Shimano Tourney Vs Altus Components: Which Groupset is Better Altus or Tourney?

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What makes your bicycle outperform and really reach its true potential is the right groupset for it. Shimano is a bike accessory brand that offers a wide range of gear sets and ensures you find the right one for your bike and your riding style.

However, there’s always this dilemma between Shimano Tourney vs Altus Components, which one is better? Altus or Tourney. There’s always a debate between cyclists as to which suits an MTB and which does on your regular gear cycles.

We have laid down a very detailed review of each Shimano Altus vs Tourney Components just to get over this confusion and make it an easy ride for you!

Shimano Tourney vs Altus Components: Major Difference

The Shimano Tourney and Altus groupset components are more or less the same but the true difference lies in their capacity for performance. The price is however one of the most differentiating factors.

Apart from that the gear shifters, brakes, and obviously the derailleurs have different performance capacities based on usage, terrain, and much more.

To understand the major difference between Shimano Tourney and Altus Components, let’s analyse and review each of its components and find out which is better Shimano Altus vs tourney.

Shimano Altus vs Tourney Components: Comparison Table

COMPONENTSShimano Tourney GroupsetShimano Altus Groupset
1. GearsThe Tourney gears are perfectly designed gears. The gear cables can pass from above and below. Apart from that, it can be easily adjusted to different dimensions of a bike’s frame.The Shimano Altus gears are definitely more trail-riding friendly than professional MTB rides on steep slopes and rugged terrains.
2. ShiftersThese Shimano Tourney Shifters could very easily be installed and the design actually adapts to the riders’ convenience. They are great for reaching the lowest gears, which is usually difficult with most of the original bike’s shifters.The Shimano Altus shifters have a numbered gear display which makes it easy for you to position it below your convenient glance. The best feature of this Altus shifter is that you can change multiple gears with a longer push.
3. Brake LeversThese are lightweight, aluminium body brake levers. They even have 4 finger gip which makes them more durable for braking on steep slopes.There are many bikes that come with Shimano Altus brake levers, which are more durable. They also have the option for a hydraulic disc braking system.
4. Front DerailleursShimano Tourney FRONT DERAILLEURS are a multi-clap, dual-pull design which is compatible with both top and bottom routing. However, it cannot shift all three front chainrings.The Altus front derailleurs work the best on 3×7 & 3×8 speed MTBs. They are very easy to install. In addition, it can be shot with either top or bottom pull due to the dual-pull design.
5. Rear DerailleursThe Shimano Tourney rear derailleurs offer long-life service, they have a wheel-type cable that provides super light shifting action. It is available in 6, 7 or 8-speed for entry-level city bikes and MTBs.The Performance of Altus derailleur gears is better than the tourney groupsets. They work quite smoothly on MTBs
6. PriceThe Shimano Tourney, Groupset components are cheaper than the Altus. They are affordable and are, easily available in the online/offline market.On the other hand, the price of the Shimano Altus groupset is comparatively higher than the tourney.

From this detailed review, we can conclude a few summarised differences between Shimano Tourney vs Altus Groupset Components.

Shimano Tourney Groupset:

  • Its components can be installed on old models of bikes. For example, these brake levers are excellent replacements for worn-out brakes on any bike.
  • The derailleurs are of great quality and work very efficiently, indeed worth the price. Most local mechanics know how to tune up tourney gears.
  • The Tourney Groupset overall has great quality and will definitely enhance your bike’s safety and performance and is affordable too.

These are our best choice for the Shimano Tourney:

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Shimano Altus Groupset:

  • There is the possibility to combine its components with the components of other groupsets of Shimano.
  • The Altus gears are not durable for rugged terrains.
  • The Altus Groupset is very affordable, you get everything you want for your bike at a good price in a compact way. It’s better than the Tourney gears in terms of performance.

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These are our best choice for the Shimano Altus:

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Is Shimano Tourney Good? Models Of Shimano Tourney Derailleur.

Yes, the Shimano tourney groupset is really a good option for normal commuting bicycles and entry-level mountain bikes, the components are very tunned and of the best possible quality.

Broadly, there are 15 types of Tourney Derailleur models, but today we are going to discuss the 6 most in-demand models.

  1. RD-TY500-SGS– This is a long cage rear derailleur. They have a 6-7 speed range.
  2. RD-TY3000-SGS – This is another model in the same series of rear derailleurs.
  3. RD-TY200-SS – This is a Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur with a speed range of 1*6/ 7.
  4. RD-TY200GS-  A 3*6/7 speed Shimano Tourney series rear derailleur.
  5. RD-TY21-B-SS- This is a short cage rear derailleur of Shimano Tourney. The speed of this product is 6.
  6. RD-TY21-B-GS– This model is a medium cage rear derailleur, again of 6-speed by Shimano Tourney.

Let us know if you want a detailed review of these Shimano Tourney Derailleur Models!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Which is Better Shimano Altus vs Tourney

Q1. Which is better Shimano Altus vs Tourney

According to my experience, Shimano Altus is better than Tourney because Shimano Tourney groupsets are recommended for recreational riders because they are easy to install and maintain. On the other hand, Shimano Altus is recommended for mountain bikers and professional riders. So you can choose according to your purpose. But when it comes to Shimano Tourney vs Altus vs Acera then Acera comes on top and should be preferred.

Q2. What level is Shimano Tourney?

In the hierarchy level, the Shimano Tourney comes at the bottom and is considered the most entry-level groupset. Shimano tourney derailers are used on budget bikes for recreational riders. There is a high level of familiarity with this groupset among local bike mechanics.

Q3. What level is Shimano Altus?

In the hierarchy level, the Altus groupset comes second from the bottom, just above the Tourney and below Acera. Altus is better than the tourney as it performs better and is not highly priced.

Q4. Is the Shimano Tourney a good derailleur?

Shimano Tourney is one of the most entry-level groupsets in the Shimano MTB Components. It has proper cablings, chains and cogsets and it performs well. You will mostly find them on normal budget bikes all over the world. So, if you are a recreational rider then Shimano Tourney components are the better option for you.

Final Verdict: Shimano Altus vs Tourney Groupset

Shimano is one of the most loved brands by cyclists worldwide. Their Groupset and its components have a great build and help your cycle’s mechanics in the utmost quality.

For us, both Shimano Altus and Tourney Groupset are of good quality but the real performance is based on their purpose. We see the tourney groupset as a perfect fit for your everyday plain terrain riding on the other hand the Altus groupset is more appropriate for high-performance difficult terrain rides!

Broadly, the Shimano Altus Groupset has no comparison with the Shimano Tourney groupset since the Altus ones are pretty expensive and well the components are with that money.

So, could you decide between Shimano Tourney vs Altus as to which one is better for your rides? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned, and Keep Cycling.!

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