  Different for different age groups Details on the website 
  • Place and time: Coimbatore, Bangalore and February

Upcoming Cycling Competition in India

As already mentioned in the above paras under the respective competitions the date and place for the competitions to be held but apart from that there is a competition that is going to be held this year and you can register for it.

The name of the competition is the 19th National Mountain bike cycling Championships (Maharashtra) is hosted by the Indian government one can participate in it after being selected by the selecting committee. 

You can follow the official Twitter account or any other social media account where they post updates about cycling competitions all around the country. It is essential to be a part of an online community that can help you in various ways. You can also follow us on Instagram, we regularly update our readers with the latest news on the cycling industry.

Conclusion on Cycling Events in India

The cycling competitions in India are helping increase the number of riders in India and are also building up trust to let us see the advantages of cycling with our own eyes. It is very good to participate in these cycling events in India as it helps us on many different levels of fitness and cycling.

So, this was it for the blog, would love to know from you guys how did you like the information and also if you have something to add. Make sure to visit the official website to get detailed information on how to participate in cycling competition in India.

Till then keep cycling and stay tuned with us.

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