10 Reasons to Wear a Bicycle Helmet While Cycling

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Being a cycling enthusiast, you might often wonder about the reason behind wearing a bicycle helmet since, at times, it might lead you to get irritated wearing it. The most evident reason behind wearing one is to safeguard against mishaps and accidents.

In reality, experts state that wearing a helmet will reduce the chances of head injuries which is why you should add one to your list of bicycle gear. So, what are the main reasons to wear a bicycle helmet while cycling?

Imagine that you are riding a bicycle, and out of the blue, you sheer off the road and hit your head on a pavement or barrier since you are not wearing a helmet. In such a situation, you might even land yourself in a hospital bed with serious head damage. Yes, we don’t want that situation to come.

Wearing a bicycle helmet not only adds to your aesthetics but is your protective shield against mishaps of any kind while cycling the tough terrains. So, today we have created a list of the top 10 reasons why you should wear your bicycle helmet while cycling.

10 Reasons to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

1. Wearing a helmet enhances your visibility while biking on the road

Kid in Reflective Bicycle Helmet

A helmet is a contributing factor that makes you visible to the other drivers on the road while improving your visibility. Always pick the brightly coloured helmets whenever you are out shopping for one. Add reflective tape on the helmet to help the other drivers easily watch you even when you are miles away in the dark.

Simultaneously, a helmet works as a shade, especially an eye shade, which also helps in colouring your face and enhancing your imagination and far-seeing ability by reducing the impact of daylight on your eyes. These are our best helmet recommendations.

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2. Wearing helmets while cycling protects from the fatal head injuries

reasons to wear a bicycle helmet

For instance, suddenly a car pulls up in front of you while you were riding your bicycle, leading to a head-on collision. Chances are that your head will hit the car outright, and without a helmet, the entire weight of this impact will land on your head, leading to serious life-threatening irreparable damage to your brain and skull.

However, wearing a helmet reduces this impact by forming a layer of foam between the impact site and your skull. Helmets have efficiencies at dispersing energy from this impact so that your head is safeguarded from this fatal damage. If your helmet breaks on impact, it shows the potential at which it hits the site, and without wearing it, one can land in a hospital.

Statistically, wearing a bicycle helmet reduces the chances of serious injuries and drastically reduces the chances of a fatal crash!

3. Wearing helmets save you from fines or penalties

By wearing a helmet, you can have peace of mind while riding a bicycle on the road, as it plays the most integral role in educating other riders and encouraging them to wear one. Being a cyclist, one should set an example by wearing a helmet. Additionally, you are safeguarding the life of yourself and others as well. 

You can even avoid paying any fines or penalties without wearing one, as the government mandates wearing helmets for passengers and riders alike. 

Individuals who disregard this traffic regulation end up getting imposed with hefty fines. The essence of wearing a cycle helmet also helps you avoid the fines and charges imposed on you by traffic personnel.

You are saving a lot by wearing safety headgear. Else you may lose the incurring heavier traffic fines or tickets.

4. You are setting an example for kids & youth

Bicycle helmet awareness to kids

Being a cyclist, you know the importance of safety, and wearing a helmet reflects this. It plays a key role in your safety and sets an example to others by educating them about wearing helmets while riding a bicycle. It is this way; you are to safeguard the life of yourself and others along with your kids.

It is very important to wear a helmet when riding your bicycle, mainly for kids who have already suffered from smaller mishaps. You can raise awareness by spreading the word about wearing a helmet and influencing them to wear one too.

5. Helmets protect your head from dryness & heat

A bicycle helmet can help keep your head in the best condition and dry if you are riding your bike in almost every type of climate, whether cold or moist outside. On the other side, it can trap the heat that escapes from the frame, helping preserve your comfort and warmth while riding.

6. Helmets safeguard you against adverse weather conditions

One of the most notable reasons to wear a helmet while cycling is its protection against rough weather conditions. For example, your helmet protects your face from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you ever get caught in the rain, it safeguards your head from the heavy downpour while acting as a shield against hail or snow.

