How Much Cycling to Lose 10kg? 5 Amazing Cycling Strategies to Lose Weight

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People are crazy about their fitness, specifically guys who are spending hours in the gym to shed some pounds from their bodies so that they can look fit and young all the time.

But to shed some weight in the gym you need more energy and a special diet so that you will not feel weak and it takes time to achieve that fitness goal.

What if I say that you have a better and easy option to shed some kilograms from your body rather than spending your time and money in the gym? Yes, it’s true, you can lose around 10kg in one month by cycling.

Because cycling is an aerobic exercise that will enhance your heart, improve your body shape, and help you to burn calories as well as builds your muscle mass.

Also, Cycling is easy and very good for the joints making it an amazing exercise for people who wants to shed some Kgs from their body.

So, are you still wondering how much cycling to lose 10kg weight? Stay connected with this article, here you can get wonderful tips to lose 10kg by riding a bicycle.

Can I Lose 10kg Weight by Cycling?

Yes! You can lose 10kg in 30 days by cycling. According to research, you can burn around 688 calories in an hour if you ride a bicycle at a moderate speed of 19 km/h.

So it will take around 77,000 calories from the body to lose 10kg of weight which means you have to cycle approx 110 hours to achieve your desired weight-loss goal i.e., 10kg.

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5 Tested Tips to Lose 10kg Weight by Cycle Ride

As I have mentioned that you can lose weight by cycling but just thinking and going for a bicycle ride won’t help to achieve your fitness goal. If you really want to lose weight by cycling, you have to plan properly for being in a calorie deficit.

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So, the main question is How to ride a bicycle to lose 10kg weight?

Just follow the below-mentioned 5 simple tips continuously for 1 month. Once you follow this guide carefully, you will hit your fitness goal without hurting your health because Cycling is a fun activity.

1. Duration of the bicycle ride

Before adjusting or fixing the approximate time for your bicycle ride, you need to focus on your stamina and metabolism, because every individual’s metabolism is different.

So, you also need to understand your body’s requirements before following the plan you set for a bicycle ride for losing 10kg weight.

If your ride is at a speed of 20 km/h, it will help you to burn around 688 calories in an hour. It means, by riding a bicycle along with a proper-balanced diet you can burn approx. 77000 calories in a month i.e., 10kg weight and it will take around 110 hours of cycling or a minimum of one month.

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2. Fix your cycling timings

If you already made up your mind to reduce 10kg weight by cycling then it is important to plan your cycling routine properly and fix the time and only at that fixed time do your bicycle.

However, it is better to ride a bicycle every morning before breakfast, because according to studies it has been found that a bicycle ride with an empty stomach helps to burn calories faster and more efficiently.

However, early morning cycling will refresh your mind and body, you can feel positive all around and it would be awesome to start your day with full energy and enthusiasm.

3. Go for long-distance bicycle rides

long distance cycling for weight loss

Give a new challenge to your body every day by increasing the distance of your bicycle ride because the long-distance cycle ride will let you burn more calories and hence, lose 10kg weight. Read this guide if you want to ride long distances without getting tired.

So, always go for a bicycle ride where the crowd is less so that you can ride longer and can easily burn your calories without following any strict weight loss plan.

4. Maintain the correct cycling posture

In cycling, a correct posture is very essential to lose weight, be careful about your posture during cycling and make sure you are doing it in the right position and also make sure to balance your speed, grip, and place.

correct cycling posture helps to reduce weight loss

These small things are very important to keep in mind while you are cycling to shed some kilograms.

5. Go for an uphill ride

Once you have full command of cycling on a straight road, try to ride on an uphill. Because you have to push your body a little harder on uphill roads as compared to straight roads.

uphill ride helps to lose 10kg

Also, it will help you to lose weight faster and you can easily achieve your goal of losing 10kg weight in one month.

So, these were some of the important tips that you should follow to make your weight loss journey easy and comfortable.

Apart from these guides eat healthily and follow a proper exercise routine. You should not only focus on losing weight, you have to focus on achieving a healthy lifestyle with a balanced weight. Learn more about:

How Much Cycling to Lose Weight? 5 Pro Cycling Tips for Weight Loss

How Much Cycling to lose 10kg: Hourly Analysis

The foremost question coming in from every rider is how much to lose 10kg by cycling. It depends on your intensity and how much of hours you can spend cycling to lose 10kg of weight.

Is it easy to lose 10kg weight by cycling? Well, the answer is yes, you can easily lose 10 kg by cycling only if you will focus and follow the tips correctly. So, let’s analyze some hours of cycling you need to spend to shed your calories.

The steady riding race of cycling is 10 km/h, the moderate rate of cycling is 19 km/h, and the vigorous rate of cycling is 25 km/h which is very difficult and you can also lose your energy easily.

So, it is suggested to ride a bicycle at a moderate rate i.e., 19 km/h. This speed of riding can comfortably shed some pounds in one month.

Note: Results may vary from person to person, if someone has any health issue please consult their doctors before following these tips.

Case 1: 70-80 kg weight

If your body weight is between 70-80kg then you can cycle at a moderate rate which will take around 126 hours to lose 10kg weight. If you will ride at a steady rate then have to cycle for 166 hours to shed 10kg, and at a vigorous rate, it will take around 100 hours to lose 10kg.

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Case 2: 81-90 kg weight

If your weight is 81-90 kg then at a moderate rate it will take 110 hours of cycling to burn 10kg weight, at a steady pace it would be around 148 hours and at a vigorous rate it would take 88 hours of cycling to lose 10kg.

Case 3: 90-99 kg weight

If your body weight is between 90-99kg then at a moderate weight it would take 100 hours, at a steady rate it would take 134 hours and at a vigorous rate it would take around 80 hours to lose 10kg weight.

Case 4: 100-109 kg weight

If your weight is between 99-109kg then you can take 90 hours at a moderate rate, 122 hours at a steady rate, and 72 hours at a vigorous rate of cycling to shed 10kg from your big body.

Case 5: 110 kg and above

If your weight is around 108 kg and above, then at a moderate rate it will take 84 hours, at a steady rate it will take 112 hours and at a vigorous rate it will take 66 hours of bicycle riding to achieve your goal of burning 10kg weight.

However, by correctly following those 5 tips you can easily burn 10kg weight by cycling in a month. Be focused on your goal and make sure to take care of your health while cycling because your safety is in your hands.

FAQs: How much cycling to lose 10kg

  • How much weight can I lose by cycling in one month?

    It depends on many factors such as cycling distance, diet you follow, cycling intensity, and so on. You can easily lose around 10kg in one month by cycling when you follow the above-mentioned tips dedicatedly.

  • Can cycling a day for an hour help to lose weight?

    Yes, cycling a day, especially in the morning for an hour help to shed some pounds from the body. Indeed, cycling for an hour can burn up to 600 calories.

  • How long will it take to lose 10kg by cycling?

    You can reduce 10kg weight in 6 weeks if you ride a bicycle for 2-3 hours every day along with the proper diet. However, results may vary from person to person.

  • Can I lose weight by indoor cycling?

    Yes! Indoor cycling also helps in reducing weight, you can burn 600 calories or more in an hour via indoor cycling. If you really want to lose weight quickly, burn more calories than you consume.

  • Does cycling get rid of belly fat?

    Yes! Cycling is a kind of cardio workout which can be compared with running or jogging. Hence, it helps to reduce belly fat (takes time) along with making your legs stronger. Learn more about how you can lose belly fat by cycling.


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