Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike For Weight Loss: Which is Better for Exercise?

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If you have gained a lot of weight and are searching for ways to shed those extra pounds, then you are in the right place. we bring good news, as biking can help you lose weight. Yes! It is worth mentioning that just by biking, you will lose weight and explore the scenic beauty and nature passes.

But, you must pick the right bike to lose weight effectively. Most people are confused between Road bike vs Mountain bike for weight loss goals. Because Not all bikes available in the market can help you lose weight.

Road and mountain bikes are the best types of bikes that aid you in losing weight and improving overall fitness. However, not both are suited for all, although they are best for losing weight and building muscles.

There are several factors to consider before you land on a decision. Our post will offer you greater insight into the factors and several helpful pieces of information to help you decide whether a road bike or a mountain bike is suitable for your desired fitness goal.

Before diving deeper into our study of the best bike to help in weight loss, we will take a closer look at the general overview of road and mountain bikes and what type of biking is best for weight loss.

Road Bike: Is It Good for Fitness and Weight Loss?

A road bike is also well-known as a touring bike among the natives, and it is used to ride on flat surfaces and paved roads. The entire structure of a road bike allows its riders to bike at higher speeds, which is why it is often used for cross-country races. The weight of the bike even allows for travelling at greater distances.

Now you may ask “Is Road Bike good for weight loss?”

Road bikes are lightweight as they are narrowly tired and filled with higher pressures, so there is less friction between the road and the tire. It even allows the rider to control the bike without imposing much effort.

But, a road bike lacks the stability that mountain bikes offer, and you even have to lean a bit forward which is never suited for people with bad posture or back pains.

Mountain Bike: Is MTB good for Losing Weight?

As its name reflects, the mountain bike is structured specifically for riding on hills and mountains. It has a massive frame heavier than any other bike, even road bikes.

The mountain bike has a robust and wide handlebar and larger knobs on its thicker tires for handling bumpy and rough terrains.

Furthermore, it has potential gears and suspensions, allowing for greater ease and comfort in biking. Mountain bikes have a frame that enables you to maintain an upright position throughout your biking. It is even the best for beginners as they are stable, and it makes them feel protected.

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Road vs Mountain Bike: Which is the Best for Riding Uphill Easily?

Here, the winner is the mountain bike with low gears. These bikes can easily take an uphill ride without much effort, and the bikes are made for climbing hills or mountains. Road bikes, too, can ride uphill; however, they do not have the efficiency of mountain bikes.

The entire ride depends on the standard setup of the gear, and strength is where your main focus should be with the right setup. Riding uphill becomes a tough nut to crack for a couple of new road bikers, which is why they need proper power and practice.

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The primary concern which should be on your mind is the pedalling strength. Eventually, when the ride goes higher, the stronger gravity becomes. Therefore, it is better to pick the bike that will make your ride easier uphill. And mountain bikes are the choice you must make.

The Best Bike for Weight Loss: MTB vs Road Bike for Exercise

Bikers know the secret that irrespective of the type of bike you ride, biking helps improve your endurance, burn fat, and build your muscles. In reality, you might burn around 400 to 500 calories by biking a day with greater strength (Depending on how much cycling you do).

That’s why Several individuals are now considering biking as a workout since it helps tone your muscles. It works effectively to help you in your weight loss journey without causing you much pain, which you might have felt while trying out other cardio.

Although both road and mountain bikes can be ridden used for weight loss, it entirely depends on a couple of factors that only you can know for choosing the right one. Let’s understand in detail.

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Factors to Consider While Selecting Between Road Bikes vs MTBs for Weight Loss

We will now check out a couple of factors regarding these two bikes that will help in figuring out which is superior when cycling to lose weight.

1. Level of cardio offered by these bikes

Generally, biking, irrespective of the kind of bike, is the best choice for cardio since it workouts all major groups of muscles. You will need more oxygen the more your bike engages your cardiovascular system, aiding in weight loss.

The mountain bikes involve much more than simple pedalling as they involve you biking across rough and bumpy terrains. Several of your muscles engage while biking, like climbing a mountain or running uphill.

However, the case is completely different for road bikes, as you pedal at the same intensity and speed. Consequently, mountain bikes offer you a superior cardio workout compared to any road bike.