7. Helmets shield your face

Along with acting as a shield to your brand and head, a helmet can safeguard your face. Similarly, facial accidents can also prove fatal, and they become highly painful, disfigures your facial alignment, and are even expensive if any type of surgery is done to your face. So, it is evident that you should always wear your helmet when you ride your bicycle.

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8. Helmets add to your style quotient

When you carry a helmet, you should refrain from thinking it is bland or unattractive. You can display your style by choosing a helmet that suits your personality, including stickers, decals, and others. If you go shopping for a helmet for your kid, give them the freedom to select the colour and design of their choice!

9. Helmets help you save the unnecessary medical bills

Suppose you are in an accident and not carrying your helmet; there is a likely danger of added hefty clinical bills. However, these payments might not get paid immediately, but it includes the emergency room costs, doctor visits, charges for emergency surgeries, and the lists go. However, you should know that these costs are longer-lasting and continue to add on, leaving you with a huge cost at the end of the day.

If your brain is harmed in any way, you might not have the ability to feature your own for the rest of your life, and it involves lengthier and thorough remedies, which are never considered a luxury pick.

10. Helmets Absorb Some of the Energy Produced by Impact

Helmets Absorb Some of the Energy Produced by Impact

Helmets are specifically designed to absorb the power of the impact. You will start experiencing less harm irrespective of whether your head hits the tree, road, or vehicle. The helmets have robust exteriors; however, the interiors are softer, cushioning the head of people.

They cannot even prevent concussions; however, they might prevent severe brain injury. The concussions occur since the speed of this impact makes the brain move inside the skull, and therefore no helmet can stop the force linked to the concussions; however, it should effectively reduce the injuries.

Bicycle Helmets Recommendations:-

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Bicycle Helmet Size Chart and Guide

Before coming to the bicycle helmet size chart, let’s understand how to measure your head so you know what size helmet you should get.

First, you need a measuring tape, tape made from a cloth is preferable as it ensures flexibility. Now, grab your measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of your head, which is typically 1 to 2 centimetres or half an inch from your eyebrows.

Now, you should ensure at what point the tape fits perfectly and comfortably, then remove the tape and check your size. It’s always a good idea to double-check your head size and find the widest part of your head.

Now you can see your head size in the helmet size chart given below.

Helmet SizeHead Size (Inches)Head Size (cm)
S20.552 cm
S20.8753 cm
S21.2554 cm
S21.62555 cm
S2256 cm
M22.37557 cm
M22.7558 cm
M23.12559 cm
M23.560 cm
L23.87561 cm
L24.2562 cm
L24.62563 cm
L2564 cm

Frequently Asked Questions: Why Wear a Bicycle Helmet While Cycling

Q1. What are the benefits of wearing a bicycle helmet?

Bicycle helmets are used to protect our heads and brain from severe injuries. A helmet’s primary function is to protect the skull from serious injuries and deaths by absorbing the impact, it keeps you safe and secure. That is why wearing a helmet is very important.

Q2. Do I need a Cycling Helmet?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional cyclist, the helmet is important for both and every rider should wear a helmet while riding on the road. When you are on the road, you never know what happens next and when you might need it. Many people say that helmets are like Insurance.

Q3. Why do you wear a helmet when cycling in a safe area?

An accident does not mean only a vehicle collides with another, it can be single accident such as when a bicycle slips and falls down. But when you are in a helmet then you are 70% safe from those who do not wear helmets. It means when you are on a bicycle or bike there is no safe area, so always wear a perfect bicycle helmet while cycling.

Final Verdict: Reasons To Wear A Bicycle Helmet

There are various reasons to wear a bicycle helmet, as by now, you have realized the importance of having a helmet in the entire gear of a bicycle. As stated above, you should have one for protection and safety against adverse weather conditions. You set an example of yourself to the other cyclists enhancing the entire aesthetic appeal and having greater visibility on the road.

Consider visiting the local bicycle shop if you are unsure about the kind of helmet you should purchase. They can even aid you in picking the right kind of helmet for your requirements and getting the perfectly-fit size.

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