But, it is not to mention that road bikes do not offer you any cardio workouts since they do; however, they do not offer much intensity compared to mountain bikes.

2. Considering the intensities of these bikes

How far a bike is pushing you determines the amount of weight you can lose and the type of progress you make. But, for the most part, it does not rely much on the bike but on the terrain where you are biking. It is for this reason that mountain bikes are offering a greater intensity workout.

You have to consider these since mountain biking involves you going through numerous hurdles like trees, logs, and rocks. It even involves steeper descents and rough climbing. Overall, with the combined up and downs through the bumpy terrains, your whole body works out, which results in burning calories.

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When comparing this to the terrains offered by road bikes, it will not take much of your time to know that biking on paved surfaces does not offer an intense workout, which means that your ride is boring after some time as it does not involve hurdles of any kind.

Some people choose road biking as an effective weight loss solution considering its safety and cleanliness, which involves riding constantly.

3. Considering the focal point & weariness

It is easier to understand your starting and ending points when biking on plain terrain on a road bike. You just have to travel from point A to B, which is the perfect way to exercise daily.

But this is not the case with mountain bikes. The terrain on which a mountain bike travels is complex and not generally the same path every time due to the obstacles present on the biking trail, where you need greater awareness of the surroundings and watch the path you are travelling on.

Because of these factors, biking with mountain bikes requires more focus and is less boring than biking on a road bike.

Due to these factors, biking on a mountain bike involves greater focus and is less tedious than riding on a road bike. Furthermore, it is not the same at all times. Therefore, the intensity involved in a mountain bike is more than simply finishing up a boring exercise on a road bike.

4. Versatility

Surely, mountain bikes are the best performers on mountains and rough terrains, while road bikes are meant for paved or plain surfaces. Considering these domains will help you notice these bikes’ versatility in their offerings.

It is always best to have a bike that allows you to travel through various terrains, so you do not suffer from monotony or boredom whenever you ride a bicycle for fitness.

You can even consider hybrid bikes, which are the best for these purposes since you can use them on bumpy trails and paved roads. To a certain extent, you can get this done with mountain bikes too.

You can lock it out, increase tire pressure, and ride on paved roads if they have front suspension with a lockout feature. When you reach the hills or bumpy terrains, you can release pressure from the tires and unlock the front suspension.

Similarly, If the hybrid bikes have a front suspension, you can easily lock it, ride on paved roads and increase the tire pressure. You can release the pressure from the tires by unlocking the suspension when you reach bumpy terrains or hills. But, you cannot perform the same way with road bikes as they are best suited to get used on roads and paved surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions: Mountain Bike or Road Bike for Weight Loss

Q1. What burns more calories road or mountain biking?

A mountain bike is designed for rough terrain, which gives you a great workout and burns more calories than a road bike. Apart from this, cycling is an aerobic exercise which means you burn calories whether you are riding a Hybrid, MTB or Road bike.

Q2. What type of biking is best for weight loss?

According to me, Mountain bikes are best for weight loss goals. If you want to build muscles and endurance, you should go on mountain bikes. Road bikes are good for cardio and full-body workouts. That is why we say, the selection of a bicycle is the most important part in the cycling journey.

Q3. Is MTB good for losing weight?

Yes, a mountain bike is good for weight loss. Mountain biking has a lot of advantages such as developing muscle strength, improving blood flow, maintaining metabolism levels and lowering stress levels. It also burns calories and loses weight.

The Final Verdict: Road Bike vs Mountain Bike for Weight Loss

A Mountain bike is the best bike for your fitness as it offers you an entire body workout that develops or tones your muscles. Because the energy you need to pass the trails is huge, therefore, you are likely to burn more calories. As well as mountain biking is an intense workout plan that consumes a lot of energy rapidly.

Road bikes are a better option for losing fat than mountain bikes. It helps you maintain greater speed with average effort allowing your body to consume fat as fuel. However, the downside is that only a leg workout will not make your body grow stronger completely.

One of the advantages is that road bikes will not start depleting you instantly while you can ride for a longer time, and it is the added benefit of losing weight. The road bike is well-suited for you if you only wish to lose weight. However, the mountain bike is the best bike for a full-body workout as well as to lose weight.

Now, we hope you have got your answer on a mountain bike or road bike for weight loss, which is better for you.

Till then, keep cycling to lose weight.!

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